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Recommended Articles on Peacemaking:

Goldberg, C. (2013), Classic Revisited: A Native Vision of Justice. 111 Mich. L. Rev. 835.

Appiah-Marfo, S. Y. (2013), Conflict Resolution: The Faksoro Custom of the Rotumans of the South Pacific. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 329–345.

Gendron, R. and Hille, C. (2013), Conflict Resolution Practices of Arctic Aboriginal Peoples. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 347–367.

McIntyre Miller, W. (2013), Chieftaincy-Based Community Dispute Resolution: The Case of Sierra Leone. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 295–308.

Raines, S. S. (2013), Colloquy on Indigenous and Local Conflict Resolution Processes. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 269

Syukur, F. A. and Bagshaw, D. M. (2013), Court–Annexed Mediation in Indonesia: Does Culture Matter?. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 369–390..

Syukur, F. A. and Bagshaw, D. M. (2013), When Home Is No Longer “Sweet”: Family Violence and Sharia Court–Annexed Mediation in Indonesia. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 271–294.

Walker, P. O. (2013), Storians: Building on Indigenous Knowledge to Enhance Ni-Vanuatu Mediative Capacity. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 30: 309–328.

Peacemaking in State Courts:

Red Hook peacemaking program : program guide for court referrals
2013. Center for Court Innovation.

Conference Materials on Peacemaking:

National Conference on Traditional Peacemaking: ReMaking Justice
Native American Rights Fund. Indian Law Support Center.
September 20-22, 1993

National Conference on Traditional Peacemaking and Modern Tribal Justice Systems
Native American Rights Fund. Indian Law Support Center.
October 29-30, 1992

Other Resources at NILL:

For your convenience, we have developed the following links to peacemaking-related materials in the NILL catalog.

  1. Peacemaking Resources
  2. Dispute Resolution, Restorative and Mediation Resources
  3. Healing and Sentencing Circles Resources
  4. Swift Bird Prisoner Project Resources

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