Standing Rock Sioux - Tribal Code of Justice

Table of Contents Updated: September 2018

The tribe makes their code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website.

Tribal Code of Justice

Table of Contents

Title I (1) - Courts
Rules of Court
Rule 1. Rules of Civil Procedure
Rule 2. Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rule 3. Rules of Evidence
Rule 4. Conduct in Court
Rule 5. Change of Judge
Rule 6. Filing of Papers
Rule 7. Submission of Briefs
Rule 8. Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution
Rule 9. Continuances
Rule 10. Criminal Complaints
Rule 11. Assistance in Drafting Criminal Complaints
Rule 12. Screening and Approval of Criminal Complaints
Rule 13. Statement of Probable Cause
Rule 14. Withdrawal of Criminal Complaints
Rule 15. Scheduling of Criminal Trials
Rule 16. Criminal Sentencing
Rule 17. Reduction in Sentence
Rule 18. Bench Warrants
Rule 19. Temporary Leave from Confinement
Rule 20. Assistance in Drafting Civil Complaints
Rule 21. Closure of Juvenile and Involuntary Commitment Proceedings
Rule 22. Practice by Law Students

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Code of Justice
Chapter 1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court
1-101. Creation of the Court
1-102. Composition of the Court
1-103. Records of Court
1-104. Rules of Court
1-105. Services to Court by Tribal or Federal Employees
1-106. Criminal Jurisdiction of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court
1-107. Civil Jurisdiction of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court
1-108. Tribe Immune From Suit
1-109. Suits Against Tribal Officials
1-110. Jurisdiction over Persons or Entities who Enter Consensual Relations with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
1-111 . Judgements/Decisions
Chapter 2. Supreme Court of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
1-201. Creation of the Supreme Court
1-202. Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court
1-203. Composition of the Supreme Court
1-204. Records of the Supreme Court
1-205. Place and Time of Sessions of the Supreme Court
1-206. Right of Appeal
1-207. Procedure on Appeal of Criminal Cases
1-208. Procedure on Petition for Review
1-209. Judgment Against Surety
1-210. Record of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court
1-211. Briefs and Memoranda
1-212. Oral Argument
1-213. Separate Docket for Supreme Court
1-214. Rules of the Supreme Court
1-215. Scope of Review
1-216. Judgements/Opinions
Chapter 3. Judges and Justices
1-301. Qualifications of Judges and Justices
1-302. Initial Appointment of Judges and Justices
1-303. Oath of Office
1-304. Referendum of Judges and Justices
1-305. Duties of Judges and Justices
1-306. Compensation and Bod of Judges and Justices
1-307. Removal of Judges and Justices Based on Cause
1-307-1. Removal of Medical Inabiloty to Carry out the Duties of Office
1-308. Disqualification of Judges and Justices in Particular Cases
Chapter 4. Court Administration
Subchapter A. Clerk of Courts
1-401. Office of Clerk
1-402. Qualifications
1-403. Appointment, Compensation and Bond
1-404. Oath of Office
1-405. Termination of Services
1-406. Duties
Subchapter B. Trial Court Administrator
1-407. Tribal Court Administrator
1-408. Qualifications
1-409. Compensation and Bond
1-410. Oath of Office
1-411. Termination of Services
1-412. Duties
Chapter 5. Tribal Court Prosecutor and Public Defender
1-501. Office of Tribal Court Prosecutor
1-502. Qualifications
1-503. Appointment and Compensation
1-504. Oath of Office
1-505. Terms of Employment
1-506. Duties
1-507. Termination of Services of Tribal Court Prosecutor
Subchapter B. Tribal Public Defender
1-508. Office of Tribal Public Defender
1-509. Qualifications
1-510. Appointment and Compensation
1-511. Oath of Office
1-512. Term of Employment
1-513. Duties
1-514. Termination of Tribal Public Defender
Chapter 6. Attorneys and Lay Counselors
1-601. Qualifications to Admission as Attorney or Lay Counselor
1-602. Oath Upon Admission
1-603. Attorneys' Roll
1-604. Sanction
1-605. Right to Counsel
1-606. Council Members Shall not Practice as Attorneys or Lay Counselors
Chapter 7. Ethical Standards and Violations
1-701. Purpose
1-702. Ethical Standards
1-703. Time
1-704. Ethics Review Commission
1-705. Ethics Review Commission Investigation
1-706. Prosecution of Complaint
1-707. Sanctions
Chapter 8. Miscellaneous Provisions
1-801. Service of Process

Title II (2) - Civil Procedure
Chapter 1 - Pre-Trial and Trial Procedures
2-101. Complaint
2-102. Service of Process
2-103. Hearing
2-104. Issuance of Subpoenas
2-105. Service of Subpoenas
2-106. Failure to Obey Subpoena
2-107. Witness Fees and Expenses
2-108. Trial Procedure
2-109. Consolidated and Separate Trials
2-110. Intervention
2-111. Substitution of Parties
Chatper 2 - Judgments
2-201. Council Statement on Provisions Regarding Debts and Money Judgements
2-201.1. Judgments
2-202. Judgment by Default
2-203. Proof of Satisfaction
2-204. Execution
2-205. Judgment Constitutes a Lien
2-206. Life of Judgment
2-207. Renewal of Judgment
2-208. Stay of Judgment
2-209. Costs and Attorneys Fees
2-210. Property Exempt from Judgments for Money
2-211. Garnishment of Wages for Satisfaction of Judgment
Chapter 3 - Extraordinary Writs
2-301. Temporary Restraining Orders Without Notice
2-302. Preliminary Injunctions
2-303. Security
2-304. Habeas Corpus
Chapter 4 - Applicable Laws
2-401. Applicable Laws
Chapter 5 - Statute of Limitations
2-501. Limitation of Actions
Chapter 6 - Contempt of Court
2-601. Authority of Court
2-602. "Contempt" Defined
2-603. Procedure for Contempt
2-604. Remedies for Contempt
2-605. Order to Show Cause/Writ of Attachment
Chapter 7. Miscellaneous Provisions
2-701. Scope

Title III (3) - Criminal Procedure
Chapter 1. General
3-101. Applicability
Chapter 2 - Complaint and Arrest
3-201. Complaint
3-201.1. Complaint under Title IV, Chapter 17
3-202. Time Limit for Commencing Criminal Prosecution
3-203. Arrest
3-204. Arrest Warrants
3-205. Notification of Rights at Time of Arrest
3-206. Summons in Lieu of Warrant
Chapter 3. Searches
3-301. Search Warrant
3-302. Execution and Return of Search Warrant
3-303. Search without a Warrant
3-304. Disposition of Seized Property
3-305. Exclusion of Unlawfully Obtained Evidence
Chapter 4. Arraignment and Release
3-401. Arraignment
3-402. Release before Final Judgment of Conviction
3-403. Withdrawal of Guilty Plea
Chapter 5. Trial Proceedings
3-501. Rights of Defendant in Criminal Cases
3-502. Issuance of Subpoenas
3-503. Service of Subpoenas
3-504. Failure to Obey Subpoena
3-505. Witness Expenses
3-506. Trial Procedure
3-507. Right to Jury Trial
Chapter 6. Sentences
3-601. Sentences
3-602. Forfeiture of Weapons
3-603. Notification of Right to Appeal
Chapter 7 - Habeas Corpus
3-701. Who May File
3-702. Who May Not File
3-703. Petition
3-704. Granting of Writ
3-705. Contents of Return
3-706. Conclusiveness of Judgment
3-707. Federal Habeas Corpus

Title IV (4) - Criminal Offenses/Sex Offenders
Chapter 1. General Provisions
4-101. Criminal Offenses Based On Voluntary Conduct
4-102. State Of Mind
4-103. Applicability And Jurisdiction
4-104. Penalties
4-105. Other Criminal Provisions In Code Of Justice
4-106. Definitions
Chapter 2. Defenses
4-.201. Burden Of Proof
4-202. Ignorance Or Mistake
4-203. Alcoholism And Intoxication
4-204. Mental Disease Or Defect
4-205. Self Defense
4-206. Defense And Other
4-207. Defense Of Property
4-208. Use Of Deathly Forces
Chapter 3. Complicity, Solicitation And Attempts
4-301. Accomplice
4-302. Attempts
4-303. Solicitation
4-3-4. Conspiracy
Chapter 4. Pardon
4-401. Power Of Pardon
4-402. Applications Of Pardon
4-403. Hearing On Application
4-404. Determination By The Commission
4-405. Effect Of Pardon
Chapter 5. Crime Against Persons (General)
4-501. Murder
4-502. Manslaughter
4-503. Negligent Homicide
4.504. Causing Or Aiding Suicide
4-505. Kidnapping
4-506. Harboring A Child
4-507. False Imprisonment
4-508. Simple Assault
4-509. Aggravated Assault
4-510. Stalking
4-511. Interfering With Emergency Communication
4-512. Harassment
4-513. Family Violence
Chapter 6. Crimes Against Property
4-601. Arson
4-602. Burglary
4-603. Criminal Trespass
4-604. Theft
4-605. Robbery
4-606. Criminal Mischief
4-607. Injury To Public Property
4-608. Issuing Bad Checks
4-609. Forgery
Chapter 7. Deadly Weapons And Explosives
4-701. Possession Of A Firearm By Convicted Felon
4-702. Carrying Concealed Dangerous Weapon
4-703. Carrying A Loaded Firearm In A Motor Vehicle
4-704. Possession Of Explosives
4-705. Use Of Dangerous Weapons By Children
4-706. Unlawful Discharge Of Firearm
4-707. Carrying A Deadly Weapon During Commission Of A Felony
Chapter 8. Criminal Offenses Involving Drugs
4-801. Definitions
4-802. Criminal Sales Of Drugs
4-803. Criminal Possession Of Drugs
4-804. Criminal Possession Of A Drug With Deliver Or Sell
4-805. Fraudulently Obtaining Drugs
4-806.1. Criminal Ingestion Of Drugs While Pregnant
4-806.2. Criminal Possession Of Toxic Substances
4-807. Criminal Sale Of Drugs To A Child
4-808. Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
4-809. Restrictions On Sale Pf Methamphetamine Precursors
4-810. Alternate Sentencing Authority
4-811. Seizures And Forfeiture Related To Drugs
4-812. Unlawful Manufacture Of Drugs
Chapter 9. Offenses Involving Governmental Processes
4-901. Bribery
4-902. Interfering With Elections
4-903. Perjury
4-904. Criminal Contempt
4-905. Resisting Arrest
4-906. Escape
4-907. Hindering Law Enforcement Officer
4-908. Tampering With Witness Or Informants
4-909. Tampering With Physical Evidence
4-910. Possession Of Drug Or Deadly Weapon Inside A Detention Facility
4-911. Fleeing A Law Enforcement Officer
Chapter 10. Disorderly Conduct And Related Offenses
4-1001. Disorderly Conduct
4-1001.1 Disorderly Conduct On The Premises Of An Elderly
4-1002. Disrupting Meetings Or Processions
4-1003. Cruelty To Animals
4-1004. Illegal Use Or Sale Of Fireworks
Chapter 11. Illegal Gambling
4-1101. Illegal Gambling
Chapter 12. Exploitation Of Children
4-1201. Contribution To The Delinquency Of A Child
4-1202. Failure To Support Dependent Persons
4-1203. Failure To Send Children To School
4-1204. Child Abuse
4-1205. Child Neglect
4-1206. Failure To Report Child Abuse Or Unauthorized Disclosure Of Reports
4-1207. Encouraging A Child To Participate In Gang Crime
4-1208. Encouraging A Minor To Participate In Street Gang Crime
Chapter 13. Liquor And Tobacco Laws
4-1301. Failure To Comply With Tribal Liquor Law
4-1302. Unlawful Possession Of Intoxicating Beverage By A Person Under The Age Of 21
4-1303. Selling Intoxicating Beverages To Pregnant Women
4-1304. Selling Tobacco Products To A Child
Chapter 14. Sex Offenses
4-1401. Rape
4-1402. Statutory Rape
4-1404.1. Promoting Prostitution
4-1404.2. Facilitating Prostitution
4-1404.3. Prostitution
4-1405. Hiring A Prostitute
4-1406. Incest
4-1407. Sex Trafficking
4-1408. Video Voyeurism
4-1409. Crossing Reservation Lines With Intent To Engage In Sexual Act With A Child Who Has Not Yet Reached 13 Year Of Age
4-1410. Sexual Abuse Of A Ward
4-1411. Sexual Exploitation Of Children
4-1412. Selling Or Buying Of Children
4-1413. Certain Activities Relating To Material Involving The Sexual Exploitation Of Children
4-1414. Certain Activities Relating To Material Constituting Or Containing Child Pornography
4-1415. Misleading Domain Names On The Internet
4-1416. Misleading Words Or Digital Images On The Internet
4-1417. Aiding In The Commission Of A Sex Offense
4-1418. Use Of Child’s Information For Illicit Purpose
4-1419. Credibility Or Conduct Of The Complaint Witness
Chapter 15. Criminal Gangs Or Gang Related Activities
4-1501. Gang Crime
4-1502. Participation In A Criminal Gang
4-1503. Hiring, Engaging, Or Use Of A Child To Participate In A Criminal Gang
4-1504. Drive By Shooting
4-1505. Criminal Gang-Related Congregations
4-1506. Evidence And Limitations On Penalties
4-1507. Criminal Gang Activity Or Forfeiture
4-1508. Juvenile Gathering
4-1509. Premises Use By Criminal Gang: Nuisances, Actions For Injunction And Other Damages, And Other Unlawful Use: Exceptions
4-1510. Other Remedies
Chapter 16. Sex Offender Registration And Notification Requirements
4-1601. Title
4-1602. Purpose
4-1603. Creation Of Registries
4-1604. Definitions
Subchapter B: Covered Offenders & Covered Offenses
4-1605. Covered Offenders
4-1606. Covered Offenses
Subchapter C: Tiered Offenses
4-1607. Tier 1 Offenses
4-1608. Tier 2 Offenses
4-1609. Tier 3 Offenses
Subchapter D: Required Registration Information
4-1610. General Requirements
4-1611. Criminal History
4-1612. Date Of Birth
4-1613. Dna Sample
4-1614. Drivers Licenses, Identification Cards, Passport And Immigration Documents
4-1615. Employment Information
4-1616. Finger And Palms Print
4-1617. Internet Identifiers
4-1618. Name
4-1619. Phone Number
4-1620. Pictures
4-1621. Physical Description
4-1622. Professional Licensing Information
4-1623. Residence Address
4-1624. School
4-1625. Social Security Number
4-1626. Temporary Lodging
4-1627. Offense Information
4-1628. Vehicle Information
4-1629. Frequency, Duration And Reduction
4-1630. Requirements For In Person Appearance
4-1631. Where Registration Is Required
4-1632. Timing Of Registration
4-1633. Retroactive Registration
4-1634. Keeping Registration Current
4-1635. Failure To Appear For Registration And Absconding
Subchapter F: Standing Rock Public Sex Offender Registry (SRPSOR) Website
4-1636. Website
4-1637. Required And Prohibited Information
4-1638. Community Notification
Subchapter G. School Zone Restrictions
4-1639. School Zone Restrictions
Subchapter H. Immunity
4-1640. Immunity
Subchapter I. Enforcement & Regulation
4-1641. Chief Prospector
Subchapter J. Crimes & Civil Penalties
4-1642. Crimes
4-1643. Civil Penalty
Chapter 17. Domestic Violence
Subchapter A. General

4-1701. General Provisions
4-1702. Jurisdiction
4-1703. Definitions
Subchapter B. Offenses
4-1704. Domestic Violence
4-1705. Violation Of A Domestic Violence Protection Order
Subchapter C. Domestic Violence Protection Order
4-1706. Domestic Violence Protection Order
4-1707. Temporary Ex Parte Protection Order
4-1708. Domestication, Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Protection Orders
4-1709. Arrest
4-1710. Bail
4-1710.1. Arraignment
4-1711. Filing Of Complaint
4-1712. Victim’s Rights
4-1713. Persons Required To Report
4-1714. Immunity From Liability
4-1715. Rights And Required Procedures
4-1716. Savings And Severability

