2023 Religious and Cultural Rights (Religious Freedom, Repatriation, Peyote, NAGPRA, Graduation) News Stories

The remains of thousands of Native Americans were returned to Tribes this year (ProPublica) 12/26/2023

Kansas school district that forced Native American boy to cut hair changes dress code policy (Kansas Reflector) 12/15/2023

Federal government overhauls NAGPRA to expedite return of Native ancestral remains (Native News Online) 12/7/2023

Why Montana’s Two-Spirit people are challenging a state law that defines sex as binary (CNN) 12/4/2023

Tribes in Maine spent decades fighting to rebury ancestral remains. Harvard resisted them at nearly every turn. (ProPublica) 12/4/2023

Remains of 5 Native Americans returned home 120 years after graves were looted (PBS News Hour) 11/28/2023

NAGPRA: An attempt to correct the past (In Custodia Legis Library of Congress Blog) 11/24/2023

Kansas school demands eight-year-old Native American student cut hair to attend (Native News Online) 11/22/2023

Colorado hospital finally admits to cutting Lakota elder’s hair without his permission (Native News Online) 11/18/2023

President Buu Nygren signs proclamation to oppose decriminalization of peyote (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 11/14/2023

Painful questions from Indigenous leaders (Harvard Magazine) 11/9/2023

The family of an Indigenous man says unpermitted haircut under UCHealth’s care violated culture. The hospital denies it happened on site (Denverite) 11/9/2023

In WA prisons, cultural groups build community. DOC wants to erase us. (Native News Online) 11/6/2023

UC Berkeley takes significant step to repatriate 4,400 Native American human remains (ProPublica) 11/2/2023

A prominent museum obtained items from a massacre of Native Americans in 1895. The survivors’ descendants want them back. (ProPublica) 10/20/2023

New York museum unveils repatriation overhaul after ethical awakening (Native News Online) 10/17/2023

California governor signs laws compelling universities to report return of Native American remains (Star Tribune Minnesota) 10/10/2023

School district settles Native American hair cutting lawsuit (Nebraska Public Media) 10/4/2023

Advocates ask for federal protections for peyote habitat, convene on Capitol Hill (Native News Online) 9/28/2023

Lakota belongings comings home from Scotland (West River Eagle) 9/27/2023

Tribes strike historic deal with Army over repatriations (ICT) 9/15/2023

At rest, at last: Northern Arapaho repatriates remains from Chicago museum (WyoFile) 9/12/2023

Sacramento State has 114,000 Native American items. It plans to return half of them soon (Sacramento Bee) 8/31/2023

Oregon patients will soon be able to receive their amputated body parts for cultural, spiritual reasons (Oregon Public Broadcasting) 8/22/2023

National Park Service awards $3.4 million for the return of Native American remains and sacred objects (Red Lake Nation News) 8/8/2023

Museum in New York State Returns Remains of 19 Native Americans to Oneida Indian Nation (U.S. News & World Report) 8/4/2023

A scientist said her research could help with repatriation. Instead, it destroyed Native remains. (ProPublica) 7/20/2023

Bill introduced in Navajo Nation to legalize marriage equality (LGBTQ Nation) 7/3/2023

Indigenous students fight tribal regalia bans (ABC News San Diego) 7/1/2023

CSU campuses have largely failed to repatriate Native remains and artifacts, auditor finds (Los Angeles Times) 6/30/2023

Association on Amerian Indian Affairs announces 9th Annual Repatriation Conference (Red Lake Nation News) 6/28/2023

North Carolina bill ensuring Native American school graduates can wear feathers heads to governor (Greensboro News & Record) 6/8/2023

New laws back Indigenous students wearing tribal regalia at graduation (KUNC) 5/31/2023

US Army to return 5 Native ancestors to their descendants this fall (Native News Online) 5/26/2023

New law allows Nevada public school students to wear religious, cultural adornments at graduation (Reno Gazette Journal) 5/26/2023

Oklahoma legislators override Stitt’s graduation tribal regalia veto (KFOR) 5/26/2023

