Climate Change Resolutions

Global warming is wreaking havoc in Alaska. In February 2006, during the Alaska Forum on the Environment, Alaska Native participants described increased forest fires, more dangerous hunting, fishing and traveling conditions, visible changes in animals and plants, infrastructure damage from melting permafrost and coastal erosion, fiercer winter storms, and pervasive unpredictability. (Dan Joling, Associated Press, 2/7/07). Because of these and other dramatic changes, traditional knowledge is jeopardized, as are cultural structures and the nutritional needs of Alaska's indigenous peoples.

NARF successfully gathered 162 Tribal and Corporate Resolutions calling on Congress and the Executive Office to adopt legislation reducing carbon emissions. The resolutions were carried to Washington, D.C. by tribal leaders and presented to the Alaska Delegation on Climate Change Crisis Day in March 2007. A successful meeting with Congressman Markey followed and resulted in interest to convene hearings on climate change impacts on indigenous peoples.

Tribes A-B

Native Village of Afognak
Native Village of Akhiok
Alatna Tribal Council
Allakaket Tribal Council
Yupiit of Andreafski
Anvik Tribal Council
Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope
Arctic Village Council
Asa'carsarmiut Tribal Council
Native Village of Atkal
Atmautluak Traditional Council
Beaver Village Council
Native Village of Belkofski
Native Village of Brevig Mission
Native Village of Buckland

Tribes C-E

Chalkyitsik Tribal Council
Chefornak Traditional Council
Cheesh-na Tribal Council
Chevak Native Village
Chilkat Indian Village Tribe
Chitina Native Corporation
Native Village of Chuathbaluk
Chuloonawick Native Village
Curyung Tribal Council
Native Village of Deering
Eek Traditional Council
Native Village of Ekuk
Native Village of Eyak

Tribes G-K

Native Village of Gakona
Native Village of Gambell
Native Village of Georgetown
Gulkana Village Council
Holy Cross Tribe
Hughes Village Council, Hudotl'eekkaakk'e Tribe
Huslia Tribal Council
Inalik Native Corporation
Kasigluk Inc.
Kasigluk Traditional Council and Elders
Kenaitze Indian Tribe
Ketchikan Indian Community
King Island Native Community
Klawock Cooperative Association, Tribe
Native Village of Kobuk
Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak
Kokarmiut Corporation
Native Village of Kongiganak
Kotlik Tribal Council
Native Village of Kotzebue
Native Village of Koyuk
Kwethluk Joint Group -- Kwethluk Indian Reorganization Act Council

Tribes L-P

Louden Tribal Council
Marshall Traditional Council
Mentasta Traditional Council
Naknek Native Village
Nanwalek IRA Council
Native Village of Napaskiak
Newtok Traditional Council
Nikolai Edzeno' Village Council
Nome Eskimo Community IRA
Nondalton Tribal Council
Noorvik Native Community
Village of Nulato
Nunakauyarmiut Tribe of Toksook Bay
Native Village of Nunam Iqua
Native Village of Nunapitchuk
Old Harbor Tribal Council
Pedro Bay Village Council
Petersburg Indian Association
Pitka's Point Traditional Council
Platinum Traditional Village
Native Village of Port Lions

Tribes Q-W

Qanirtuuq, Incorporated
Qutekcak Native Tribe
Ruby Tribal Council
St. George Traditional Council
Native Village of St. Michael
Organized Village of Saxman
Scammon Bay Traditional Council
Native Village of Shaktoolik
Sitka Tribe of Alaska
Sleetmute Traditional Council
Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
Tuluksak Native Community
Native Village of Tununak
Twin Hills Village Council
Native Village of Unga
Native Village of Unalakleet
Native Village of Wales
Native Village of White Mountain