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Last updated: February 14, 2019

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Economic Development

Could cannabis be the new casinos for Southern California Native Americans? (The Orange County Register) 2/14/19

Environment and Energy

Cronkite News: Native leaders share negative impacts of climate change in their communities (Indianz) 2/14/19

The Green New Deal: What does it mean for Indian Country? (Indian Country Today) 2/10/19

Reservation lawmakers aim to derail Keystone XL Pipeline (Indianz) 2/8/19

Health and Welfare

Native Americans are disproportionately affected by abestos-related illnesses. Efforts are being made to lessen this impact and Native Americans communities are leading the way (Legal Reader) 2/7/19


White House listening session turns messy as one tribe walks out in protest (Indianz) 2/14/19

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs focuses on Administration for Native Americans (Indians) 2/13/19

Native leaders deliver rebuke of Trump administration at State of Indian Nations (Indianz) 2/11/19

House subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States set for first hearing (Indianz) 2/11/19

Tribal leaders gather in nation's capital amid threat of another shutdown (Indianz) 2/11/19

Sacred Places

Bennet, more than 100 members of Congress reintroduce ANTIQUITIES Act to protect America's national monuments from unlawful attacks (U.S. Senator Michael Bennet) 2/7/19 (See 116th Congress H.R.871)

Tribal Government

NAJA launches Indigenous Investigative Collective (Native American Journalists Association) 2/11/19


Native American Rights groups are gearing up to fight voter suppression in 2020 (Pacific Standard) 2/14/19

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