Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma - Constitution

Adopted: 1999 / Enacted: 2006

The tribe's constitution is available as part of the tribal code published at the tribal court's website (see CNCA- Searchable PDF in left-hand column). Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents

Article I.  Federal relationship.
Article II.  Territorial jurisdiction.
Article III.  Bill of rights [Sections 1-4].
Article IV. Citizenship [Sections 1-3].
Article V.  Distribution of powers.
Article VI.  Legislative [Sections 1-14].
Article VII.  Executive [Section 1-15].
Article VIII.  Judicial [Section 1-8].
Article IX.  Election [Section 1-3].
Article X.  Fiscal [Sections 1-11].
Article XI.  Removal from office [Sections 1-4].
Article XII.  Employee rights.
Article XIII.  Oath [Sections 1-2].
Article XIV.  Clans.
Article XV.  Initiative, referendum and amendment [Sections 1-9].
Article XVI.  Supercedes constitutions of 1839 and 1976.
Article XVII.  Seat of government.
Article XVIII.  Adoption.