Title V (5) - Family Code
Chapter 1: Family Code
5-101. Requirements
5-102. Prohibited Marriages
5-103. Marriage Of Person Having Existing Spouse
5-104. Blood Test
5-105. Marriage License
5-106. Marriage Ceremony
5-107. Jurisdiction
5-108. Indian Custom Marriage
5-109. Recognition Of Foreign Marriages
Chapter 2: Annulment And Divorce
5-201. Jurisdiction Over Annulment And Divorce Cases
5-202. Annulment
5-203. Divorce
Chapter 3: Child Custody, Division Of Property, And Alimony
5-301. Child Custody
5-302. Division Of Property
5-303. Alimony
5-304. Jurisdiction
5-305. Temporary Alimony And Custody Awards
Chapter 4: Adoption
5-401. Purpose Of Adoption
5-402. Definitions
5-403. Who May File Adoption Petition
5-404. Petition Of Adoption
5-405. Required Consent
5-406. Withdrawal Of Consent
5-407. Investigation Report
5-408. Hearing On Adoption
5-409. Report And Final Decree Of Adoption
5-410. Adoption Records
5-411. Consent And Adoption Order
5-412. Name And Legal Statues Of Adopted Minor
Chapter 5: Change Of Name Of Persons
5-501.  Adult Name Change
5-502. Consent Of The Petition
5-503. Minors
5-504. Notice
5-505. Hearing
5-506. Determination
5-507. Records
Chapter 6. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Uniform Paternity Act
5-601. Policy
5-602. Purpose
5-603. Definitions
5-604. How Parent And Child Relationship Is Established
5-605. Presumption Of Paternity
5-606. Voluntary Acknowledgement Of Paternity
5-607. Determination Of Father And Child Relationship
5-608. Statute Of Limitations And The Establishment Of Paternity
5-609. Joinder Of Actions And Jurisdictional Issues
5-610. Default Judgment
5-611. Civil Action: Tribal
5-612. Hearings And Records: Confidentiality
5-613. Evidence Relating To Paternity
5-614. Genetic Testing
5-615. Evidence Relating To Costs Of Pregnancy, Childbirth And Genetic Testing
5-616. Temporary Support Pending Trail
5-617. Judgment
5-618. Records
5-619. Right To Obtain Counsel
5-620. Free Transcript On Appeal
5-621. Court Costs
5-622. Enforcement Of Judgment
5-623. Severability
5-624. Repeal And Replacement Of Previously Enacted Paternity And Child Support Enforcement Provisions And Effective Date Of Replacement Acts
5-625. Applicable Law
Chapter 7: Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Code Child Support Act
5-701. Policy
5-702. Purpose
5-703. Definitions
5-704. Creation Of The Tribal Title Iv-D Child Support Enforcement Agency
5-705. Assignment Of Child Support Rights And Application For Services
5-706. Setting Of Child Support Obligations
5-707. Child Support Actions Against Minor
5-708. Child Support Order To Be Judgment
5-709. Foreign Child Support Judgments
5-710. Determination Of Child Support Amount: General Instructions
5-711. Determination Of Child Support Amount: Split Custody
5-712. Child Support Guidelines
5-713. Child Support Agreements
5-714. Modifications
5-715. Civil Enforcement Of Child Obligations
5-716. Contempt: Willful Failure To Pay Child Support
5-717. No Attorney Client Relationship Established When SRST CSEA Attorney Brings Action In Court To Establish Or Enforce Child Support Obligations
5-7018. Employee Or Contract Employee Special Provision
5-719. Severability
5-720. Applicable Law
5-721. Child Support Guidelines Schedule

Title VI (6) - Children's Code
Chapter 1. Purpose
6-101. Purpose
Chapter 2. Definitions
6-201. Definitions
Chapter 3. The Court
6-301. Establishment
6-302. Jurisdiction of the Court
6-303. Authority of the Court
6-304. Interpreter
6-305. Records of the Court
6-306.Law Enforcement Records
6-307. Expungement
6-308. Medical Examination
6-309. Standards for Shelter Care and Detention Facilities
Chapter 4. Delinquent Children
6-401. Petition
6-402. Screening the Petition
6-403. Taking a Delinquent Child into Custody
6-404. Application to the Court
6-405. Criteria for Detention or Shelter Care
6-406. Place of Detention or Shelter Care
6-407. Release of a Child from Custody
6-408. Preliminary Adjudication Hearing
6-409. Final Adjudicatory Hearing
6-410. Disposition Alternatives
6-411. Transfer of Proceedings to Tribal Court
Chapter 5. Status Offenders
6-501. Status Offenses
6-502 Petition
6-503. Taking a Status Offender into Custody
6-504. Release of Child from Custody
6-505. Place of Detention or Shelter Care
6-506. Criteria for Detention or Shelter Care
6-507. Adjudication and Disposition Hearings
6-508. Exemptions
Chapter 6. Child in Need of Supervision
6-601. Petition to Declare a Child a Child-in-Need of Supervision
6-602. Screening the Petition
6-603. Placing a Child in Emergency Protective Custody
6-604. Preliminary Adjudication
6-605. Admission
6-606. Release of Child from Protective Custody
6-607. Final Hearing
6-608. Return of Custody to Parent, Guardian or Custodian
6-609. Review for Children Removed from Parent, Guardian or Custodian
6-610. Duty to Report Abuse and Neglect
Chapter 7. Child Custody
6-701. Petition for Custody
6-702. Consent to Custody
6-703. Informal Hearing
6-704. Formal Hearing
6-705. Conduct of Hearing
6-706. Order
6-707. Continuance
6-708. Return of Custody
Chapter 8. Termination of Parental Rights
6-801. Purpose
6-802. Termination of Parental Rights
6-803. Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights
6-804. [Untitled]
6-805. Notice of Hearing
6-806. Waiver of Notice and Appearance
6-807. Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights Hearing
6-808. Order for Termination of Parental Rights
6-809. Effects of Termination Order
Chapter 9. Adoption
6-901. Purpose
6-902. Petition
6-903. Consents to Adoption
6-904. Withdrawal of Consent to Adopt
6-905. Investigation Reports
6-906. Hearing on Adoption
6-907. Decree of Adoption
6-908. Order of Preference for Adoption
6-909. Contents of Adoption Order
6-910. Adoption Records
6-911. Traditional Adoption
Chapter 10. Emancipation
6-1001. Petition
6-1002. Hearing
6-1003. Order
6-1004. [Untitled]
6-1005. Revocation of Emancipation
6-1006. Grounds
6-1007. Hearing
6-1008. Order
Chapter 11. Transfer and Intervention in State Court Child Custody Proceedings
6-1101. Purpose
6-1102. Intervention and Transfer

Title VII (7) - Mental Illness and Chemical Dependence
Chapter 1. Involuntary Commitments
7-101. Definitions
7-102. Emergency Detention and Treatment and Initial Hearing
7-103. Confidentiality of Proceedings
7-104. Immunity
7-105. Non-Emergency Petitions
7-106. Duties of the Chief Prosecutor
Chapter 2. The Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Persons
7-201. Petition for Involuntary Treatment & Affidavits
7-202. Review of Petition for Involuntary Treatment - Probably Cause Established - Respondent Notified of Rights
7-203. Examination of Respondent
7-204. Involuntary Treatment - Examination - Report
7-205. Combination of Preliminary and Treatment Hearings
7-206. Notice of Hearings
7-207. Right to Counsel - Indigence - Waiver
7-208. Duty of Designated Individual in Court Proceedings
7-209. Respondent's Attendance at Hearings
7-210. Medication Pending Treatment Order
7-211. Involuntary Treatment - Preliminary Hearing
7-212. Involuntary Treatment Hearing
7-213. (1) Involuntary Treatment Order (2) Alternatives to Hospitalization (3) Noncompliance with Alternative Treatment Order (4) Application for Continuing Treatment Order
7-214. Involuntary Treatment Order
7-215. Petition for Continuing Treatment Orders
7-216. Right to Treat
7-217. Detention or Hospitalization - Emergency Procedure
7-218. Review of Current Status of Continuing Treatment
Chapter 3. Involuntary Commitment of Chemical Dependent Persons
7-301. Petition for Involuntary Treatment
7-302. Review of Petition for Involuntary Treatment
7-303. Court Ordered Examination
7-304. Examination - Report
7-305. Notice of Hearing
7-306. Notice of Hearing
7-307. Right to Counsel - Indigence - Waiver
7-308. Alternative to Inpatient Treatment
7-309. Involuntary Treatment Order
7-310. Detention for Detoxification
7-311. Detention - Emergency Procedure
Chapter 4. General Provisions
7-401. Legal Incompetence - Presumption - Finding
7-402. Transfer of Patient
7-403. Rights of Patients
7-404. Limitation and Restrictions of Patients' Rights
7-405. Notice and Statement of Rights
7-406. Limitation of Liability - Penalty for False Petition
7-407. Confidential Records
7-408. Records of Disclosure
7-409. Expungement of Records
7-410. Rules and Regulation - Preparation of Forms
7-411. Records and Proceedings
7-412. Appeal

Title VIII (8) - Liquor
8-101. Conformity With State Law And This Tile
8-102. Corporate And Tribal Entity
8-103. Tribal License Or Permit Required
8-104. Application For Tribal Liquored Licenses – Requirements
8-105. Hearing And Application For Tribal Liquor License
8-106. Temporary Permits For Sale Of Beer
8-107. Conditions Of The Tribal License
8-108. Assignment Or Transfer
8-109. Cancellation And Suspension
8-110. Prior Tribal Laws Repealed
8-111. Effective Date

Title IX (9) - Game, Fish and Wildlife
Chapter 1. Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department
9-101. Establishment of Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department
9-102. Declaration of Policy
9-103. Title to Game, Fish, Wildlife, Timber and Archaeological Resources
9-104. Establishment of Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
9-105. Standing Rock Sioux Tradition and Custom
9-106. Elderly and Disable Permits
9-107. Designated Shooters
9-108. Scientific Taking
Chapter 2. Definitions
9-201. Definitions
Chapter 3. Jurisdiction of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
9-301. Jurisdiction
9-302. Reserved
9-303. Reserved
9-304. Reserved
9-305. Reserved
9-306. Severability and Non-liability
9-307. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
Chapter 4. Duties and Authority of Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Director
9-401. Administration and Supervision
9-402. Director of Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department
9-403. Animal Control Division
Chapter 5. Enforcement
9-501. Enforcement of Tribal Conservation Officers
9-502. Duties of Conservation Officers and Other Law Enforcement Officers
9-503. Search and Seizure When Authorized
9-504. Arrest Without Warrant
9-505. Search of Vehicles, Game Bags, Receptacles and other Containers
9-506. Seizure of Contraband Game and Devices
9-507. Disposition of Forfeited Articles
9-508. Seizure of Contraband Game - Search Warrant
9-509. Reserved
Chapter 6. Protection of Wildlife
9-601. Methods Prohibited - Exceptions
9-602. Protection of Birds
9-603. Furbearing Animals - Seasons - Methods Amounts
9-604. Special Bobcat and Lynx Export Tags
9-605. Trafficking in Game Prohibited - Exception - Common and Contract Carrier
9-606. Other Acts Prohibited
Chapter 7. Protection of Fish
9-701. Fishing Prohibited
9-702. Fishing Restricted to Hook and Line, Except as Provided
9-703. Nets, Seines, and Similar Devices
9-704. Nets, Seine or Similar Device - Forfeiture
9-705. Fishing Devices Prohibited
9-706. Destructive Substances
9-707. Control or Removal of Undesirable Fish
9-708. Prohibited Bait
9-709. Interference with Department Employees
Chapter 8. Possession and Transportation of Fish and Wildlife
9-801. Possession-Transportation-Shipment of Wildlife-Restrictions-Exception
9-802. Possession During Closed Season
9-803. Acquisition of Specimens for Propagation
Chapter 9. Licenses to Hunt, Fish and Trap
9-901. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping
9-902. Licenses, Authority, Limitations
9-903. Licenses, Tags and Permits - Expiration Dates
9-904. License and Permits
9-905. Member Resident and Non-resident Non-member -- Distinguished
9-906. Application for License
9-907. Fraud in Obtaining License, Permits
9-908. Licenses, Permits, Tags Nontransferable
9-909. Forfeiture of License by Judicial Decree
9-910. Department's Authority
9-911. Member Game and Fish Licenses
9-912. Non-Member Resident and Non-Resident Fish and Wildlife License
9-913. Member Upland Game Permit
9-914. Non-Member Upland Game Permit
9-915. Member Big Game Permit
9-916. Non-Member Big Game Permit
9-917. Member Migratory Bird Permit
9-918. Non-Member Migratory Bird Permit
9-919. Member Furbearer Permit
9-920. Non-Member Furbearer Permit
9-921. Member Fishing Permit
9-922. Non-Member Fishing Permit
9-923. Member Willow Trap, Hoop Net, Trap Net and Setline Permits
9-924. Commercial Fishing
9-925. Application for License
9-926. Delivery Permit
9-927. Bait Vendor's License
9-928. Taxidermy License
9-929. Fur Dealer License
9-930. Archaeological Resource License
9-931. Wildlife Propagation License
9-932. Private Hunting Preserve License Required
9-933. Member Hunting Guide License Required
9-934. Commercial Wood Harvesting Permit
9-935. Inspection of Occupational Licenses
9-936. Indian Trader's License
9-937. Access Permits
Chapter 10. Fish and Wildlife Public Safety
9-1001. General Restrictions on Hunting and Trapping
9-1002. Hunting or Harassing Wildlife with Aircraft
9-1003. Reckless Endangerment
9-1004. Holes in Ice
9-1005. Revocation of License
9-1006. Failure to Report Hunting
9-1007. Preferring Charges
9-1008. Surrender of License
9-1009. List of Persons Denied Right to Hunt
9-1010. Appeal from Order of Revocation
Chapter 11. Hunter Safety and Education
9-1101. Certificate of Competency in Hunter Education
9-1102. Commission to Provide for Course of Instruction
9-1103. Hunter Education - Instructor Qualification - Training
Chapter 12. Check Stations -- Waste of Wildlife
9-1201. Production of Wildlife for Inspection
9-1202. Wasteful Destruction or Wildlife or Mutilation
Chapter 13. Penalties and Sanctions
9-1301. Violations a Misdemeanor
9-1302. Penalty - Misdemeanor - Revocation of License
9-1303. Unlawful Killing, Possession or Waste of Wildlife
9-1304. Appearance Bonding Schedule
9-1305. Civil Penalties
Chapter 14. Refuges
9-1401. Authorization to Establish Refuges
9-1402. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping on Refuges Prohibited
9-1403. Authority to Manage Supply
9-1404. Posting Signs around Refuge
9-1405. Authorization for Interagency Agreements
9-1406. Private Hunting Preserve License
9-1407. Guest Register and Records
9-1408. Consent to Entry and Search of Premises
9-1409. Species of Wildlife Hunted
9-1410. Marking of Game
9-1411. Shooting Hours, Bag Limits
Chapter 15. Protected Areas and Wetlands
9-1501. Protected Areas
9-1502. Wetlands
Chapter 16. Wood Harvesting and Cutting
9-1601. General Provisions
9-1602. Liability
9-1603. Wood Harvesting
Chapter 17. Guiding
9-1701. General Provisions
9-1702. Department to Establish Guiding - Regulations
9-1703. Guiding - Licenses Required
9-1704. Seasons and Limits
9-1705. Violation of Code - Automatic Forfeiture
9-1706. Responsibility for Clients - Duty to Report Violations
9-1707. Guide's Responsibility and Liability
Chapter 18. Preservation of Archaeological Resources
9-1801. Policy of Preservation
9-1802. General Provisions
9-1803. Penalty
9-1804. Liability
9-1805. Supervision of Excavation
9-1806. Restoration of Lands
9-1807. Confiscation of Antiquities Illegally Obtained
9-1808. Notice of Discovery
Chapter 19. Boating
9-1901. General Provisions
9-1902. Boat Registration
9-1903. Boating Safety Equipment
9-1904. Water Safety-Boating-Negligent Operation
9-1905. Boating-Overland
9-1906. Boating-Speed
9-1907. Boating-Lighting
9-1908. Boating-Flotation Devices
9-1909. Boating-Incapacity of Operator
9-1910. Boating-Intoxication
9-1911. Boating-Swimming Areas
9-1912. Boating-Fishing
9-1913. Collisions, Accidents, Casualties and Liability
9-1914. Throwing Refuse in Waters
Chapter 20. Proclamation Legal Effect
9-2001. General Provisions
9-2002. Proclamation to be Published
9-2003. Openings and Closures of Seasons
Chapter 21. Dog Training
9-2101. General Provisions
9-2102. Establish Regulations
9-2103. Required Permit
9-2104. Season and Limits
9-2105. Violation of Code - Forfeiture
9-2106. Responsibility and Liability of Trainers
Chapter 22. Severability, Repeal and Adoption
9-2201. Severability
9-2202. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
9-2203. Adoption

