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Read about tribal constituion research in Researching American Indian Tribal Law (from the National Indian Law Library).

To find materials about drafting constitutions -- Begin at Tribal Law Drafting web page.

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Use our search engine (right). It will search the full text of all constitutions that NILL has available online, the table of contents of constitutions that NILL has available in print, as well as constitutions included in the Oklahoma University website. Watch a 2 minute video demo on how to do this.

Westlaw (fee-based) resources:

More than 20 tribal codes are available through Westlaw, most of which contain constitutions. See the Westlaw Directory for more information.

Selected online resources relating to constitutions:

Tribal Constitutions Seminar / Native Nations Institute - Provides video recordings and text transcripts from selected 2014 seminar presentations designed to equip Native nation leaders and other key decision-makers with cutting-edge knowledge and tools for assessing their constitutions and systems of governance and then determining what needs changing and how.

Tribal Law Links / Tribal Court Clearinghouse - Provides links to tribal law resources on the Internet.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project / University of Oklahoma - codes, constitutions and other digital works, many of which are historical.

Indian Law Portal / Arizona State University Law Library - This portal has an Arizona focus (see "AZ Trbal Law Sources") but is also comprehensive in scope, including both tribal law and federal Indian law resources.

National Directory of Tribal Justice Systems - National American Indian Court Judges Association - National directory includes contact information for tribal justice systems. May be sorted by Tribe, NAICJA Region, BIA Region or State.

Selected print sources relating to tribal constitutions:

Tribal Constitution Handbook: a Practical Guide to Writing and Revising a Tribal Constitution. NILL Catalog Record.

Tribal Constitutions: a Handbook for BIA [Bureau of Indian Affairs] Personnel. NILL Catalog Record.

American Indian Constitutional Reform and the Rebuilding of Native Nations. NILL Catalog record.

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