Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California (Carson Colony, Dresslerville Colony, Woodfords Community, Stewart Community, & Washoe Ranches) - Tribal Constitution

Adopted: 1990

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Constitution (PDF)

Table of Contents

Article I. Jurisdiction -- [Sections 1-2].
Article II. Membership -- [Sections 1-5].
Article III. Governing body -- [Sections 1-4].
Article IV. Nominations and elections -- [Sections 1-3].
Article V. Vacancies and removal from office -- [Sections 1-2].
Article VI. Powers and duties of the Washoe Tribal Council -- [Sections 1-4].
Article VII. Powers of the community councils -- [Sections 1-2].
Article VIII. Tribal lands -- [Sections 1-6].
Article IX. Referendum, initiative, and recall -- [Sections 1-3].
Article X. Amendments -- [Sections 1-2].
Article XI. Bill of rights.

Article I. Duties of officers -- [Sections 1-3].
Article II. Seating of council members -- [Sections 1-2].
Article III. Meetings -- [Sections 1-2].
Article IV. Quorum -- [Section 1].
Article V. Order of business -- [Section 1].
Article VI. Salaries and expenses -- [Section 1].
Article VII. Ordinances and resolutions -- [Sections 1-5].
Article VIII. Adoption.
Certificate of results of election.
Certificate of approval.

[Table of Contents created by NILL in March 2015, based on materials available on tribe's website.]