Native Village of Gambell- Tribal Code

Dated: 1986, 2006

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text of some of these documents to be made available online. Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents

Ordinance No. 86-03 : A Tribal Ordinance of the Native Village of Gambell, IRA Council, Governing the Taking of Marine Mammals.

Resolution 86-08 : A resolution for the establishment and appointment of three judges to serve in the Native Village of Gambell

Resolution 86-09 : A resolution requesting the Bureau of Indian Affairs to implement the establishment of the Gambell Marine Mammal Commission

Climate change resolution 06-09 / Native Village of Gambell.

Records of Organization (1940, 1964)
1. Composition and function of the board of directors -- 2. Elections -- 3. Terms of office -- 4. Change of officers -- 5. Duties of officers -- 6. Installation of officers -- 7. Time and place of board meetings an order of business -- 8. Meetings of the village -- 9. Membership rules