Find Tribal Court Opinions

Read about tribal court opinion research in Researching American Indian Tribal Law (from the National Indian Law Library).

Find available online information for each tribe's court from the NILL Tribal Law Gateway.

Research selected tribal court opinions 2006 - present at the NILL Tribal Courts Bulletin.

National Directory of Tribal Justice Systems - National American Indian Court Judges Association - National directory includes contact information for tribal justice systems. May be sorted by Tribe, NAICJA Region, BIA Region or State.?

National Survey of Tribal Court Systems - U.S. Dept of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Tribal Law and Policy Institute - Numerous opinions (2,700+) from participating tribal courts in a searchable database. See also Versuslaw below., a fee-based service. Offers content similar to the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (about 21 tribes) with a more powerful search engine and sophisticated display format. Law school students can get a free password.

Westlaw, a fee-based service. Offers tribal court decisions from 21+tribes individually or collectively via West's American Tribal Law Reporter as well as opinions from Oklahoma tribes via the OKTRIB-CS database. See the Westlaw Directory for detailed information on the databases.

Lexis, a fee-based service. Offers access to court opinions from some Montana tribes as well as the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

Selected print sources related to tribal court research:

West's Tribal Law Reporter, This print publication (also on Westlaw) includes a compilation of selected tribal court appellate opinions from late 1990s - present.

The library subscribes to the Indian Law Reporter (ILR) -- Features selected tribal court cases (about 25 per year). The National Indain Law Library has developed a cumulative subject index for all tribal court opinions in the ILR.

United States Tribal Courts Directory, by April Schwartz and Mary Jo B. Hunter. NILL Catalog record. Provides information on access to court opinions.

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