2023 Federal Recognition of Tribal Status News Stories

Haliwa-Saponi Tribe pushes for federal recognition in Congress (Spectrum Local News North Carolina) 12/13/2023

NCAI vote to exclude state recognized nations fails (ICT) 11/16/2023

NCAI faces controversial constitutional amendments to remove state recognized Tribes (Native News Online) 11/14/2023

New bill would provide ‘long awaited justice’ to West Michigan tribe seeking federal recognition (MLive.com) 9/27/2023

Virginia congresswomen propose federal recognition of Patawomeck Indian Tribe (Virginia Mercury) 9/18/2023

Exhibit showcases tribe's right to congressional representation (Tahlequah Daily Press) 9/11/2023

Rep. Nancy Mace Introduces Bill To Federally Recognize Wassamasaw Tribe (Berkeley Observer) 8/3/2023

DC judge ‘not happy’ with Interior Department for dragging feet on tribal sovereignty rules (Courthouse News Service) 7/18/2023

Maine Legislature votes to expand sovereignty for Native American tribes (WBUR) 6/23/2023

Tribal bill advances in Legislature with bipartisan support in crucial first vote (Maine Public) 6/21/2023

Only Wisconsin tribe without federal recognition looks to change that status (Fox 11 News) 6/15/2023

Odawa tribe in West Michigan continues fight for federal recognition (Michigan Advance) 5/8/2023

Wabanaki sovereignty would benefit all Maine residents, study finds (News Center Maine) 4/30/2023

After more than 100 years, Lumbee Tribe still seeking federal recognition (The Daily Tar Heel) 4/27/2023

Bills recognizing Native American tribes in RI being discussed (WPRI) 4/19/2023

Brian Lightfoot Brown: Narragansett Tribe still fighting for its sovereignty (Indianz) 4/12/2023

DOI tells Michigan tribe it doesn’t meet federal recognition criteria (Native News Online) 2/26/2023

Maine tribes left out of Native resurgence by 40-year-old law denying their self-determination (Salon) 2/14/2023

Sovereignty: Six Tribal Nations of Virginia celebrate milestone anniversary this week (Augusta Free Press) 1/31/2023

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