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Commercial, Banking, and Corporate Law

Commercial Law

Basu v. Colebut, No. MPTC-CV-GC-2009-173 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., Nov. 22, 2010) 37 ILR 6093

Colville Tribal Credit v. Pakootes, et al., No. AP07-002 (Covilled Confederated Tribes Ct. App., Jan. 08, 2008) 35 ILR 6017

Gesinger v. PTE HCA KA Inc., No. A-001-09/C-157-07 (Cheyenne River Sioux Tr. Ct. App., Mar. 10, 2010) 37 ILR 6033

HCN Treasury Department, et al. v. Corvettes on the Isthmus, et al., No. SU 07-03 (Ho-Chunk Nations Supp.Ct.,Nov.19,2007) 35 ILR 6001

Horizon Credit Union v. Marchand, et al., No. CV-FJ-2001-21128 (Colville Confederated Tribes Tr. Ct., Nov. 5, 2002) 29 ILR 6107

Indian Credit Corp. v. Cadotte, (St. Rk. Sx. Tr. Ct., May 22, 1990) 17 ILR 6079

Marshall v. Arpan, No. A-00I-08 (Cheyenne River Sioux Tr. Ct. App., July 14, 2009) 36 ILR 6075

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise v. Goldman, No. CV-DC-2008-147 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., May 28,
2009) 36 ILR 6063

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise v. Kurdi, No. MPTC-CV-DC-2007-224 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., Dec.
23,2008) 36 ILR 6008

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise v. Menebhi, No. CV-DC-2008-150 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., Sept. 30,
2008; as amended Nov. 17, 2008) 36 ILR 6010

Mashantucket Pequot Tirbal Nation v. Paul Steelman, Ltd, Sr., No. CV-GC-2006-185 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct. App., April 08, 2008) 35 ILR 6039

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation v. Superior Tank Company, Inc., et al., No. MPTC-CV-GC-2006-118 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., Apr. 27, 2007) 34 ILR 6065

Tribal Credit Program v. Thomas, No. CV-2426-88 (S.S.&K. Tr. Ct., May 5, 1989) 16 ILR 6080

Turtle Mountain Housing Authority v. Laducer, et al., Civ. No. 10-10150 (Turtle Mountain Tr. Ct., Mar. 5, 2012) 39 ILR 6025

Vandemoer v. Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, No. CV-2011-0361 (Three Affiliate Tribes of Fort Berthold Res. Dist. Ct., Oct. 21, 2011) 39 ILR 6008

White Wolf, Sr., et al. v. Myers, No. 06-007-A (Cheyenne River Sioux Ct. App., Sept. 25, 2007) 34 ILR 6102

Commerce and Trade

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise v. Merchant Services, Inc., No. MPTC-CV-2003-0190 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., May 3, 2005) 32 ILR 6104

Corporate Charters

High Elk, et al. v. Iron Hawk, No. 05-002-A (Cheyenne River Sioux Tr. Ct. App., Feb. 1, 2006) 33 ILR 6031

Credit and Loans

Marvin's Mobile Service v. Bureau (C.S.&K. Tr. Ct., Feb. 6, 1989) 16 ILR 6041

Creditors Rights

HKS, Inc. v. Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, No. CV-GC-2010-0145 (Mashantucket Pequot Tr. Ct., Dec 29, 2010) 38 ILR 6011

Penn v. Williams, No. HOH-CIV-10/96-027 (Hoh. Tr. Ct. App., Mar. 19, 1997) 25 ILR 6205

Debt Collection

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. v. Cavanaugh, et al. No. 03-006-A (Cheyenne River Sioux Ct. App., May 24, 2004) 31 ILR 6075


Benalli v. First National Insurance Company of America, No. SC-CV-45-96 (Navajo Nation Sup. Ct., June 23, 1998) 25 ILR 6170

Kalantari v. Spirit Mountain Gaming, Inc., No. C-02-09-004 (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Tr. Ct., Mar. 24, 2004) 31 ILR 6079

Civil Jurisdiction; Licensing, Business

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe v. Isabel City Package Liquor, et al., Chy. R. Sx. Tr. Ct., Jan. 8, 1991) 18 ILR 6079

Puyallup Tribe v. Bennett, No. 84-1312 (Puy. Tr. Ct., July 2, 1984) 11 ILR 6026

Jurisdiction, Federal Court; Bankruptcy

Big R Construction, et al. v. Timentwa, No. AP05-010 (Colville Confederated Tribes Ct. App., Nov. 14, 2006) 33 ILR 6121


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