Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma - Constitution

Ordered implemented: 2006

The tribe's constitution is available at their website. This table of contents corresponds with the 2006 version in the library's print collection. Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents

Article I.  Federal relationship.
Article II.  Territorial jurisdiction.
Article III.  Bill of rights [Sections 1-4].
Article IV. Citizenship [Sections 1-3].
Article V.  Distribution of powers.
Article VI.  Legislative [Sections 1-14].
Article VII.  Executive [Section 1-15].
Article VIII.  Judicial [Section 1-8].
Article IX.  Election [Section 1-3].
Article X.  Fiscal [Sections 1-11].
Article XI.  Removal from office [Sections 1-4].
Article XII.  Employee rights.
Article XIII.  Oath [Sections 1-2].
Article XIV.  Clans.
Article XV.  Initiative, referendum and amendment [Sections 1-9].
Article XVI.  Supercedes constitutions of 1839 and 1976.
Article XVII.  Seat of government.
Article XVIII.  Adoption.