The Law and Order Code of the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation Utah

Dated: 1988, amended 2013

Table of Contents

Preamble and Title I - General Provisions (amended in 2013 by Ordinance 13-010)

Title II - Ute Indian Rules of Civil Procedure

Title III - Ute Indian Exclusion and Removal Code

Title IV - Ute Indian Juvenile Code

Title V - Ute Indian Domestic Relations Code

Title VI - Ute Indian Probate Code

Title VII - Ute Indian Code of Creditors' Rights and Responsibilities

Title VIII - Ute Indian Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Code

Title IX - Ute Indian Animal Control Code

Title X - Ute Indian Traffic Control

Title XI - Ute Indian Tribal Police Code

Title XII - Ute Indian Rules of Criminal Procedure

Title XIII - Ute Indian Criminal Code (amended in 2013 by Ordinance 13-030)

Title XIV - Alcoholic Beverage Control Ordinance

Title XV - Pretrial Procedures Code

Appendix A - Forms

Appendix A - Glossary

Digitizer's Note: At the bottom of the title page of the physical document: Fort Duchesne, Utah 84206, Professor Ralph Johnson, University of Washington, School of Law, Seattle, Washington 98101.

Not included in this digital version are documents from Appendix B - Statutory Materials, which includes the tribal constitution, corporate charter, and miscellaneous federal laws and Utah laws. The constitution is posted separately.