Title X (10) - Enrollment
10-101. Basic Membership Roll
10-102. Enrollments Commencing with the Effective Date of this Title
10-103. Adopted Applicants
10-104. Application for Enrollment
10-105. Enrollment of Single Parent Children
10-106. Restrictions on Admission to Membership
10-107. Relinquishment (Voluntary Withdrawal of Membership)
10-108. Enrollment Committee
10-109. Appeals
10-110. Burden of Proof
10-111. Blood Degree
10-112. Distribution of Tribal Assets
10-113. Dual Enrollment
10-114. Notice of Dual Enrollment and Request for Relinquishment
10-115. Tribal Membership Roll
10-116. Tribal Council Action
10-117. Confidentiality
10-118. Severability
10-119. Prior Enrollment

Title XI (11) - Traffic Code
Chapter 1: General Provisions
11-101. Scope
11-102. Definitions
11-103. Incorporation Of Other Titles
11-104. Nature Of Offenses
11-105. Offenses Level If Not Specific
11-106. Statue Of Limitations
11-107. Privilege And Not A Right
11-108. Costs
11-109. Infractions Fine Schedule
11-110. Protective Custody
Chapter 2: General Regulations Regarding Traffic
11-201. Driving Without A License
11-202. Permitting And Unauthorized Child To Drive
11-203. Driving Without Required Registration
11-204. Staring, Turning And Stopping Without Regard To Safety
11-205. Speeding
11-206. Reckless Or Careless Driving
11-206.1. Suspensions For Reckless Or Careless Driving
11-207. Failure To Drive On Right Side Of Roadway
11-208. Driving In Left Lane: Overtaking Vehicle
11-209. Following To Closely
11-210. Overtaking Or Passing School Bus
11-211. Failure To Give Right Of Way
11-212. Stopping, Standing Or Parking On Highway
11-213. Coasting
11-214. Obstruction To Driver’s View Or Driving Mechanism
11-215. Riding On Fenders, Bumpers Or Running Boards
11-216. Pedestrians On Roadways Without Regard For Safety
11-217. Garbage, Glass, Etc. On Highway
11-218. Driving In Violation Of An Order Of Court
11-219. Duties In The Event Of An Accident
11-220. Unlawful Use Or Tampering Of A Motor Vehicle
11-221. Open Container In Motor Vehicle
11-222. Driving Without Liable Insurance
11-223. Obedience To Authorized Persons Directing Traffic
11-224. Obedience To Traffic Control Devices
11-225. Interference With Officially Authorized Persons Or Traffic Control Devices
11-226. Driving A Vehicle In An Unsafe Condition
11-227. Impending Traffic By Driving At Low Speed
11-228. Racing On Highway
11-229. Driving With Using Wireless Communication Device
11-230. Homicide By Vehicle
Chapter 3: Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Of Intoxicating Drugs/ Actual Physical Control
11-301. Driving A Motor Vehicle While Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor Or Drugs
11-302. Chemical Blood, Breath Or Urine Tests
11-303. Admissibility Of Evidence
11-304. Suspension For Violation Of This Chapter
Chapter 4. Traffic Procedures
11-401. Provisions Supersede Conflicting Procedures
11-402. Traffic Violations Procedures
11-403. Notification Of Patents Or Guardians Of Juvenile Traffic Offenders
11-404. Law Officers To Report Accidents
11-405. Speeding Complaints And Summons
11-406. Citations
Chapter 5: Emergency Related Provisions
11-501. Emergency Medical Assistance
11-502. Authorized Emergency Vehicles- Exceptions
Chapter 6: Automobile Occupant Safety
11-601. Child Restraint Systems
11-602. Child Restraint System Guidelines
11-603. Safety Belts
11-604. Primary Enforcement
Chapter 7. Specific Safety Provisions Regarding Motor Vehicles Other Than Automobiles
11-701. Operation Of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVS): Utility Task Vehicles (UTVS)
11-702. Operation Of Motorcycles
11-703. Operating Motorcycles On Road Ways Laned For Traffic
Chapter 8: Bicycles
11-801. Bicycles Not Motor Vehicles
11-802. Operation Of Bicycles
11-803. Operating Bicycles On Roadways And Bicycles Lanes

Title XII (12) - Extradition [Not Available Online]

Title XIII (13) - Landlord and Tenant Proceedings [Not Available Online]

Title XIV (14) - Probate [Not Available Online]

Title XV (15) - Elections
Chapter 1. Eligibility of Candidates for Tribal Council Office
15-101. Definitions
15-102. Eligibility for Tribal Council Offices
15-103. Filing for Office
15-104. Testing Eligibility of Candidates
Chapter 2. Election Procedures
15-201. Who is Qualified to Vote
15-202. Time of Primary and General Elections
15-203. Time of Special Elections
15-204. Election Proclamations
15-205. Election Officials
15-206. Publication of Notice of Election
15-207. Challenge of Candidates
15-208. Ballots and Election Materials
15-209. Duties of District Election Judges
15-210. Procedure at the Polls
15-211. Canvassing the Votes - Delivery of Ballots - Canvass of Results
15-212. Partial Invalidity Shall Not Invalidate the Entire Ballot
15-213. Certification of Election to the Council
15-214. Contest of Election
15-215. Elected Candidates Sworn into Office
15-216. Intent, Purpose and Construction of this Title
15-217. False Statements Made in Documentation of Declaration Filed with the Standing Rock Sioux Election Commission
15-218. Records Retention
15-219. Forms
Chapter 3. Absentee Voting
15-301. Absentee Voters
15-302. How to Obtain an Absentee Ballot
15-303. Delivery of Absentee Ballots
15-304. How Absentee Ballots are Marked and Returned
15-305. Cut-Off for Delivery of Absentee Ballots to Election Supervisor
15-306. Absentee Voting by Residents after Ballots Printed
15-307. Record of Absentee Ballots
15-308. Delivery of Absentee Ballots to Districts
Chapter 4. Tribal School Board Elections
15-401. Eligibility for Election to Membership on Tribal School Boards
15-402. Filing for Office
15-403. Challenges of Eligibility of Candidates
15-404. Who is Qualified to Vote
15-405. Absentee Voting
15-406. Time of Election
15-407. Election Proclamations
15-408. Election Officials
15-409. Notice of Election
15-410. Election of Candidates
15-411. Certification of Election
15-412. Contest of Election
15-413. Elected Candidates Sworn into Office
15-414. Intent, Purpose and Construction of this Chapter
Chapter 5. Standing Rock Housing Authority Board
15-501. Eligibility for Election to the Board of Commissioners of the Standing Rock Housing Authority
15-502. Filing for Office
15-503. Challenges to Eligibility of Candidates
15-504. Who is Qualified to Vote
15-505. Absentee Voting
15-506. Time of Election
15-507. Election Proclamations
15-508. Notice of Election
15-509. Election Officials
15-510. Election of Candidates
15-511. Certification of Election
15-512. Contest of Election
15-513. Elected Candidates Sworn into Office
15-514. Intent, Purpose and Construction of this Chapter
Chapter 6. Local District and Other Tribal Board Elections
15-601. Local District and Other Tribal Board Elections
15-602. Nominating Petitions & Notices of Candidacy