A vetoed bill to protect tribal regalia at graduations is now set to become law (The Oklahoman) 5/25/2023

Tribal council protests amendment to law that protects Lumbee artists, crafters (The Laurinburg Exchange) 5/22/2023

At graduations, Native American students seek acceptance of tribal regalia (Impact 601) 5/19/2023

The Supreme Court v. Peyote | More Perfect Podcast (WNYC) 5/15/2023

Native American graduate forced to remove eagle feather from cap sues Oklahoma school (The Oklahoman) 5/16/2023

Tribe proposes teaching border agents on culture (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) 5/14/2023

'Keep the medicine going': Polson teacher inspires boys to wear hair long (Montana Standard) 5/8/2023

Proposal would allow American Indian students in NC to wear feathers at graduation (WHQR) 5/9/2023

NPS, tribal leaders react to Stitt veto of tribal regalia bill (The Norman Transcript) 5/8/2023

Amended Native American repatriation measure heads to full state Senate (Effingham Daily News) 5/4/2023

New York lawmakers pass bill to protect unmarked Indigenous burial sites (WSHU) 5/4/2023

Beyond NAGPRA: Guiding ancestral objects home (Indian Country Today) 5/1/2023

Oklahoma governor vetoes tribal regalia bill (Native News Online)

After decades of tribal advocacy efforts, New York will pass law to protect Native burial sites (Native News Online) 5/2/2023

Native student settles discrimination suit against Arizona school district (Tucson Sentinel) 5/1/2023

Walns settle lawsuit against school district over traditional graduation regalia (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 4/25/2023

Oklahoma lawmakers vote to stop school bans on tribal regalia at graduation (The Oklahoman) 4/25/2023

Senators push universities, museums to “expeditiously return” Native ancestors (Native News Online) 4/21/2023

Oklahoma lawmakers advance bill to ensure Indigenous students' right to wear tribal regalia at graduation (KGOU) 4/17/2023

Oklahoma set to allow Indigenous students to wear tribal regalia at graduation (Enid News & Eagle) 4/11/2023

Native American students’ right to wear regalia at graduation protected by Colorado bill (Chalkbeat Colorado) 4/7/2023

The Buzz: Why a 32-year-old federal law has failed to bring Native American remains home (Arizona Public Media) 4/7/2023

Native graduates have the right to wear eagle feathers, tribal regalia (Native News Online) 4/2/2023

The largest holder of Native American human remains is preparing to return thousands of Indigenous ancestors (Native News Online) 4/1/2023

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Hoskin urges Congress to strengthen Indian Arts, Crafts Act (Tahlequah Daily Press) 4/1/2023

Sweeping repatriation reform bill unanimously passes Illinois House of Representatives (ProPublica) 3/30/2023

Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate asks Army to expedite “long-past-due” repatriation of its ancestor (Native News Online) 3/23/2023

Texas weighs bills to allow Native American regalia at school events (Axios) 3/22/2023

Native American Church chapter sues bank for racial and religious discrimination (Native News Online) 3/22/2023

After asking Native American boy to cut his hair, Leland school accused of discrimination (Star News Online) 3/21/2023

Warning to buyers of Native cultural heritage (Red Lake Nation News) 3/16/2023

Native Americans make case to Nevada lawmakers to allow cultural regalia at public school graduations (Las Vegas Sun) 3/10/2023

Leaders of Native American Church pressure Biden administration for protections of peyote habitat (Native News Online) 3/3/2023

Native American students could wear feathers at high school graduations if NC bill OK’d (Independent Tribune) 3/2/2023

Some Oklahoma schools don't let students wear tribal regalia. Lawmakers could end that (The Oklahoman) 2/9/2023

America’s biggest museums fail to return Native American human remains (ProPublica) 1/11/2023

'The eyes, the ears of all things': The spiritual power of peyote (WBUR) 1/6/2023

The STOP Act: New law creates stiffer penalties for the export of sacred Native American items from the United States (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 1/3/2023

9th Circuit reinstates First Amendment claims over denial of eagle feather at graduation (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 1/3/2023

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