2023 Water Rights (Settlements, Treaty Rights, Water Quality) News Stories

Native American Tribes call for recognition, compensation in post-2026 Colorado River operating agreement (Tucson Sentinel) 12/18/2023

Great Lakes Tribes teach 'water is life.’ But they’re forced to fight for its protection (USA Today) 11/29/2023

New Tribal Water Institute will help Arizona Tribes navigate water law and policies (AZ Central) 11/13/2023

Stolen Waters Summit looks to defy colonial water projects, empower Indigenous traditions (Montana Kaimin) 11/9/2023

Native lands lack clean water protections, but more tribes are taking charge (Michigan Advance) 10/30/2023

President Biden’s Investing in America agenda supports $327 million investment to fulfill Indian Water Rights Settlements (Native Sun News Today) 10/27/2023

Colorado River water debate: Tribes weigh in on future agreements (CBS 8 News Now Las Vegas) 10/20/2023

After no clean drinking water for 4 years, this Native American tribe wants more than sympathy (KCUR Harvest Public Media) 10/23/2023

State engineer will likely request $30M for Indian Water Rights Settlements Fund (NM Political Report) 10/20/2023

New Colorado River rules will be hard to agree on. A new report shows just how tricky it could be (KNPR Nevada Public Radio) 10/19/2023

Native lands lack clean water protections, but more tribes are taking charge (Source NM) 10/18/2023

States opposed tribes’ access to the Colorado River 70 years ago. History is repeating itself. (High Country News) 10/17/2023

In the Pine Valley pipeline debate, a small tribe’s right to water remains largely ignored (Salt Lake Tribune) 10/16/2023

Blessed to have water: Hualapai Tribe praises historic water rights settlement (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 10/10/2023

Southwest Alaska tribes file two separate state appeals challenging the Donlin Gold Mine (Earthjustice) 10/2/2023

Ute Tribe will appeal judge's Utah water rights decision (KSL.com Salt Lake City) 9/28/2023

How Reclaimed Wastewater Is Reviving Tribal Land (Reasons to be Cheerful) 9/28/2023

Tribal water infrastructure needs more than a one-time fix (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 9/26/2023

NOAA announces $2 million in funding for tribal drought resilience (Tribal Business News) 9/25/2023

Biden administration restores power of states, Native American tribes to block projects that endanger waterways (PBS News Hour) 9/14/2023

Coalition of groups submits protest against water rights application for Sites Reservoir (Daily Kos) 9/5/2023

Lahaina’s deadly fire has intensified Maui’s fight over water rights (Washington Post) 8/23/2023

California water agency under investigation for discriminating against tribes, people of color (CalMatters) 8/9/2023

NV Tribe sues feds over water rights, failure to protect endangered fish (Nevada Current) 7/25/2023

Bill seeks to ensure clean water for tribal communities (Durango Herald) 7/19/2023

Despite owning river water rights, tribes largely cut off (PBS Newshour) 7/18/2023

SCOTUS water rights decision makes it hard to get relief from heat waves on Navajo Nation (WBUR) 7/14/2023

Fort Belknap tribes are closing in on a bipartisan water rights deal in Congress (Montana Public Radio) 7/13/2023

Navajo president presses Congress for more time, money, for water project (Tucson Sentinel) 7/13/2023

Removing dams from the Klamath River is a step toward justice for Native Americans in Northern California (The Conversation) 7/12/2023

In Arizona water ruling, the Hopi Tribe sees limits on its future (ProPublica) 7/7/2023

Most of Chemehuevi tribe’s water goes To California cities (ProPublica) 7/5/2023

Arizona must stop the $400 billion giveaway of groundwater to the world’s largest foreign based mining companies (Gila Herald) 7/4/2023

Colorado tribes fear the effects of U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Navajo Nation in water rights case (Colorado Sun) 7/3/2023

EPA announces $278 million funding to improve drinking water for tribes (Native News Online) 6/28/2023

Supreme Court keeps the Navajo Nation waiting for water (High Country News) 6/26/2023

Supreme Court rules the US is not required to ensure access to water for the Navajo Nation (The Conversation) 6/23/2023

Supreme Court leaves Navajo Nation high and dry (Grist) 6/23/2023

Supreme Court rejects Navajo Nation’s water rights trust claim (Indian Country Today) 6/22/2023

Fort Belknap tribal water settlement bill sees first-time bipartisan support (Independent Record) 6/15/2023

How Arizona stands between tribes and their water (ProPublica) 6/14/2023

A look at the water agreements the government is making with Native American tribes (KUNC) 6/13/2023

Ahead of new Colorado River talks, governments and tribes weigh in on the future (KNPR) 6/12/2023

Thirst gap: Learning to live with less on the Colorado River. Episode 5: First in time (KUNC) 5/15/2023

The EPA extends federal protection to tribal waters (Grist) 5/5/2023

Navajo Nation leadership attends first phase of Little Colorado River adjudication trial (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 5/2/2023

The U.S. government made a peculiar concession in Arizona v. Navajo Nation | Opinion (Newsweek) 4/26/2023

‘An upstream battle’: New Mexico Pueblo works to secure water rights after decades of efforts (Aspen Public Radio) 4/10/2023

Gila River Indian Community to receive $233M to expand water infrastructure and conserve Colorado River (Native News Online) 4/7/2023

Future of Navajo water rights heard in Supreme Court (Navajo Times) 3/23/2023

SCOTUS hears arguments in Navajo Nation water rights case (Native News Online) 3/20/2023

As drought persists in the west, justices to consider Navajo Nation’s rights to Colorado River (SCOTUSblog) 3/17/2023

Navajo Nation Is Taking on Three States and the Federal Government for the Right to Colorado River Water (The New Republic) 3/9/2023

This Native American tribe is taking back its water (Smithsonian Magazine) March 2023

Compact settlement delivers $157 million to CSKT (Clark Fork Valley Press) 2/14/2023

Mono Lake Tribe seeks to assert its water rights in call for emergency halt of water diversions to Los Angeles (Inside Climate News) 2/14/2022

Department of Interior funds 5 tribal water rights settlements in Arizona (Tucson Sentinel) 2/13/2023

$580 million heading to tribes for water rights settlements (Native News Online) 2/3/2023

Pueblos Start Legal Proceedings to Quantify Their Rio Grande Water Rights (The Sandoval Signpost) 1/9/2023

President Biden signs water bills benefiting 3 tribes in Arizona (KTAR) 1/6/2023

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