Title XVI (16) - Tax Code
Chapter 1. Purpose, Scope, Definitions
16-101. Title
16-102. Purposes
16-103. Disposition of Proceeds of Tax
16-104. Authority and Scope; Interpretation
16-105. Inter-Governmental Agreements
16-105.1. Definitions
16-105.2. Findings
16-105.3. Tax Collection Agreements
16-105.4. Approval by Tribal Council Required
16-106. Definitions
Chapter 2. Tribal Tax Commissions
16-201. General Provisions
16-202. Establishing Two Tax Commissions - South Dakota and North Dakota
16-202.1. South Dakota Tax Commission
16-202.2. North Dakota Tax Commission
16-203. Member Appointments; Member Qualifications
16-204. Tax Director
16-205. Quorum and Voting by Tax Commission Members
16-206. Recusal of Tax Commission Members
16-207. Acting Chairman of the Tax Commission
16-208. Rules of the Tax Commission
16-209. Powers of the Tax Commission
16-210. Tax Commission Employees and Expenses
16-211. Bonds
16-212. Records of the Tax Commission and Tax Department
16-213. Compensation of Tax Commission Members
16-214. Removal of Tax Commission Members from Office
16-215. Definitions - "Abandonment," "Neglect," "Misconduct," "Dishonesty"
16-216. Presentation of Alleged Charges
16-217. Authorization of Charges and Suspension
16-218. Notice of Authorized Charges
16-219. Hearing on Authorized Charges
16-220. Removal from Office
16-221. Residency Requirement
16-222. Grievances - Petitions for Redetermination
16-223. Grievances - Appeal to Hearing Panel
16-224. Grievances - Appeal to Tribal Court
16-225. Grievances - Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies
16-226. Refunds to Taxpayers
Chapter 3. Reservation-Wide Taxes and Fees
16-301. Privilege of Doing Business Tax
16-301.1. Tax
16-301.2. Payment
16-301.3. Grazing Land in Range Units
16-301.4. Leased Lands
16-301.5. Delinquent Taxes
Chapter 4. Business Licenses
16-401. Findings
16-402. Authority
16-402.1. Tribal Constitution
16-402.2. Tribal Sovereignty
16-403. Purpose
16-404. Definitions
16-405. Regulations and Delegation
16-406. Business License Required
16-407. Eligibility for License
16-408. Business License Exemptions
16-409. Business License Fee
16-410. Duration of License
16-411. Display of License
16-412. No Assignment or Agency
16-413. Failure to Obtain Business License
16-414. Application Procedures
16-415. Determinations by Director
16-415.1. Applications
16-415.2. Revocation
16-416. Appeal Hearings Before Tax Commission
16-417. Grounds for License Denial or Revocation
16-417.1. Denial
16-417.2. Revocation
16-418. Enforcement and Remedies
16-419. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
16-420. Consent to Jurisdiction
16-421. Tribe Businesses
16-422. Severability
Chapter 5. Taxes on the South Dakota Portion of the Reservation
16-501. Sales Tax
16-501.1. Definition of Terms
16-501.2. Gross Receipts Not to Include Late Charge Fees
16-501.3. Gross Receipts Not to Include Refunded Sale Price of Property
16-501.4. Gross Receipts Not to Include Credit or Trade-In Value of Certain Personal Property
16-501.5. Computation of Tax to Third Decimal Place
16-501.6. Lease or Rental Defined - Exclusions
16-501.7. Exemption for Gross Receipts Pursuant to Contract Requiring Retailer to Display Products or Signage Exemption
16-501.8. Certain Nontaxable Portions of Bundled Telecommunications Transactions Subject to Tax
16-501.9. Entire Gross Receipts from Sale of Bundled Transactions Subject to Tax
16-501.10. Bundled Transaction Defined
16-501.11. Distinct and Identifiable Products - Exclusions
16-501.12. One Nonitemized Price - Exclusions
16-501.13. Bundled Transactions - Exclusions
16-501.14. De Minimis Defined
16-501.15. Gross Receipts Defined
16-501.16. Conditions Under Which Gross Receipts Include Consideration Retailer Received from Third Parties
16-501.17. Exclusions from Definition of Gross Receipts
16-501.18. Tax on Sale of Tangible Property
16-501.19. Tax on Sales of Sectional Homes - Sectional Homes Defined
16-501.20. Materials Incorporated in Construction Work - Restriction on Application of Rate Increase
16-501.21. Conditional or Installment Sales - Actual Cash Receipts Subject to Tax
16-501.22. Exemption of Certain Parts, Repairs, or Maintenance on Agricultural or Irrigation Equipment
16-501.23. Exemption for Gross Receipts from Sale, Resale, or Lease of Farm Machinery, Attachment Unites, and Irrigation Equipment
16-501.24. Tax on Receipts from Business Services
16-501.25. Services Subject to Taxation
16-501.26. Certain Purchases Considered for Resale Purposes
16-501.27. Tax on Receipts from Specific Enumerated Businesses and Services
16-501.28. Coin Operated Washers and Dryers - License in Lieu of Tax - Failure to Pay Fee as Misdemeanor - Interest - Collection
16-501.29. Services Enumerated in Standard Industrial Classification Manual Subject to Tax - Other Services Subject to Tax
16-501.30. Tax on Oil and Gas Field Services
16-501.31. Chemicals Purchase for Use by Lawn and Garden Services Considered Purchases for Resale
16-501.32. Exemptions for Charitable Organization Devoted Exclusively to Relief or Poor, Distressed, or Underprivileged
16-501.33. Tax on Utility Services
16-501.34. Reserved
16-501.35. Tax on Telecommunication Services - Exemptions
16-501.36. Tax on Certain Mobile Telecommunications Services
16-501.37. "Call Center" Defined - Exclusions
16-501.38. Tax on Room or Parking Site Rentals to Transient Guests
16-501.39. Exemption for Lodging House or Hotel Membership Fees
16-501.40. Tax on Admissions to Amusements and Athletic Contests or Events
16-501.41. Exemption of Cigarette Sales
16-501.42. Constitutional and Statutory Exemptions from Taxation
16-501.43. Exemption of Property Sold for Lease
16-501.44. Exempt Sales to States, Municipalities, Charities and Indian Tribes
16-501.45. Exemption of Freeport Merchandise and Stocks of Merchandise Brought as Foreign or Domestic Merchandise into Foreign Trade Zone - Stocks of Merchandise Defined - Application
16-501.46. Exemption of Sales Otherwise Taxes
16-501.47. Exemption of Goods and Services Furnished to Meet Warranty Obligation without Charge
16-501.48. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Motor Vehicles Exempt from Excise Taxes - Exception
16-501.49. Services Specifically Exempt from Tax
16-501.50. Exemption of Engineering, Architectural and Surveying Services
16-501.51. Certain Services Provided to Rural Water System by Wholly Owned Cooperative or Nonprofit Corporation Exempt from Tax
16-501.52. Exemption of Certain Sales Commissions
16-501.53. Exemption for Credit Services by Credit Bureaus to Certain Financial Institution
16-501.54. Exemption for Gross Receipts of Person Officiating Amateur Sporting Event - Exception
16-501.55. Exemption of Receipts Used for Civic and Nonprofit Associations and Purposes
16-501.56. Exemption of Membership Organizations
16-501.57. Exemption of Fair Market Value of Personal Property or Service Given Without Charge to Exempt Organization
16-501.58. Exemption of Lottery Tickets
16-501.59. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Library Copying Charges
16-501.60. Exemption of Sales to Educational Institutions and Hospitals - Purchased for Members or Employees Taxable - Motor Vehicle Registration Fee - Lists Maintained by Exempt Institutions
16-501.61. Ink and Newsprint Exempt When Used to Produce Shoppers' Guides - Shoppers' Guides Defined
16-501.62. Packaging and Container Materials as Tax Exempt Raw Material
16-501.63. Packaging and Container Materials Sold to Retailers Exempt
16-501.64. Exemption of Hospital Meals Paid for by Public Entity
16-501.65. Exemption of Authorized Purchases Made with Food Stamps
16-501.66. Exemption of Authorized Purchases of Food
16-501.67. Exemption of Certain Drugs
16-501.68. Exemption of Certain Durable Medical Equipment and Prosthetic Devices
16-501.70. Exemption of Certain Medical Devices
16-501.71. Exemption of Seed Used for Agricultural Purposes
16-501.72. Exemption of Commercial Fertilizer Used for Agricultural Purposes
16-501.73. Exemption of Pesticides and Products of Substances Used in Conjunction with Application of Pesticides Used for Agricultural Purposes
16-501.74. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Rental of Devices Used to Apply Agricultural Fertilizers and Pesticides
16-501.75. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Rental of Agricultural Devices Owned by Conservation District
16-501.76. Exemption of Sales of Livestock, Poultry, Ostriches, Emus or Rheas Other Than Ultimate Retail Sale
16-501.77. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Live Gamebirds by Producer to Certain Nonprofit Organizations
16-501.78. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sales of Certain Animals
16-501.79. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Feed for Certain Animals
16-501.80. Exemption for Sale of Certain Live Nondomestic Animals
16-501.81. Exemption for Sale of Feed for Certain Nondomestic Animals
16-501.82. Exemption for Sale of Swine or Cattle Semen
16-501.83. Exemption of Fuel Used for Agricultural or Railroad Purposes
16-501.84. Power Charges for Irrigation Pumps Exempt
16-501.85. Exemption of Bulk Water for Domestic Use
16-501.86. Exemptions Applied to Taxable Services
16-501.87. Exemption of Payments Between Members of Controlled Group - Exemption
16-501.88. Exemption of Payments Between Members of Controlled Group - Reimbursement for Third-Party Services to Group
16-501.89. "Controlled Group" Defined
16-501.90. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Services Rendered - "Related Corporation" Defined
16-501.91. Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Certain Replacement Parts
16-501.92. Addition of Tax to Price of Product or Service
16-501.93. Application for Retailer Permit - Contents and Execution
16-501.94. Issuance of Retailer Permit - Limited to Person and Place Designated - Display in Place of Business - Effective Until Canceled or Revoked
16-501.95. Refusal of Permit to Delinquent Taxpayer - Bond to Secure Payment of Tax
16-501.96. Credit for Timely Filing of Return and Remittance of Tax on Monthly Basis
16-501.97. Filing Return and Remitting Tax - Time for Filing and Remittance - Extension - Penalty for Untimely Return or Remittance
16-501.98 Deduction Allowed for Sales Refunds
16-501.99 Deduction Allowed Attorneys and Accountants for Amounts Spent on Behalf of Clients
16-501.100 Bad Debts—Deduction from Amount upon which Tax is Calculated—Return Deduction Allowed— Credit or Refund
16-501.101 Cash Basis Reporting and Payment
16-501.102 Accrual Basis Reporting and Payment
16-501.103 Receipts not Issued for Taxes Remitted
16-501.104 Revocation of Retailer’s License for Failure to File Return or Pay Tax
16-501.105 Reinstatement of Revoked Retailer’s License—Fee
16-501.106 Records Preserved by Persons Subject to Tax
16-501.107 Violations as Criminal Offenses—Classification
16-501.108 Personal Liability of Officers of Corporation Failing to File Returns or Pay Tax—Security in Lieu of Liability
16-501.109 Materials Used by Floor Laying as Purchases for Resale
16-501.110 Exemption Certification—Responsibilities of Seller Taking Certificate—Responsibilities of Purchaser—Violation as Misdemeanor—Retention of Certificate—Rules and Forms
16-501.111 Time for Presenting Exemption Certificate or Proving Transaction Not Subject to Tax by Other Means
16-501.112 Exemption of Large Boats Subject to Excise Tax
16-501.113 Exemption of Gaming Proceeds
16-501.114 Exemption of Natural Gas Transportation Services by Pipeline
16-501.115 Exemption for the Sale of Credit Card Processing Services
16-501.116 Passenger Transportation Gross Receipts Tax Imposed
16-501.117 Inapplicability of Tax
16-501.118 Gross Receipts from Charge of Interest Exempted
16-501.119 Pawnbrokers not Eligible for Exemption
16-501.120 Fee or Commission not Subject to Tax
16-501.121 Temporary Vendor to Maintain Inventory Records
16-501.122 Temporary Vendor to Maintain Sales Receipts—Requests for Inspection
16-501.123 Temporary Vendor to Furnish List of Suppliers
16-501.124 Review and Audit of Temporary Vendors
16-501.125 Failure to Maintain Records—Revocation of Temporary License
16-501.126 Exemption for Gross Receipts from Certain Rodeo Services
16-501.127 Admissions to Rodeos and Related Activities Taxable
16-501.128 Allowable Deductions for Auctioneers
16-501.129 Auction Clerk to File Return and Remit Sales Tax—Responsibilities of Auctioneer—Records
16-501.130 Exemption for Gross Receipts from International Sale of Agricultural and Industrial Equipment
16-501.131 Mailing Service—Gross Receipts
16-501.132 Materials Purchased by Locksmiths are Purchases for Resale
16-501.133 Tax on Gross Receipts of Professional Employer Organization—Deduction Available
16-501.134 “Professional Employer Organization” Defined
16-501.135 Temporary Help Services Not Subject to § 16.501.133
16-501.136 Extension for Remitting Sales and Use Tax on Manufacturing Equipment
16-501.137 Requirements for Extension
16-501.138 Extension Applies to Full Costs and Installation Fees
16-501.139 Application for Extension Permit—Permit Nontransferable
16-501.140 Form and Documentation Requirements
16-501.141 Right to Hearing on Denial of Extension Request
16-501.142 Sourcing of Sales and Services
16-501.143 Exemption for Sale of Coins, Currency, or Bullion
Section 16-502 Use Tax
16-502.1 Definition of Terms
16-502.2 “Lease” or “Rental” Defined—Exclusions
16-502.3 Tax on Tangible Personal Property Purchased for Use in State–Rate Based on Purchase Price
16-502.4 Tax Imposed on Use of Services—Exemptions—“Related Corporation” Defined
16-502.5 Tax on Use of Rented Property
16-502.6 Exemption of Use of Property Leased
16-502.7 Certain Purchases Considered for Resale Purposes
16-502.8 Chemicals Purchased for Use by Lawn and Garden Services Considered Purchased for Resale
16-502.9 Materials Purchased for Floor Laying Service Considered Purchase for Resale
16-502.10 Exemption for Gross Receipts Pursuant to Contract Requirement Retailer to Display Products or Signage—Exception
16-502.11 Tax on Tangible Personal Property not Purchased for Use in State—Rate Based on Fair Market Value—Property More Than Seven Years Old
16-502.12 Tax Imposed on Person Using Property
16-502.13 Contractors and Subcontractors Taxed on Property Used in Performance of Contract—Fabrication Costs Excluded
16-502.14 Sectional Homes Not Vehicles—Contractors Taxed on Materials Used in Construction—Sectional Homes Defined
16-502.15 Materials Incorporated in Construction Work—Restriction on Application of Rate Increase
16-502.16 Value of Molds and Dies
16-502.17 Exemption of Materials Becoming Part of Out-of-State Signage or Advertising
16-502.18 Exemption of Property and Services Subject to Sales Tax
16-502.19 Credit for Sales or Use Tax Paid to Another Tribe or State—Reciprocity Required
16-502.20 Exemptions for Credit Services by Credit Bureaus to Certain Financial Institutions
16-502.21 Constitutional Exemptions from Tax—Property of Public Agencies
16-502.22 Exemption of Property Brought in for Personal Use of Nonresident
16-502.23 Exemption of Raw Material, Parts and Newsprint for Manufacture of Products to be Sold at Retail
16-502.24 Ink and Newsprint Used to Produce Shoppers’ Guides Exempt—Shoppers’ Guides Defined
16-502.25 Brokers’ and Agents’ Services Exempt from Tax
16-502.26 Packaging and Container Materials as Tax Exempt Raw Material
16-502.27 Packaging and Container Materials Sold to Retailers Exempt
16-502.28 Exemption of Certain Sales Commissions
16-502.29 Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Certain Replacement Parts
16-502.30 Exemption of Motor Vehicles Exempt From Excise Tax—Exception
16-502.31 Exemption of Commodities Otherwise Taxed
16-502.32 Exemption of Property of Educational Institutions and Hospitals—Use of Property by Individuals Taxable—Registration of Motor Vehicles—Quarterly Report by Exempt Institution
16-502.33 Exemption of Insulin for Human Use
16-502.34 Exemption of Authorized Purchases Made with Food Stamps
16-502.35 Exemption of Authorized Purchases of Food
16-502.36 Exemption of Fair Market Value of Personal Property or Service Given Without Charge to Exempt Organization
16-502.37 Exemption of Prescribed Drugs Used by Humans
16-502.38 Exemption of Prescribed Medical Equipment or Prosthetic Devices Used by Humans
16-502.39 Exemption of Prescribed Medical Devices Used by Humans
16-502.40 Exemption of Livestock, Poultry, Ostriches, Emus, or Rheas Used in Producing Taxable Final Product
16-502.41 Exemption of Gross Receipts From Sale of Live Gamebirds by Producer to Certain Nonprofit Organizations
16-502.42 Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sales of Certain Animals
16-502.43 Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sale of Feed for Certain Animals
16-502.44 Exemption for Sale of Certain Live Nondomestic Animals
16-502.45 Exemption for Sale of Feed for Certain Live Nondomestic Animals
16-502.46 Exemption for Sale of Swine or Cattle Semen
16-502.47 Exemption of Motor Fuel Used for Agricultural Purposes
16-502.48 Power for Irrigation Pumps Exempt From Tax
16-502.49 Exemption of Goods and Services Furnished to Meet Warranty Obligation, Services Enumerated in Standing Industrial Classification Manual and Power changes for Irrigation Pumps Exempt
16-502.50 Exemption of Freeport Merchandise and Stocks of Merchandise Brought as Foreign or Domestic Merchandise into Foreign Trade Zone—Stocks of Merchandise Defined—Application
16-502.51 Exemption of Pesticides and Related Products Used for Agricultural Purposes
16-502.52 Exemption of Use of Certain Parts, Repairs, or Maintenance on Agricultural or Irrigation Equipment
16-502.53 Exemption for Gross Receipts from Sale, Resale, or Lease of Farm Machinery, Attachment Units, and Irrigation Equipment
16-502.54 Exemption of Rental of Devices Used to Apply Agricultural Fertilizers and Pesticides
16-502.56 Use of Service in State Prima Facie Evidence of Taxability
16-502.57 Money Paid as Evidence of Value of Service—Reasonable Value Governs
16-502.58 List of Sales Property or Services to Residents—Cost
16-502.59 Manner of Collection of Tax
16-502.60 Collection of Tax by Retailer Maintaining Place of Business on Reservation—Receipt Given to Purchaser—Agents and Places of Business Listed with Secretary
16-502.61 Semiannual Report of Sales by Retailer Maintaining Place of Business on the South Dakota Portion of the Reservation—Contents
16-502.62 Permit for Collection of Tax by Retailer not Maintaining Place of Business on Reservation—Security for Collection and Payment—Cancellation of Permit
16-502.63 Collection and Remittance of Tax by Retailer
16-502.64 Surety Bond Filed by Retailer
16-502.65 Securities Deposited by Retailer in Lieu of Bond
16-502.66 Tax Collect as Debt of Retailer
16-502.67 Payment of Tax Collected by Retailer
16-502.68 Report by Retailer Collection Tax—Filing—Contents—Payment
16-502.69 Retailer’s Returns and Payments on Other than Quarterly Basis—Extension of Time
16-502.70 Execution of Retailers’ Returns
16-502.71 Amounts of Tax Paid on Conditional Sales or Installment Contract Receipts
16-502.72 Direct Payment of Tax by User
16-502.73 Liability of User for Tax—Returns and Payments
16-502.74 Credit for Sales or Use Tax Paid to Another Tribe or State—Reciprocal Grant of Credit Required
16-502.75 False or Fraudulent Return in Attempt to Evade Tax as Misdemeanor
16-502.76 Failure to File Return as Misdemeanor
16-502.77 Records Maintained by Retailers and Users—Examination and Investigations by Secretary—Access to Records
16-502.78 Revocation of Retailer’s Sales Tax Permit on Failure to Comply—Revocation of Corporate Authority to do Business
16-502.79 Notice and Hearing on Revocation of Permit or Authority to do Business
16-502.80 Restoration of Revoked Sales Tax Permit
16-502.81 Personal Liability of Officers of Corporation Failing to File Returns Or Pay Tax—Security in Lieu of Liability—Bonded Municipal Officials Exempt
16-502.82 Floor Laying Service Subject to Tax
16-502.83 Exemption of Large Boats Subject to Excise Tax
16-502.84 Exemption of Gaming Proceeds
16-502.85 Exemption of Natural Gas Transportation Services by Pipeline
16-502.86 Exemption for the Use of Credit Card Processing Services
16-502.87 Passenger Transportation Tax Imposed
16-502.88 Inapplicability of Tax
16-502.89 Gross Receipts from Charge of Interest Exempted
16-502.90 Exemption for Use of Certain Rodeo Services
16-502.91 Exemption of Repair Shops, Locksmith Shops, and Lock Parts
16-502.92 Exemptions
16-502.93 Auction Clerk to File Return and Remit Sales Tax—Responsibilities of Auctioneer—Records
16-502.94 Issuance of Direct Payment Permits to Certain Retailers—Application Procedure— “Direct Payment Permit” Defined—Liability for Sales Tax on Sale to Permit Holder
16-502.95 Exemption for Lodging House or Hotel Membership Fees
16-502.96 Tax on Use of Certain Mobile Telecommunication Services
16-502.97 Exemption for Sale of Coins, Currency, or Bullion
Section 16-503 Cigarette Tax
16-503.1 Definitions
16-503.2 Number of Cigarettes in a Package
16-503.3 Tax Imposed on Cigarettes Held for Sale
16-503.4 Stamps as Evidence of Payment
16-503.5 Fractional Part of a Cent
16-503.6 Stamped or Imprinted Cigarettes Not Subject to Further Tax
16-503.7 Incidence of Tax
16-503.8 License Required of Distributors and Wholesalers
16-503.9 Seizure and Forfeiture of Unstamped Cigarettes
16-503.10 Acts of Agents
16-503.11 Reports and Records
16-503.12 Penalties and Interest
16-503.13 Civil Action for Tax, Penalties and Interest
16-503.14 Criminal Sanctions
16-503.15 Construction of this Section
16-503.16 Tobacco Tax
Section 16-504 Realty Improvement Contractors’ Excise Tax
16-504.1 Definitions
16-504.2 Tax Imposed on Receipts from Realty Improvements Contracts with Utilities
16-504.3 Tax Imposed on Prime Contractor’s Receipts from Realty Improvement Contracts
16-504.4 Effective Date of Tax
16-504.5 Tax Measured by Gross Receipts Upon Accrual Basis
16-504.6 Payment of Tax on Cash Basis
16-504.7 Taxes on Receipts of Worthless Accounts
16-504.8 Prime Contractors and Subcontractors Subject to Tax
16-504.9 Subcontractors
16-504.10 Prime Contractor—Definition
16-504.11 Improvement Without Contract
16-504.12 Tax Imposed on Improvements Built for Lease
16-504.13 Administration of Tax
16-504.14 Report and Payment of Tax
16-504.15 Contractors May List Excise and Use Taxes as Separate Line Item
16-504.16 Contractor to Post Excise Tax License Number
16-504.17 When Building Permit Not Required
16-504.18 Personal Liability of Officers of Corporation
16-504.19 Penalties for Violation of Section
16-504.20 Contractor’s Excise Tax License Required
16-504.21 Issuance of License—Assignment Prohibited
16-504.22 Refusal to Issue License for Failure to Pay Tax Bond
16-504.23 Enforcement and Administration
Section 16-505 Motor Fuels Tax
16-505.1 Definition of Terms
16-505.2 Fuel Excise Tax Rates
16-505.3 Imposition of the Excise Tax
16-505.4 Exemptions From Fuel Excise Tax
16-505.5 Dye Added to Exempted Special Fuel
16-505.6 Remittance of Excise Tax
16-505.7 Time and Method for Remittance of Taxes
16-505.8 Reductions and Credits to Amount of Taxes Due
16-505.9 Liability of Corporations for Filing and Payment of Taxes—Corporate Officers’ Liability
16-505.10 Required Taxes Belong to the Tribe
16-505.11 Bills of Lading and Documentation for Transporting Fuel
16-505.12 Licenses Required
16-505.13 Display of License at Place of Business
16-505.14 Monthly Reports
16-505.15 Refunds
16-505.16 Procedures for Making a Tax Refund Claim
16-505.17 License Revocation
16-505.18 Sworn Statement in Lieu of Verification of Report Before a Notary Public
16-505.19 Record-Keeping
16-505.20 Examination of Licensee
16-505.21 Enforcement and Administration
16-505.22 Civil Action for Tax, Penalties and Interest
16-505.23 Criminal Sanctions
16-505.24 Construction
16-505.25 Use of Fuels Tax Proceeds
Section 16-506 Gross Receipts Tax on Visitor-Related Businesses
16-506.1 Definitions
16-506.2 Seasonal Tax on Certain Visitor-Intensive Businesses
16-506.3 Application of Seasonal Tax on Lodging Establishments
16-506.4 Application of Seasonal Tax on Campgrounds
16-506.5 Application of Seasonal Tax on Visitor Attractions
16-506.6 Application of Seasonal Tax on Spectator Events
16-506.7 Nonprofit Organizations Exempt
16-506.8 Receipts from Nonprofit Shooting Range Exempt
Section 16-507 Amusement Device Tax
16-507.1 Imposition of Tax—Rate
16-507.2 Registration of Devices
16-507.3 Older Devices Subject to Regulation
16-507.4 Amusement Devices used at Government Sponsored Fairs
16-507.5 Registration Fee
16-507.6 Collection and Administration
16-507.7 Display of Registration
16-507.8 Device Without Registration Displayed as Contraband
16-507.9 Judicial Order for Destruction or Sale of Confiscated Devices
16-507.10 Collection and Enforcement
16-507.11 Classification of Violations
16-507.12 Exemption of Gaming Proceeds
Section 16-508 Excise Tax on Farm Machinery, Farm Attachment Units, and Irrigation Equipment
16-508.1 Tax Imposed on Gross Receipts—Rate
16-508.2 Tax Imposed on Use, Storage, and Consumption of Farm Machinery, Purchased or Leased—Rate
16-508.3 Tax Imposed on Use, Storage, and Consumption of Farm Machinery not Originally Purchased— Rate—Exemption
16-508.4 Farm Machinery Defined
16-508.5 Farm Machinery and Attachments Sold at Public Auction
16-508.6 Filing of Return and Payment of Taxes Due
16-508.7 Rental of Fertilizer and Pesticides Devices Exempt
16-508.8 Prohibited Acts—Misdemeanor or Felony
16-508.9 Credit for Sales, Use, or Gross Receipts Tax Paid to another Jurisdiction—Reciprocity
Section 16-509 Contractor’s Excise Tax on New or Expanded Power Production Facilities
16-509.1 Certain Power Production Facilities Using Renewable Resources
16-509.2 Definitions
16-509.3 Rate of Tax on New or Expanded Power Production Facilities
16-509.4 Filing of Tax Return—Payment of Taxes Due
16-509.5 Permit Required for New or Expanded Facility Tax Rate—Application
16-509.6 Hearing Available on Denial of Permit
16-509.7 Promulgation of Rules—Scope of Rules
16-509.8 Department's Remedy if Tax Collection Jeopardized—Lien—Distress Warrant
16-509.9 Records to be Kept by Taxpayer—Inspection—Retention of Records
Chapter 6. Taxes On The North Dakota Portion of the Reservation
Section 16-601 Sales Tax
16-601.1 Definitions
16-601.2 Sales Tax Imposed
16-601.3 Sales Tax on Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products
16-601.4 Sales Tax on Sales Through Vending Machines
16-601.5 Sales Tax Rate on Natural Gas Sales
16-601.6 Surcharge on Rental Motor Vehicles
16-601.7 Exemptions (Effective After June 30, 2002)
16-601.8 Credit or Refund for Taxes Paid on Worthless Accounts and Repossessions
16-601.9 Credit to Relief Agency and Local Governmental Units
16-601.10 Sales Tax to be Added to Purchase Price and be a Debt
16-601.11 Sales Tax on Alcoholic Beverages may be Included in Purchase Price
16-601.12 Unlawful Act
16-601.13 Records Required—Sales for Resale Exempt
16-601.14 Return of Gross Receipts
16-601.15 Payment of Tax—Bond—Creation of Lien
16-601.16 Deduction to Reimburse Retailer for Administrative Expenses
16-601.17 Lien of Tax—Collection—Action Authorized
16-601.18 Permits—Application Fee for Reissuance
16-601.19 Tax Director may Authorize Direct Payment of Sales and Use Tax
16-601.20 Failure to File Return—Incorrect Return
16-601.21 Extensions of Time to Perform Sales Tax Audits
16-601.22 Governor and Manager Liability
16-601.23 Appeals
16-601.24 Service of Notice
16-601.25 Penalties—Offenses
16-601.26 Corporate Officer Liability
16-601.27 Tax Director to Administer Section
16-601.28 Tax, Penalties, and Other Charges Paid to Tax Director—Disposition
16-601.29 General Powers
16-601.30 Tax Director May Appoint Agents and Employees—Compensation—Bond
16-601.31 Information Deemed Confidential—Certain Releases of Information Authorized
16-601.32 Correction of Errors
16-601.33 Payment of Refund
16-601.34 Allocation of Revenue
16-601.35 (This Section Intentionally Left Blank.)
16-601.36 Disposition of Excess Tax Collections
16-601.37 (This Section Intentionally Left Blank.)
16-601.38 Construction of the Section
Section 16-602 Use Tax
16-602.1 Definitions
16-602.2 Use Tax Imposed (Effective After June 30, 2002)
16-602.3 Use Tax on Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products
16-602.4 Use Tax on Contractors
16-602.5 Exemptions
16-602.6 Use Tax Exemption for Food and Food Products
16-602.7 Reduced Rate and Exemption for Power Plant Construction and Production Equipment
16-602.8 Evidence of Use
16-602.9 Payment of Tax
16-602.10 Collection of Use Tax
16-602.11 Deduction to Reimburse Retailer for Administrative Expenses
16-602.12 Unlawful Advertising
16-602.13 Records Required
16-602.14 Revocation of Permit and Authority to do Business
16-602.15 Articles Taxed Elsewhere
16-602.16 Unlawful Sale or Soliciting
16-602.17 Provisions of Sales Tax Law Applicable
16-602.18 Contractor’s Performance Bonds for Payment of Use Tax
16-602.19 Penalties—Offenses
16-602.20 Corporate Officer Liability
16-602.21 Governor and Manager Liability
16-602.22 Lien of Tax—Collection—Action authorized
16-602.23 Disposition of Excess Tax Collections
Section 16-603 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
16-603.1 Definitions
16-603.2 Tax Imposed
16-603.3 Exemption
16-603.4 Returns
Section 16-604 Tobacco Products Tax
16-604.1 Definitions
16-604.2 Distributors and Dealers to be Licensed
16-604.3 License
16-604.4 Revocation of License—Penalty
16-604.5 Unlawful to Sell Without License
16-604.6 Sale of Imported Cigarettes—When Prohibited
16-604.7 Sale of Noncompliant Tobacco Products
16-604.8 Use of Cigarette-Making Machines—When Allowed
16-604.9 Certain Cigarette-Making Machines—Registration Requirements
16-604.10 Cigarettes—Amount of Tax
16-604.11 Cigarette-Making Machines—Requirements
16-604.12 Packaging—Presumption from Possession
16-604.13 Records to be Kept by Distributors and Reports Made—Penalty
16-604.14 Warehouse—Record of deliveries and shipments
16-604.15 Examination and correction of returns—Collection of taxes
16-604.16 Corporate Officer Liability
16-604.17 Governor and Manager Liability
16-604.18 Lien of tax—Collection—Action Authorized
16-604.19 General Partner in a Limited Liability Limited Partnership Liability
16-604.20 Procedure in Case of Seizure—Determination—Judgment
16-604.21 Hearing—Appeals from Decision of the Tax Commission
16-604.22 Tax Commission to Administer Section
16-604.23 Peace Officers May be Called
16-604.24 Cigars and Pipe Tobacco—Excise Tax on Wholesale Purchase Price—Other Tobacco Products— Excise Tax on Weight—Penalty—Reports—Collection—Allocation of Revenue
16-604.25 Deduction to Reimburse Licensed Distributor for Administrative Expenses
16-604.26 Cigars, Pipe Tobacco and Other Tobacco Products—Excise Tax Payable by Dealers—Reports— Penalties—Collection—Allocation of Revenue
16-604.27 Consumer's use tax—Cigarettes—Reports—Remittances
16-604.28 Consumer's Use Tax—Cigars, Pipe Tobacco, and Other Tobacco Products—Reports—Remittances
16-604.29 Correction of Errors
16-604.30 Issuance of Credit or Refund
16-604.31 Separate and Additional Tax on the Sale of Cigarettes—Collection—Allocation of Revenue—Tax Avoidance Prohibited
16-604.32 Penalties for Violation of Section
Section 16-605 Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax
16-605.1 Definitions
16-605.2 Tax Imposed on Motor Vehicle Fuels
16-605.3 Refund of Tax for Fuel Used for Industrial Purpose
16-605.4 Refund of Tax for Fuel Used for Agricultural Purpose
16-605.5 Form of Claim for Refund
16-605.6 Claim for Refund—Limitation on Filing
16-605.7 Refund to Prevent Taxation by Multiple Jurisdictions
16-605.8 Refund of Tax on Tax-Exempt Sales
16-605.9 Tax Commission to Examine and Pay Claims
16-605.10 Refund to State, Tribe or Political Subdivision
16-605.11 Assignment of refund claims
16-605.12 Credit for taxes paid on worthless accounts and refunds
16-605.13 Refiner, Supplier, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Terminal Operator and Retailer Required to Secure License
16-605.14 Bond or Letter of Credit Required
16-605.15 Qualification for Exporter License
16-605.16 Qualification for Importer License
16-605.17 Application for License—Issuance of License—Denial of License
16-605.18 Revocation of license—Hearing to Show Cause—Reinstatement
16-605.19 Monthly Report by Refiner, Supplier, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, or Retailer Required
16-605.20 Report by Terminal Operator Required
16-605.21 Common or contract carrier—License required—Records required—Diverted loads—Tax Commission to audit records
16-605.22 Tax Commission to Audit Report and Assess Tax
16-605.23 Determination if No Report is Filed
16-605.24 Corporate Officer Liability
16-605.25 Governor and Manager Liability
16-605.26 Lien of tax—Collection—Action Authorized
16-605.27 Liability of a general partner in a limited liability limited partnership
16.605.28 Penalty and interest—Violations
16-605.29 Bulk Delivery Sales
16-605.30 Tax Collection Allowance
16-605.31 Retention of Records—Subject to Inspection
16-605.32 Inventory Gains—Losses
16-605.33 Sales of Motor Vehicle Fuels to Retail Outlets—Tax Imposed—Credit for Losses
16-605.34 Transfer, Deposit and Distribution of Funds
16-605.35 Administration—Assistance Authorized—Rules
16-605.36 Erroneously or Illegally Collected Taxes
Section 16-606 Special Fuels Tax
16-606.1 Definitions
16-606.2 Tax Imposed
16-606.3 Exemptions
16-606.4 Tax Collection Allowance
16-606.5 Refund to Prevent Taxation by Multiple Jurisdictions
16-606.6 Refund of tax on tax-exempt sales
16-606.7 Credit for taxes paid on worthless accounts and refunds
16-606.8 Refiner, Supplier, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Retailer and Terminal Operator Required to Secure License
16-606.9 Bond or Letter of Credit Required
16-606.10 Qualification for Exporter License
16-606.11 Qualification for importer license
16-606.12 Application for License—Issuance of License—Denial of License
16-606.13 Revocation of License—Hearing to Show Cause—Reinstatement
16-606.14 Retention of Records—Subject to Inspection
16-606.15 Report by Refiner, Supplier, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, or Retailer Required
16-606.16 Report by Terminal Operator Required
16-606.17 Common or Contract Carrier—License Required—Records Required—Diverted Loads— Commissioner to Audit Records
16-606.18 Commissioner to Audit Report and Assess Tax
16-606.19 Penalty and Interest—Violations
16-606.20 Determination if No Report is Filed
16-606.21 Corporate Officer Liability
16-606.22 Governor and Manager Liability
16-606.23 Bulk Delivery Sales
16-606.24 Lien of Tax—Collection—Action Authorized
16-606.25 Liability of a General Partner in a Limited Liability Limited Partnership
16-606.26 Transfer, Deposit, and Distribution of Funds
16-606.27 Erroneously or Illegally Collected Taxes
16-606.28 Inventory Gains—Losses
16-606.29 Administration—Assistance Authorized—Rules
Chapter 7. Severability; Effective Date
Section 16-701 Severability
Section 16-702 Effective Date

