The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma - Tribal Constitution, Table of Contents

Table of contents from August 2013

The constitution is available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Constitution of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
Article I - Name
Article II - Membership
Article III - Chief and Assistant Chief
Article IV - General Council
Article V - Powers of the General Council
Article VI - Meetings of the General Council
Article VII - Order of Business
Article VIII - Duties of Officers
Article IX - Removal and the Filling of Vacancies
Article X   Elections
Article XI - Oath of Office
Article XII - Bill of Rights
Article XIII - Amendment
Article XIV - Adoption
Article XV - Territorial Jurisdiction
Article XVI   Courts
Certification of Adoption 1969
Approval of 1969 Constitution
Certification of Adoption 1989
Approval for 1988 Amendments
Certification of Adoption 1991
Approval for 1991 Amendments
Disapproval of 2000 Amendments
Approval of 2008 Amendments
Certificate of Approval