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Squaxin Const. Art. III, § 1

Section 1.

Squaxin Is. Tribal Const. Art. III, § 1

Squaxin Island Tribe

Constitution and Bylaws of the Squaxin Island Tribe of the Squaxin Island Indian Reservation, Washington

Article III. Powers of the Governing Body

Section 1.

The governing body of the Squaxin Island Indian Tribe shall be known as the Squaxin Island Tribal Council. The Council shall have the following powers and duties subject to any limitations imposed by applicable State laws or statutes of the United States and the regulations of the Secretary of the Interior:

(a) To negotiate with Federal, State and local governments and others on behalf of the tribe and to advise and consult with representatives of the United States government on all activities which may affect the tribe.

(b) To acquire, manage, lease, or use tribal real property and other tribal assets, together with all improvements which may be acquired by the tribe from the United States government or elsewhere, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior wherever required by Federal law.

(c) To prevent the sale, disposition, lease, or encumbrance of tribal lands, interests in lands, or other tribal assets without the consent of the tribe.

(d) To employ legal counsel, the choice of counsel and fixing of fees to be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, so long as such approval is required by law.

(e) To advise the Secretary of the Interior with regard to all appropriation estimates or Federal projects for the benefit of the tribe prior to the submission of such estimates to the Bureau of the Budget and the Congress.

(f) To administer any funds within the control of the tribe and to make expenditures of available funds for tribal purposes in accordance with a budget approved by the tribal council. All expenditures of the tribal funds under the control of the tribal council shall be made only by resolution duly approved by the tribal council in regular or special meetings, and the amount so expended shall be a matter of record available to all tribal members and to the Bureau of Indian Affairs at all reasonable times.

(g) To determine its own rules of procedures.

(h) To promulgate and enforce ordinances governing the conduct of members of the Squaxin Island Tribe. (Amended 11/20/98)

(i) To take such actions as are necessary to carry into effect any of the foregoing powers and duties.

Squaxin Island Tribal Const. Art. III, § 1, Squaxin Const. Art. III, § 1

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