Title XVII (17) - Housing
Chapter 1. Standing Rock Housing Authority
17-101. Introduction
17-102. Validity of Contracts and Actions
17-103. Declaration of Need
17-104. Purposes
17-105. Definitions
17-106. Board of Commissioners
17-107. Powers
17-108. Obligations
17-109. Miscellaneous Provisions
17-110. Cooperation in Connections with Projects
17-111. Approval of Federal Authorities
17-112. Severability
17-113. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
17-114. Adoption
Chapter 2. Minimum Housing Standards
17-201. Title
17-202. Enforcement
17-203. Designation of Unfit Dwelling Units
17-204. Sanitary Facilities and Plumbing and Drainage
17-205. Heating and Refrigeration Equipment
17-206. Lighting and Ventilation
17-207. Electrical Facilities
17-208. Dwelling Space, Use and Access
17-209. Safe and Sanitary Maintenance
17-210. Responsibility of Owners, Operators and Occupants
17-211. Conflict-Severability-Effective Date
17-212. Definitions
Chapter 3. Zoning
17-301. Mapping
17-302. Residential
17-303. Commercial
17-304. Industrial
17-305. Recreational
17-306. Disposal Area
Chapter 4. General Structural Requirements for New and Major Improvement Alterations and Additions
17-401. Applicability
17-402. Objective
17-403. Moisture and Weather
17-404. Footing
17-405. Foundation Walls
17-406. Wood Construction - Site
17-407. Floor Joists
17-408. Sub-Floor
17-409. Studs-Braces
17-410. Window and Door Openings
17-411. Plates
17-412. Partition Framing
17-413. Outside Wall Sheathing
17-414. Roof Sheathing
17-415. Wood Siding
17-416. Stucco
17-417. Roof Covering
17-418. Chimney
17-419. Preservation
Chapter 5. Building Design Standards for New Homes and Major Improvement Alterations and Additions
17-501. Light and Ventilation
17-502. Space Requirement
Chapter 6. Plumbing
17-601. Installation and Alteration
17-602. Water Supply Approval
17-603. Design Approval
17-604. Materials
17-605. Installation
17-606. Exterior Water lines
17-607. Exterior Sewage Lines
17-608. Maintenance
17-609. Items Not Covered
Chapter 7. Electrical Installation
17-701. Installation and Alterations
17-702. Minimum Service Standards
17-703. Convenience Standard
17-704. Utility Company Regulations Apply
17-705. Maintenance of Services and Fixtures
Chapter 8. Rural Area Sanitary Facilities
17-801. Outside Toilets
17-802. Garbage Pits and Incinerators
Chapter 9. Yard Maintenance
17-901. Maintenance
17-902. Lawns and Plants
Chapter 10. Fire Prevention
17-1001. Application
17-1002. Service of Orders
17-1003. Enforcement and Sanctions
17-1004. Regulations
Chapter 11. Administration and Enforcement of Chapters 3-10
17-1101. Purpose and Policy
17-1102. Application
17-1103. Code Supervisor
17-1104. Assistant Code Supervisor

