Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians - Constitution

Received: July 2003. Last amended: 1984

The full text of this document is available fromt he tribe's website. This table of contents is from the print version that the library has in its collection. for assistance.

Table of Contents

Article I. Territory and jurisdiction -- [Sections 1-2].
Article II. Membership -- [Sections 1-6].
Article III. Governing body -- [Sections 1-5].
Article IV. Elections -- [Sections 1-2].
Article V. Removal -- [Sections 1-4].
Article VI. Powers -- 1. Enumerated powers. [Section 2]. 3. Future powers. 4. Reserved powers.
Article VII. Referendum -- [Section 1].
Article VIII. Lands -- [Sections 1-14].
Article IX. Amendments.
Article I. Duties of officers -- [Sections 1-5].
Article II. Oath -- [Section 1].
Article III. Salaries -- [Sections 1-2].
Article IV. Meetings -- [Sections 1-4].
Article V. Adoption of constitution and bylaws.
Certification of adoption.
Amendment A.