Title XVIII (18) - Tribal Employees
Chapter 1 – Governing Principles
18-101. General Purpose
18-102. Personnel Policies and Procedures
18-103. Application of Personnel Policies and Procedures
18-104. Assigned Responsibilities
Chapter 2 – Employee Rights and Responsibilities
18-201. Conditions of Employment
.1 Indian Preference
.2 Veteran’s Preference
.3 In House Transfers
.4 Drug-Free Workplace
.5 Alcohol-Free Workplace
.6 Work Environment
.7 Character Investigations Required
.8 Standard for Employment
.9 Nepotism
.10 Licensure to Operate Vehicles/Equipment
.11 Conflict of Interest
.12 Repayment of Indebtedness to the Tribe
.13 Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality
.14 Outside Employment
18-202. Code of Ethics
18-203 Prohibited Activities
.1 Prohibited Activities
.2 Political Activities Prohibited During Working Hours
.3 Notice to Seek Elective Office
18-204. Protection of Employees
18-205. Complaints Against Employees
Chapter 3 – Disciplinary Action and Employee Grievances
18-301. Disciplinary Action
18-302. Administrative Review Committee
18-303. Supervisory Responsibility for Grievance Resolution
18-304. Grievance Committee

Title XIX (19) - Rules and Procedures for the SRST Council
Chapter 1. Meetings
19-101. Regular Meetings
19-102. Special Meetings
19-103. Quorum
19-104. Record
19-105. Tribal Funds
19-106. Rules of Order
19-107. Annual Budget
19-108. Posting Ordinances
19-109. Powers
Chapter 2. Committees
19-201. Powers
19-202. Meetings
19-203. Record
19-204. Consultation and Reports
19-205. Jurisdiction
19-206. Select Committees
Chapter 3. Duties of Tribal Officers
19-301. Tribal Chairman
19-302. Vice-Chairman
19-303. Secretary
19-304. Sergeant-At-Arms
19-305. Vacancies in Office
19-306. Succession to Acting Chairman
19-307. Council Members
Chapter 4. Removal from Office
19-401. Constitutional Provision
19-402. Definitions
19-403. Presentation of Alleged Charges
19-404. Authorization of Charges and Suspension
19-405. Notice of Authorized Charges
19-406. Hearing on the Authorized Charges
19-407. Removal from Office
19-408. Procedures Regarding Debt Delinquency
19-409. Recall
19-410. Initiating a Recall Election
19-411. Form of Recall Petition
19-412. Persons Qualified to Sign Recall Petitions
19-413. Number of Signatures Required
19-414. Certification
19-415. Challenges to Certification
19-416. Recall Election
19-417. Results
19-418. Special Election
19-419. Limitation on Recall
Chapter 5. Travel
19-501. On-Reservation Travel
19-502. Off- Reservation Travel
19-503. Routing of Travel
19-504. Airfare
19-505. Subsistence Expenses
19-506. Registration Fees
19-507. Travel Certification
19-508. Recovery of Advances
Chapter 6. Salary and Travel Expenses of Council Members
19-601. Salary of Council Members
19-602. Reimbursement for Mileage and other Expenses
19-603. Salary and Expenses for Chairman
19-904. Rate or Reimbursement for Mileage
19-605. Travel Funds

Title XX (20) - District Organization
Chapter 1. District Organization
20-101. Purpose
20-102. Definitions
20-103. Establishment
20-104. District Membership
20-105. Qualifications for District Officers
20-106. Nominating Petitions and Notice of Candidacy
20-107. Oath of Office
20-108. Term of Office
20-109. Vacancies
20-110. Duties of Officers and Related Provisions
20-111. District Finances
20-112. District Meetings
20-113. Powers of the District Council
20-114. Planning Commission
20-115. Boards and Commissions with Members Elected from the Districts
20-116. Forms
20-117. Records and Files
Chapter 2. Removal from Office
20-201. Standard
20-202. Presentation of Alleged Charges
20-203. Authorization of Charges and Suspension
20-204. Notice of Authorized Charges
20-205. Hearing on Authorized Charges
20-206. Removal from Office

Title XXI (21) - Protection of the Elderly
Chapter 1.
21-101. Policy
21-102. Jurisdiction
21-103. Definition
Chapter 2.
21-201. Obligation to Report
21-202. Content of Report
21-203. Immunity
21-204. Failure to Report
21-205. Filing of False Report
Chapter 3.
21-301. EPT Investigation
21-302. Cooperation by Other Agencies
21-303. Provision of Protective Services
21-304. Consent to Protective Services
21-305. Interference with Provision of Services
21-306. Reports to the Tribal Prosecutor
21-307. Records of EPT
Chapter 4.
21-401. Petition to Court to Determine Capacity
21-402. Definition of Lack of Capacity
21-403. Rights of the Elderly Person
21-404. Temporary Order for Protection or Guardianship
21-405. Hearing: Determination by the Court
Chapter 5.
21-501. Lack of Capacity to Consent to Long-Term Care
21-502. Guardian Appointments
21-503. Loan Applications
21-504. EPT Protective Payee Program
21-505. EPT Investigation
Chapter 6.
21-601. EPT Records
21-602. Confidentiality of EPT Records
Chapter 7.
21-701. Prosecution under Title IV of the Code
21-702. Mandatory Arrest
Chapter 8.
21-801. Discrimination Prohibited
Chapter 9.
21-901. Severability
21-902. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
21-903. Adoption

Title XXII (22) - Animal Control
22-101. Purpose
22-102. Title
22-103. Definitions
22-104. Jurisdiction
22-105. Violations Based on Conduct of Animals
22-106. Violations Based on Conduct of Owners
22-107. Cruelty to Animals
22-108. Defenses
22-109. Penalties
22-110. Animal Control Officers
22-111. Apprehension of Domesticated Animals
22-112. Apprehension of Non-Domesticated Animals
22-113. Specific Restrictions
22-114. Vaccination
22-115. Disposal of Animals
22-116. Impoundment of Prohibited Dogs
22-117. Quarantine
22-118. Mange
22-119. Hunting
22-120. Licensing
22-121. Animal Control Emergency
22-122. Severability

Title XXIII (23) - Licensing and Regulation of Bingo and other Games of Chance
Chapter 1. Findings
101. Findings
Chapter 2. Definitions
201. Class I Gaming
202. Class II Gaming
203. Class III Gaming
204. Tribal Subdivision
205. Net Revenues
206. Primary Management Official
207. Key Employee
208. Non-Gaming
209. Temporary Access Badge
210. North Dakota Compact
211. South Dakota Compact
212. Compacts
212.1. Act
213. North Dakota Portion of the Reservation
214. South Dakota Portion of the Reservation
215. Commission and Professional Staff
216. Casino Executive Committee
217. National Indian Gaming Commission
218. Tribe
219. Tribal Council
220. Professional Agent
221. Persons or Entities with a Financial Interest in, or Having Management Responsibility for, a Management Contract
222. Vendor
223. Chairman-Executive Secretary
224. Participate as a Player
Chapter 3. Tribal Gaming Commission and Tribal Gaming Department
301. Establishment
302. Function
303. Appointment of Members
304. Terms
305. Qualifications
306. Removal and Vacancies
307. Meetings
308. Compensation
309. Monthly Reports
310. Notice of Commission Decisions
311. Tribal Gaming Commission Chairman-Executive Secretary
312. Gaming Inspectors
313. Tribal Gaming Commission Legal Counsel
314. North Dakota and South Dakota Tribal Liaisons
315. Tribal Immunity
316. Confidentiality of Records
317. Executive Committee
Chapter 4. Compliance with the Act and Operations Licenses
Subchapter A. Compliance with Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
401. Applicability
402. Sole Proprietary Interest and Ability to Conduct Gaming under Title
403. Use of Revenue
404. Audits
405. Environmental and Public Health and Safety Standards
406. Status as a Tribal Subdivision
Subchapter B. Licensing of Class II and Class III Gaming Operators
407. Scope of Subchapter
408. Licenses for Gaming Activities
409. License Fees and Duration of License
410. Hearing on Application for a License for Gaming Activities
411. Conditions of the Tribal License
412. Assignment or Transfer
413. Cancellation and Suspension
414. Report to the Commission
Chapter 5. Background Investigations and Licensing of Key Employees, Primary Management Personnel and Non-Gaming Staff
501. License Required
502. Assignment or Transfer
503. Background Investigation
504. Licensing Standard
505. Application for License
506. Determination of Eligibility
507. Issuance of License
508. Temporary/Conditional License
509. Duration of License and Renewal
510. Effects of License Denial
511. Hearings
512. License Suspension
513. Appeals
514. Law Trained Judges
Chapter 6. Management Contractors and Vendors
601. Management Contracts Allowed
602. Standard for Approval
603. Submission to the National Indian Gaming Commission
604. License Required
605. Vendor License Required
606. Background Investigation
607. Licensing Standard
608. Application for License
609. Determination of Eligibility
610. Issuance of License
611. Duration of License
612. Hearings
613. License Suspension
614. Conflicts of Interest
615. Restrictions on Gaming by Vendors
Chapter 7. Class I Gaming
701. Applicability
702 .Governing Law
703. Age Requirement
704. Licensing and Reports to the Commission
Chapter 8. Class II Gaming
801. Applicability
Subchapter A. Class II and Other Games of Chance
802. Applicability
803. Governing Law
804. Types of Class II Gaming Authorized
805. Minimum Age Requirement
806. Record Keeping Requirement
807. Inspection
808. Technical Standards
809. Licensing
810. Implemented Internal Controls
Subchapter B. Class II Poker
811. Governing Law
812. Licenses Required to Operate Class II Poker Games
813. Insurance
814. Minimum Age Requirement
815. Use of Net Revenues from Class II Poker
816. Audits, Reports and Record Keeping Requirements
817. Inspections
818. Penalties
819. Customer Disputes
820. Class II Gaming Devices
821. Poker Tournaments
Chapter 9. Class III Gaming
901. Applicability
Subchapter A. Class III Gaming in North Dakota
902. Applicability
903. Governing Law
904. Adoption of Compact
905. Types of Class III Games Authorized
906. Bet Limits
907. Minimum Age Requirement
908. Record Keeping Requirement
909. Inspection
910. Technical Standards
Subchapter B. Class III Gaming in South Dakota
911. Applicability
912. Governing Law
913. Adoption of Compact
914. Types of Class III Games Authorized
915. Bet Limits
916. Accounting Standards
917. Minimum Age Requirement
918. Technical Standards for Gaming Machines
919. Number of Gaming Devices
Chapter 10. No Credit Extended
1001. No Credit Extended
Chapter 11. Jurisdiction Over Class III Gaming
1101. Civil Jurisdiction in South Dakota
1102. Civil Jurisdiction in North Dakota
1103. Criminal Jurisdiction in South Dakota
1104. Criminal Jurisdiction in North Dakota
1105. Federal Jurisdiction
Chapter 12. Penalties
1201. Criminal Penalties
1202. Civil Penalties
Chapter 13. Customer Disputes
1301. Customer Disputes
1302. Customer Rights Regarding Disputes
1303. Commission Action on Customer Disputes
Chapter 14. Rules of Procedure for Hearings
1401. Scope
1402. Hearings
1403. Notice of Hearing
1404. Ex Parte Communications
1405. Appearance through Counsel
1406. Discovery Procedures for Enforcement Hearings
1407. Confidential Materials
1408. Subpoenas
1409. Hearing Procedures
1410. Evidence
1411. Determinations by the Commission
1412. Sanctions
1413. Right of Appeal; Appeals Procedures
1414. Sovereign Immunity of the Commission
1415. Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity of the Commission
Chapter 15. Miscellaneous
1501. Severability
1502. Construction Consistent with the Act and the Compacts
1503. Charitable Gaming

Title XXIV (24) - Standing Rock Commercial Code
Chapter 1 – Secured Transactions
Subchapter A. General Provisions
101. Title
102. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
103. Purpose
104. No Application to Property Not Alienable
106. Definitions
107. Notice, Knowledge
108. Value
109. Lease Distinguished From Security lnterest
110. General Scope
111. Excluded Transactions
112. Administration of Title; Authority to Promulgate Regulations
113. Obligation of Good Faith
114. Course of Performance; Course of Dealing; and Usage of Trade
115. Purchase-Money Security lnterest
116. Sufficiency of Description
117. Parties' Power to Choose Applicable Law
Subchapter B. Effectiveness, Attachment and Rights of Parties
201. General Effectiveness of Security Agreement
202. Attachment and Enforceability of Security Interest; Proceeds; Formal Requisites
203. After-Acquired Collateral; Future Advances
204. Rights and Duties When Collateral is in Secured Party's Possession or Control
205. Additional Duties of Certain Secured Parties
207. Request for Accounting; Request Regarding List of Collateral or Statement of Account
Subchapter C. Perfection and Priority
Subpart 1. Law Governing Perfection and Priority
301. Law Governing Perfection and Priority of Security lnterests
303. Law Governing Perfection and Priority of Security Interests in Goods Covered by a Certificate of Title
Subpart 2. Perfection
308. When Security Interest is Perfected; Continuity of Perfection
309. Security Interest Perfected Upon Attachment
310. When Filing Required to Perfect Security Interest; Security Interests to Which Filing Provisions Do Not Apply
311. Perfection of Security Interests in Property Subject to Certain Statutes, Regulations and Treaties
312. Perfection of Security Interests in Chattel Paper, Documents, Goods Covered by Documents, Instruments and Money; Perfection by Permissive Filing; Temporary Perfection without Filing or Transfer of Possession
313. When Possession by Secured Party Perfects Security Interest without Filing
314. Perfection by Control
315. Secured Party's Rights on Disposition of Collateral and in Proceeds
316. Continued Perfection of Security Interest Following Change in Governing Law
Subpart 3. Priority
317. Interests That Take Priority Over Security lnterest
318. Particular Priority Rules
319. Priority of Security Interests in Fixtures and Crops
320. Accessions
321. Commingled Goods
322. Priority of Security Interests in Goods Covered by Certificate of Title
323. Priority Subject to Subordination
Subchapter D. Rights of Third Parties
401. Alienability of Debtor's Rights
402. Secured Party Not Obligated on Contract of Debtor or in Tort
403. Rights of Assignee
404. Restrictions on Assignment
Subchapter E. Filing
501. Acceptance Refusal, and Effectiveness of Financing Statements; Administration
502. Contents of Records; Authorization; Lapse; Continuation; Termination
Subchapter F. Default
Subpart 1. Default and Enforcement of Security Interests
601. Rights After Default; Judicial Enforcement; Consignor or Buyer of Accounts, Chattel Paper, Payment Intangibles, or Promissory Notes
602. Waiver and Variance of Rights and Duties
603. Agreement or Standards Concerning Rights and Duties
604. Procedure if Security Agreement Covers Real Property or Fixtures
605. Unknown Debtor or Secondary Obligor
607. Collection and Enforcement by Secured Party
608. Application of Proceeds of Collection or Enforcement; Liability for Deficiency and Right to Surplus
609. Secured Party's Limited Right to Take Possession after Default
610. Disposition of Collateral after Default
611. Notification before Disposition of Collateral
612. Timeliness of Notification before Disposition of Collateral
613. Contents and Form of Notification Before Disposition of Collateral
615. Application of Proceeds of Disposition; Liability for Deficiency and Right to Surplus
616. Explanation of Calculation of Surplus or Deficiency
617. Rights of Transferee of Collateral
618. Rights and Duties of Certain Secondary Obligors
619. Transfer of Record or Legal Title
620. Acceptance of Collateral in Full or Partial Satisfaction of Obligation; Notification of
Proposal; Effect of Acceptance; Compulsory Disposition of Collateral
623. Right to Redeem Collateral
624. Waiver
Subpart 2. Noncompliance with Title
625. Remedies for Secured Party's Failure to Comply with Title
626. Action in Which Deficiency or Surplus is an lssue
627. Determination of Whether Conduct was Commercially Reasonable
628. Non-liability and Limitation on Liability of Secured Party; Liability of Secondary Obligor
629. Attorney's Fees in Certain Transactions
Subchapter G. Miscellaneous Provisions
701. Effective Date
702. Severability

Title XXV (25) - Domestic Abuse
25-101. Purpose
25-102. Definitions
25-103. Crime of Domestic Abuse
25-104. Mandatory Arrest
25-105. Mandatory Hold
25-106. Filing of Complaint
25-107. Notice of Rights to Victims
25-108. Protection Order
25-109. Temporary Protection Order
25-110. Persons Required and Permitted to Report
25-111. Reporting
25-112. Immunity from Liability
25-113. Penalty for False Reports
25-114. Abrogation of Privileged Communications
25-115. Written Report - With No Arrest
25-116. Penalties
25-117. Reporting Statistics

Title XXVI (26) - Solid And Hazardous Waste Code
Chapter 1: Propose, Scope And Applicability

26-101. Short Title
26-102. Findings Of Necessity
26-103. Propose
26-104. Definitions
Chapter 2: Jurisdiction And Applicable Laws
26-201. Authority
26-202. Jurisdiction
26-203. Applicability: Exemptions
26-204. Consent To Jurisdiction
26-205. Implied Consent
26-206. Voluntary Compliance Agreement
26-207. Policy And Applicable Law
26-208. Sovereign Immunity
26-209. Remedies Not Exclusive
26-210. Indemnification
26-211. Construction
26-212. Severability
26-213. Savings Clause
26-214. Effective Date
26-215. Repeal Of Prior Ordinances/Code
26-216. Notice Of Enactment Of Code
Chapter 3: Environmental Quality Commission
26-301. Composition Of Commission
26-302. General Duties Of Commissioners
26-303. Specific Duties Of Commissioners
26-304. Enforcement
26-305. Variances And Exemptions
26-306. Hearings
26-307. Judicial Review Of Decision
26-308. Sovereign Immunity
Chapter 4: Department Of Environmental Regulations
26-401. Powers, Duties And Responsibilities
26-402. DER/EPA Director
26-403. DER/EPA Enforcement Agents
26-404. Delegation Of Authority
26-405. Governmental Cooperation
26-406. Public Information Program
Chapter 5: Integrated Solid Waste Management
26-501. Tribal Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan
26-502. Approval Of Plan
26-503. Contents Of Plan
26-504. Suture Solid Waste Facility Sites
26-505 Periodic Review On Plan
Chapter 6: Recycling
26-601. Authority
26-602. Policy
26-603. Public Participation
26-604. Study
Chapter 7: Prohibited Activities
26-701. Littering Prohibited
26-702. Littering From Motor Vehicles Prohibited
26-703. Accumulation Of Litter On Property Prohibited
26-704. Unauthorized Disposal At Open Dump Sites Or Other Lands
26-705. Unauthorized Disposal Of Waters
26-706. Unauthorized Open Burning
26-707. Unauthorized Construction And Operations Of Solid Waste Site Or Facility
26-708. Commercial Collection And/Or Transportation Of Solid Waste
26-709. Storage, Management And Disposal Of Special Waste
26-710. Disposal Of Hazardous Waste
26-711. Storage And Treatment Of Hazardous Waste
26-712. Collection And Or Transportation Of Hazardous Waste
26-713. Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators
26-714. Nonpayment Of User Fees
26-715. Misleading Misrepresentations
26-716. Scavenging
26-717. Miscellaneous
Chapter 8: Permits
26-801. General Waste Management And Disposal Permits Required
26-802. Permits By Rule Required
26-803. Existing Sites Or Facilities
26-804. Consolidation Of Permit Processing
26-805. General Standards For All Permits
26-806. Permit By Rule Applications
26-807. Specific Permit By Rule Requirements
26-808. Permit By Rule Issuance
26-809. Permit By Rule Denial, Modification, Suspension Or Termination
26-810. General Waste Management And Disposal Permit Applications
26-811. Contents Of General Waste Management And Disposal Permit Applications
26-812. Contents Of Permit Applications: Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
26-813. Contents Of Permit Applications: Storage And Treatment Of Hazardous Waste
26-814. General Permit Conditions
26-815. Permit Issuance
26-816. Draft General Waste Management Or Disposal Facility Permit
26-817. Draft Permit Fact Sheet
26-818. Permit Administrative Record
26-819. Public Notice, Public Comment Period And Request For Permit Hearing
26-820. Permit Hearing
26-821. Obligation To Raise Issues And Provide Information
26-822. Reopening Of The Public Comment Period Or Issuance Of A New Draft Permit
26-823. Final General Permit Decision
26-824. Response To Comments
26-825. Request For Rehearing
26-826. Judicial Review Of Decision
26-827. Permit Period
26-828. General Permit Review
26-829. Permit Modification, Suspension And Rumination
26-830. Transfer Of Permit
26-831. Protection Of Proprietary Information
26-832. Financial Assurance And Insurance For Waste Management Or Disposal Facilities
26-833. Variances
Chapter 9: Fees
26-901. Establishment Of Payment Of Fees
26-902. Filing Fees
26-903. Permit Fees
26-904. Waste Management Permit By Rule For Construction Or Demolition
26-905. Non-Payment Of Fees
26-906. Increases And Modifications
26-907. Solid Waste Account
Chapter 10: Solid Waste Disposal Facility Standards
26-1001. Disposal Sites
26-1002. Statutory And Regulatory Requirements
26-1003. Responsibility And Liability Of Owners Or Operator
26-1004. Existing Landfills
26-1005. General Disposal Requirements
26-1006. Location Restrictions
26-1007. Design Criteria
26-1008. General Operation Criteria
26-1009. Record Keeping And Reports
26-1010. Contingency Plan
26-1011. Facility Closure And Post Closure
26-1012. Financial Assurance And Insurance
Chapter 11: Waste Transfer Stations
26-1101. Waste Transfer Station
26-1102. General Design And Location
26-1103. General Operations Requirements
26-1104. General Recordkeeping And Reports
26-1105. Contingency Plan
26-1106. Transfer Station Closure
Chapter 12: Waste Storage And Treatment Facilities
26-1201. General Waste Storage And Treatment Requirements
26-1202. General Design And Location Requirements
26-1203. General Operation Requirements
26-1204. General Recordkeeping And Reports
26-1205. Contingency Plan
26-1206. Facility Closure
26-1207. Composting Facilities
Chapter 13: Household Waste Storage, Collection And Control
26-1301. Household Waste Storage, Collection And Control
26-1302. Operating Requirements
26-1303. Waste Receptacles
26-1304. Collection And Transportation Of Household Waste
26-1305. Collection Services
26-1306. Collection Services Fees
26-1307. Non-Payment Of Fees
26-1308. Private Collection Vehicles
26-1309. Permitted Collection Vehicles
26-1310. Collection Standards
26-1311. Pets And Animals
26-1312. Access
26-1313. Load Rejection
26-1314. Material Separation
Chapter 14: Management Of Special And Industrial Waste
26-1401.Designation Of Special And Industrial Waste
26-1402. Management Of Special And Industrial Waste
26-1403. Agricultural Wastes
26-1404. Animal Carcasses
26-1405. Asbestos And Asbestos Containing Material
26-1406. Bulky Wastes
26-1407. Wrecked, Junked Or Unserviceable Vehicles
26-1408. Commercial Salvage Yard Waste
26-1409. Construction And Demolition Waste
26-1410. Infectious And Biological /Medical Waste
26-1411. Lead Acid Batteries
26-1412. Lead Acid Waste
26-1413. Mobile Home Or Tailors
26-1414. Oil Field Waste, Cement Kiln Waste, Mining Waste, Uranium Waste And Utility Waste
26-1415. Pesticide And Herbicide Waste
26-1416. Septic Tank Waste
26-1417. Tire Storage And Hauling
26-1418. Used Oil
26-1419. Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)
Chapter 15: Hazardous Wastes Standards
26-1501. General
26-15012. Household Hazardous Waste
26-1503. Generators
26-1504. Transportation And Storage
26-1505. Treatment And Storage
26-1506. Disposal
26-1501. Reuse And Recycling Of Hazardous Waste
26-1507. Universal Hazardous Waste
Chapter 16: Permit Compliance Monitoring, Recordkeeping And Inspection
26-1601. Compliance Monitoring
26-1602. Recordkeeping, Inspections, Monitoring And Entry
Chapter 17: Enforcement Actions
26-1701. Enforcement Authorities
26-1702. Classes Of Violations
26-1703. Actions On Complaints
26-1704. Informal Compliance And Enforcement Action
26-1705. Citations For Minor Violations
26-1706. Notice Of Violation
26-1707. Administrative Orders
26-1708. Criminal Enforcement Actions
26-1709. Informal Review
26-1710. Formal Hearing
26-1711. Judicial Review
Chapter 18: Fines And Penalties
26-1801. General
26-1802. Civil Penalties
26-1803. Alternative Penalties
26-1804. Disposition Of Civil Or Criminal Penalty Funds
26-1805. Disposition Of Attorney’s Fee
26-1806. Civil Damage
26-1807. Criminal Penalties
Chapter 19: Tribal Response And Remediation Program
26-1901. Remedial Action By The Tribal Response Program (TRP)
26-1902. Remedial Action Contracting
26-1903. Liability Of Owners, Operators And Other Persons
26-1904. Recovery Of Expenditure Of Tribal Funds
26-1905. Remedial Action And Enforcement Orders
26-1906. Accidental Release Or Spill
26-1907. Remediation/ Corrective Standards
26-1908. Remedy Selection
26-1909. Participation In The Voluntary Remediation Program
26-1910. Voluntary Remediation Eligibility
26-1911. Voluntary Remediation Requirements
26-1912. Assessment Agreement
26-1913. Remediation Agreement
26-1914. Public Notification
26-1915. Public Participation
26-1916. Public Record
26-1917. Public Access
26-1918. Documentation Of Completion
26-1919. Institutional Controls
26-1920. Re-Openings Or Terminations
26-1921. Disputes And Appeals
26-1922. Public Right To Intervene
26-1923. Fees, Notices And Appeals
26-1924. Appropriations

Title XXVII (27) - Tribal Employee Code of Ethics
Chapter 1 – General Provision
27-101. Title
27-102. Purpose
27-103. Application of Tribal Employees Code of Ethics
27-104. Definitions
27-105. Assigned Responsibilities
Chapter 2 – Standards of Conduct
27-201. Conflict of Interest
.1 Business and Economic Interest
.2 Benefits from the Tribe
.3 Representation of Tribal Interests
.4 Influence over Official Decisions
.5 Exception
27-202. Use of Office/Position for Personal Gain
.1 Private Gain
.2 Solicitation
.3 Gifts, Loans, Favors, and Other Benefits
.4 Unauthorized Compensation
.5 Outside Employment
.6 Grants and Awards
27-203. Abuse of Office or Position
.1 False Claims
.2 Misuse of Tribal Funds and Property
.3 Non-Repayment of Indebtedness to the Tribe
.4 Misuse of Staff
.5 Use of Confidential Information
.6 Abuse of Authority
.7 Preferential Treatment
.8 Retaliation
27-204. Neglect of Duty
.1 Neglect of Duty
.2 Impeding Governmental Efficiency
.3 Abstention from Official Action
27-205. Prohibited Activities
.1 Political Activities Prohibited During Working Hours
.2 Sexual Harassment
.3 Nepotism
.4 Restrictions of Assisting or Advising
.5 Dual Appointment to Election Office
.6 Concurrent Positions
27-206. Disclosure
.1 Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
.2 Financial Disclosure
.3 Outside Employment
.4 Conviction
.5 False Statement
.6 Background Checks and Investigations
27-207. Appearance of Impropriety
Chapter 3 - Complaints and Investigation
27-301. Responsible Authority
27-302. Filing of Complaints
27-303. Review and Investigation of Complaints
.1 Complaints Regarding Existing Official or Employees
.2 Complaints Regarding Applicants for Employment
.3 Complaints against Outside Businesses or Individuals
27-304. Prosecution of Violations
Chapter 4 – Administrative Hearings and Appeals
27-401. Administrative Review Committee Hearings
27-402. Appeal to Tribal Court
27-403. Severability

Title XXVIII (28) - Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages [Not Available Online]

Title XXIX (29) - Environmental Quality [Not Available Online]

Title XXX (30) - TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office)
Chapter 1. General Provisions
101. Legislative Findings and Purpose
102. Definitions
103. Scope of Coverage
104. Sovereign Immunity
105. Savings Clause
106. Tribal Employment and Contracting Rights Commission
107. Recusal of Commission Members
108. Powers of the Commission
109. Commission Rules and Regulations
110. Tribal Employment and Contracting Rights Office and Director
111. Employment and Contracting Rights Fees
112. Collection of Fees
113. Reports and Monitoring
114. Complaints
115. Complaint Procedures
116. Investigations
117. Power to Require Testimony and Production of Records
118. Informal Settlement
119. Formal Notice of Alleged Violation and Right to Hearing
120. Bonds and Interim Relief
121. Compliance Hearing
122. Pre-Hearing Procedures for Compliance Hearings
123. Compliance Hearing Procedures
124. Decision and Civil Sanctions
125. Irreparable Harm
126. Appeals
127. Enforcement of Commission's Order
128. Attachment
129. Confiscation and Sale
Chapter 2. Indian Preference in Employment
201. Employment Preference Required
202. Priority of Employment Preference
203. Employment Preference Compliance Plan
204. Tribal Hiring Hall
205. TERO Wage Rates
206. Permanent and Key Employees
207. Work Permits
208. Civil Sanctions for Work Permit Violations
209. Termination
210. Unions
211. Training
212. Job Qualifications, Personnel Recommendations and Religious Accommodation
213. Promotion
214. Student Employment
215. Retaliation
216. Counseling and Support Programs
Chapter 3. Indian Preference in Contracting and Subcontracting
Subchapter A. Contracting and Subcontracting Preference Requirements
301. Contracting and Subcontracting Preference Required
302. Priority of Contracting and Subcontracting Preference
303. Compliance with Federal Law
304. Contracting and Subcontracting Preference Compliance Plan
305. Responsibility for Compliance
306. Requirements in Contracting
307. Requirements in Subcontracting
308. Responsibility of Evaluating Technical Qualifications and Reasonable Price
309. Operation under the Contract or Subcontract
Subchapter B. Criteria and Procedures for Certifying Firms as Indian Preference Eligible
350. Definitions
351. General Statement of Policy
352. Certification for Indian Contract Preference Certification
353. Certification Procedures
Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Provisions
401. Compliance with EPA Ordinance
402. Repeal of Prior Ordinances

Title XXXI (31) - Pesticides
Chapter 1. Purpose - Definitions
31-101. Purpose
31-102. Definition
Chapter 2. Pesticide Classification and Tribal Licensing Requirements
31-201. Classification of Pesticides
31-202. Certification of Applicators
31-203. Classification of Pesticide Applicators
31-204. Certification Procedures
31-205. Aerial Applicators
31-206. Registration of Restricted Use Pesticides
31-207. Licensing of Restricted Use Pesticides Dealers
31-208. Storage and Transport of Pesticides and Containers
Chapter 3. Violation and Enforcement
31-301. Unlawful Acts
31-302. Denial, Suspension, Revocation or Modification of Certification
31-303. Hearings
31-304. Fines
31-305. Power and Duties of the Environmental Quality Commission
31-306. Delegation of Authority
31-307. Entry and Inspection
Chapter 4. Miscellaneous
31-401. Severability
31-402. Sovereign Immunity Clause
31-403. Effective Date

Title XXXII (32) - Cultural Resource
Chapter 1 - Short Title
Chapter 2 - Findings and Purpose
32-201. Findings
32-202. Purpose
Chapter 3 - Laws
32-301. Applicable Laws
Chapter 4 - Jurisdiction
32-401. Applicability
32-402. Disclaimer Clause
Chapter 5 - Consultation
32-501. Purpose
32-502. Federal Government Relationship to SRST
32-503. Requirements of Consultation
32-504. Notification
32-505. Consultation under Section 106 of NHPA
32-506. Government-to-Government Consultation
32-507. Required Consultation on or off Tribal Lands
Chapter 6 - Tribal Historic Preservation Office
32-601. Establishment
32-602. Administration and Supervision
32-603. Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
32-604. Tribal Archeologist
32-605. Assistance
32-606. Repository
32-607. Confidentiality
Chapter 7 - 100% Survey Policy
32-701. 100% Survey Policy
32-702. Two Survey's Required to Fulfill Section 106 of the NHPA
32-703. Waivers and Exemptions
32-704. Land Exchanges
Chapter 8 - Survey Requirements
32-801. Class I Inventory
32-802. Class III Inventory
32-803. Class III Reporting Requirements
32-804. Traditional Cultural Survey
32-805. Traditional Cultural Survey Reporting Requirements
32-806. Survey Completion
Chapter 9 - Permit to Survey
32-901. Determination of Required Permit
32-902. Archaeological Survey Permit Application
32-903. Traditional Cultural Survey Permit Application
32-904. Duration of Permit
32-905. Required Tribal Business Tax License
32-906. Information in Connection With Permit
32-907. Paleontology
32-908. Notice to Revoke a Permit
Chapter 10 - Adverse Effects
32-1001. Impacts Deemed Adverse
32-1002. Adverse Activities Prohibited
Chapter 11 - Determinations of Effects
32-1101. Compliance with Procedures
32-1102. Determination of Effect
32-1103. Determination of No Historic Properties Affected
32-1104. Determination of Adverse Effect
32-1105. Memorandum of Agreement
Chapter 12 - Protection of Burial Sites
32-1201. Policy
32-1202. Repatriation
32-1203. Tribal Burial Grounds
32-1204. Opportunity for Ceremonies
32-1205. Identity of Remains
Chapter 13 - Ownership
32-1301. Ownership
Chapter 14 - Inadvertent Discovery
32-1401. Inadvertent Discovery
Chapter 15 - Standing Rock Historic Register
32-1501. Standing Rock Historic Register
Chapter 16 - Archeological Resources Protection Act
32-1601. Indian and Public Lands
32-1602. ARPA Violations
Chapter 17 - Enforcement
32-1701. Enforcement
Chapter 18 - Violations and Fines
32-1801. Processing Violations
32-1802. Determining Jurisdictions
32-1803. Severability
Chapter 19 - Violations and Fee Chart
Archeological Permit Application
Request for THPO Archeological Survey Work to be Completed by SRST THPO
Traditional Cultural Survey Permit Application

Title XXXIII (33) - JTAC Ordinance
Chapter 1. General
33-101. Purpose, Cultural Tenants, and Scope
33-102. Authority, Adoption, Amendments
33-103. Definitions
33-104. Tribal Access to and Appropriation of Annual JTAC Funding
33-105. JTAC Oversight Office
33-106. JTAC Commission
33-107. Applying for Funding
33-108. Funding Limitations
33-109. Technical Assistance
Chapter 2. Education Fund
33-201. General
33-202. Acceptable Uses
33-203. Accessing Funding
Chapter 3. Social/Cultural
33-301. General
33-302. Acceptable Uses
33-303. Accessing Funding
Chapter 4. District Economic Development Fund
33-401. General
33-402. Acceptable Uses
33-403. Accessing Fund
Chapter 5. Resource Development and Land Acquisition Fund
33-501. General
33-502. Acceptable Uses
33-503. Special Land Proposal Requirements
33-504. Accessing Funding
Chapter 6. Business Equity Loan Fund
33-601. General
33-602. Acceptable Uses
33-603. Accessing Funding
Chapter 7. Endowment Replenishment Fund
33-701. General
33-702. Investment Objectives
33-703. The Endowment Replenishment Fund Trustees
33-704. Endowment Replenishment Management
33-705. Revisions to Investment Management Plan
33-706. Burial Assistance Program
Chapter 8. Oahe Economic Recovery Fund
33-801. General
33-802. Acceptable Uses
33-803. Accessing Funding

Title XXXIV (34) - Tribal Water Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
34-101. Declaration of Purposes
34-102. Ownership of Rights to Use of Water of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation
34-103. Legal Effect of Water Permit
34-104. Use of Water Prohibited Except as Authorized under this Code
34-105. Requirements for Construction, Alteration or Decommissioning of Well
34-106. Policies of this Code
34-107. Definitions
34-108. Applicability
Chapter 2. Notice of Enactment of this Code
34-201. Notice Required
34-202. Contents of Notice
34-203. Procedure for Giving Notice
Chapter 3. Water Resources Control Board
34-301. Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Water Resources Control Board; Duties and Functions
34-302. Composition of Board; Appointment and Term
34-303. Qualifications of Board Members
34-304. Oath of Office
34-305. Compensation and Bond of Board Members
34-306. Suspension and Removal of Board Members
34-307. Disqualification of Board Member in Particular Cases
34-308. Rules and Regulations
34-309. Extension of Time by Board
Chapter 4. Application for Permits to Use Water
34-401. Description of Use and Application for Permit Required
34-402. Contents of Descriptions of Use and Application for Permit
34-403. Fees
34-404. Scheduling or Hearing
34-405. Public Notice of Hearing
34-406. Objections to Descriptions of Use and Application for Permits
34-407. Public Comment
34-408. Interim Authorization to Use Water
Chapter 5. Hearing on Application for Permits
34-501. Public Hearings
34-502. Consolidation of Hearings
34-503. Decision
34-504. Petitions for Reconsideration
34-505. Finality of Decisions
34-506. Appeals; Scope of Review
Chapter 6. Water Permits
34-601. Form
34-602. Information Contained
34-603. Conditions
34-604. Materials Open to Public Inspection
34-605. Water Conservation Requirements
Chapter 7. Revocation of Water Use Permit
34-701. Reasons for Revocation
34-702. Non-Use Defined and Described
34-703. Procedure for Revocation Hearing
Chapter 8. Administrative Procedures of Water Resources Control Board Other Than Applications for Water Use Permits
34-801. Division of Standing Rock Reservation into Hydrologic Basins
34-802. Determination of Availability and Need for Water in Particular Hydrologic Basin or Area
34-803. Water Administrator - Information Gathering
34-804. Notice of Hearing
34-805. Hearing
34-806. Determination of Availability and Need
34-807. Petition for Reconsideration
34-808. Finality of Determination
34-809. Appeals; Scope of Review
Chapter 9. Enforcement; Appeals
34-901. Enforcement
34-902. Appeals
Chapter 10. Water Administrator
34-1001. Water Administrator; Appointment
34-1002. Qualifications
34-1003. Compensation
34-1004. Oath of Office
34-1005. Duties
34-1006. Staff
34-1007. Term of Office and Removal
Chapter 11. Transfer of Rights
34-1101. Transfer, Assignment and Creation of Security Interest
Chapter 12. Requirements for Construction, Modification or Decommissioning of Wells
34-1201. Prior Notice of Well Construction, Reconstruction or Decommissioning
34-1202. Reports of Well Construction or Alteration
34-1203. Fees
34-1204. Water Well Construction Standards
34-1205. Well Testing
34-1206. Disinfection Requirements
34-1207. Water Well Maintenance; Prevention of Ground Water Contamination
34-1208. Abandonment; Decommissioning of Well
34-1209. Violations
34-1210. Water Well Contractors License
Chapter 13. Miscellaneous Provisions
34-1301. Severability
34-1202. Construction
Chapter 14. Administrative Procedures of the Water Resources Control Board
34-1401. Due Process; Administrative Procedures
34-1402. Notice Requirements
34-1403. Conduct of Hearings
34-1404. Decisions
34-1405. Ex parte Contacts
34-1406. Request for Rehearsing
Chapter 15. Application of Water Code to Geothermal Wells and the Development of Geothermal Resources
34-1501. Declaration of Purposes
34-1502. Definitions
34-1503. Ownership of Geothermal Resources
34-1504. Procedures for Appropriation of Water Used in the Development of Geothermal Resources
34-1505. Permits Required for Geothermal Wells
34-1506. Contents of Application for Permit to Drill or Operate Geothermal Well
34-1507. Fees for Permit
34-1508. Hearings
34-1509. Standards for Geothermal Wells
34-1510. Authority of Water Resources Control Board
34-1511. Authority of Water Administrator
34-1512. Right of Administrative Appeal
34-1513. Enforcement; Appeals

Title XXXV (35) - Education Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
35-101. Title
35-102. Authority and Responsibility
35-103. Intent and Purpose and Declaration of Policy
35-104. Definitions
35-105. Severability
35-106. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
Chapter 2. Tribal Council
35-201. Tribal Council
35-202. H.E.W. Committee
Chapter 3. Standing Rock Tribal Department of Education
35-301. Standing Rock Tribal Department of Education
Chapter 4. Tribal Education Standards
35-401. Tribal Education Standards
Chapter 5. Kindergarten
35-501. Kindergarten
Chapter 6. Education Policies and Procedures
35-601. Alcohol, Nicotine and/or Tobacco, and Drug Abuse Education
35-602. School Accreditation
35-603. Compulsory School Attendance
Chapter 7. Educators
35-701. Educators
35-702. Certification of Dakota/Lakota Language & Culture Teachers (Eminent Scholars)
Chapter 8. School Boards and Governing Bodies of Pre-Schools and Sitting Bull College
35-801. School Boards and Governing Bodies of Pre-Schools and Sitting Bull College
Chapter 9. Research
35-901. Research
Chapter 10. Home Education
15-1001. Home Education
Chapter 11. Non-Compliance of the Standing Rock Tribal Education Code
35-1101. Non-Compliance of the Standing Rock Tribal Education Code

Title XXXVI (36) - Disabled Adult Protection Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
36-101. Policy and Intent
36-102. Definitions
Chapter 2. Abuse and Neglect
36-201. Criminal Penalty
36-202. Mandatory Reporting
36-203. Permissive Reporting
36-204. Immunity from Liability and Retaliation
36-205. Investigation of Reported Abuse or Neglect
36-206. Restraining Order
36-207. Confidential Relations Privilege Not Permitted
36-208. Establishment of Central Registry for Reports and Convictions of Abuse and Neglect of Disabled Adults
36-209. Protection of Disabled Adult Witness
Chapter 3. Disabled Adult in Need of Protection
36-301. Disabled Adult Competent to Consent to Services
36-302. Disabled Adult Incompetent to Consent Services
36-303. Temporary Order Pending Hearing
36-304. Hearing on Disabled Adult in Need of Supervision
36-305. Final Determination
36-306. Review
Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Provisions
36-401. Denial of Services Prohibited
36-402. Confidentiality of Records
36-403. Licensure of Homes
36-404. Loan Applications
36-405. Limitation of Appointment of Tribe

Title XXXVII (37) - Zoning [Not Available Online]

Title XXXVIII (38) - Paleontology Resource Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
38-101. Title
38-102. Findings
38-103. Purpose
38-104. Management Objectives
Chapter 2. Definitions
38-201. Paleontological Resource
38-202. Excavate
38-203. Accredited Paleontologist
38-204. Land
38-205. Tribal Lands
38-206. Non-Tribal Lands
38-207. Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation
38-208. Person
38-209. Indian
38-210. Trust Land
Chapter 3. Applicability of the Paleontology Code
38-301. Applicability of the Notice of Intent Provision
38-302. Applicability to Tribal Land
Chapter 4. Ownership
38-401. Ownership
38-402. Loss of Trust Status
Chapter 5. Responsibilities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
38-501. Responsibilities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
38-502. BIA-Tribal Coordination
Chapter 6. Tribal Authority and Responsibility
38-601. Tribal Paleontology Department
38-602. [Withheld]
38-603. Administrative Responsibility of the Tribal Paleontology Department
Chapter 7. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality
38-701. Confidentiality of Information about Paleontological Resources
38-702. Disclosure of Sites on Allotted Land
38-703. Release of Confidential Information
38-704. Confidentiality Form
38-705. Publication of Confidential Information
38-706. New Discoveries
Chapter 8. Notification
38-801. Notice of Intent to Excavate or Collect
Chapter 9. Permitting
38-901. Permitting
38-902. Permit Examination
38-903. General Permit Conditions
38-904. Survey and Limited Collection Permit
38-905. Plant and/or Invertebrate Fossil Permit
38-906. Vertebrate Fossil Permit
38-907. Revocation of a Permit
Chapter 10. Land Uses
38-1001. Survey Requirements
38-1002. Presence of Plant and/or Invertebrate Fossils
38-1003. Presence of Vertebrate Fossils
38-1004. Inadvertent Discoveries
Chapter 11. Land Exchanges
38-1101. Prohibited Exchanges
Chapter 12. Law Enforcement
38-1201. Detention Authority
38-1202. Search of Vehicles, Receptacles, and Other Containers
38-1203. Confiscation of Paleontological Resources Illegally Obtained
38-1204. Seizure of Vehicles, Receptacles, and other Property
Chapter 13. Elements of Criminal and Civil Violations
38-1301. Elements
Chapter 14. Criminal Violations
38-1401. Prohibited Acts
38-1402. Applicable Statutes
Chapter 15. Civil Remedies
38-1501. Trespass on Paleontology Sites
38-1502. Liability
38-1503. Forfeiture of Property
38-1504. Grazing Permits
38-1505. Agricultural Leases
Chapter 16. Severability
38-1601. Severability
38-1602. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
Chapter 17. Adoption
38-1701. Adoption

Title XXXIX (39) - Tribal Council Code of Ethics Standards of Conduct
Chapter 1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council
39-010. Purpose
39-020. Policy
39-030. Definitions
39-040. Ethical Obligations
39-050. Prohibition on Improper Conduct
39-060. Investigation of Tribal Council Member
39-070. Final Determination
39-080. Limited Waiver of Individual Immunity
39-090. Sanctions
39-100. Appeals
39-110. Severability
39-120. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
39-130. Adoption


[Table of Contents created by NILL in September 2018, based on materials available on tribe's website.]