The Law and Order Code of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes
of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming

Updated: Nov. 1, 2004

The tribes make their law and order code available online. The link below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribal court's website.

Law and Order Code of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes

Table of Contents

Title I: General Provisions
Chapter 1 Preliminary Provisions
Section 1-1-1 Inherent Tribal Authority
Section 1-1-2 Name of Code
Section 1-1-3 Prior Inconsistent Resolutions and Ordinances Repealed
Section 1-1-4 Enforcement of Code; Service of Notices, Orders; Warrants
Section 1-1-5 Amendment of Code
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Section 1-2-1 Jurisdiction; Tribal Policy
Section 1-2-2 Territorial Jurisdiction
Section 1-2-3 Personal Jurisdiction
Section 1-2-4 Jurisdiction Over Property
Section 1-2-5 General Subject Matter Jurisdiction Limitations
Section 1-2-6 Concurrent Jurisdiction
Section 1-2-7 Exclusive Original Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Establishment of Courts: Judges and Other Court Personnel
Section 1-3-1 Courts Established
Section 1-3-2 Judges
Section 1-3-3 Qualifications of Judges
Section 1-3-4 Training
Section 1-3-5 Removal of Judges
Section 1-3-6 Powers and Duties of Judges
Section 1-3-7 Disqualification of Judges
Section 1-3-8 Oath of Office of Judge
Section 1-3-9 Clerks of Court
Section 1-3-10 Duties of Clerks
Section 1-3-11 Oath of Clerks
Section 1-3-12 Court Administrator
Section 1-3-13 Prosecutor
Section 1-3-14 Juvenile Officer
Section 1-3-15 Probation Officer
Section 1-3-16 Bonding of Court Personnel
Section 1-3-17 Seal of the Tribal Courts
Chapter 4 Contempt s
Section 1-4-1 Direct and Indirect
Chapter 5 Advocates and Professional Attorneys
Section 1-5-1 Advocates and Attorneys
Section 1-5-2 Eligibility for Admission
Section 1-5-3 Procedure for Admission   Attorneys
Section 1-5-4 Procedure for Admission   Non-attorney
Section 1-5-5 Disbarment and Discipline
Section 1-5-6 Standards of Conduct
Section 1-5-7 Oath of Attorneys, Lay Counselors, Advocates, Etc.
Section 1-5-8 License Fees   Waiver
Chapter 6 Jurors
Section 1-6-1 Eligibility for Jury Duty
Section 1-6-2 Jury List
Section 1-6-3 Trial Juries
Section 1-6-4 Power to Excuse Jurors
Section 1-6-5 Compensation of Jurors
Section 1-6-6 Compensation of Witnesses
Chapter 7 Subpoenas and Service of Other Papers
Section 1-7-1 Issuance of Subpoenas
Section 1-7-2 Service of Subpoenas; Return of Service
Chapter 8 General Provisions
Section 1-8-1 Copies of Laws
Section 1-8-2 Signature Defined
Section 1-8-3 Records of Court Open to Public Inspections; Exceptions
Section 1-8-4 Adoption by Reference Not a Waiver of Sovereign Power of the Tribes
Section 1-8-5 Sovereign Immunity
Section 1-8-6 Limitations in Civil Actions
Section 1-8-7 Principles of Construction
Section 1-8-8 Definitions
Chapter 9 Recognition of Foreign Judgments
Section 1-9-1 Definition
Section 1-9-2 Applicability
Section 1-9-3 Petition for Recognition
Section 1-9-4 Notice of Filing
Section 1-9-5 Request for a Hearing; Recognition; Enforcement
Section 1-9-6 Stay
Section 1-9-7 Fees

Title II: Rules of Civil Procedure
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Rule 1 Scope of Rules
Chapter 2 Commencement of Action and Preliminary Matters
Rule 1 Commencement of Action: Service of Process
Rule 2 Time
Rule 3 Pleadings, Motions and Orders
Rule 4 General Rules of Pleadings
Rule 5 Form of Pleadings
Rule 6 Defenses and Objections
Rule 7 Counterclaim or Cross-claim
Rule 8 Amendment of Pleadings
Rule 9 Parties
Rule 10 Intervention
Rule 11 Substitution of Parties
Rule 12 Discovery
Rule 13 Jury Trials
Rule 14 Assigning Cases for Trial
Rule 15 Dismissal of Actions
Rule 16 Consolidation, Separate Trials
Rule 17 Evidence
Rule 18 Subpoenas
Rule 19 Jurors
Rule 20 Special Verdicts and Interrogatories
Rule 21 Instructions to the Jury; Final Arguments
Rule 22 Motions for Directed Verdict and for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict
Rule 23 Findings by the Court
Rule 24 Judgment Costs
Rule 25 Default
Rule 26 Summary Judgment
Rule 27 Entry of Judgment
Rule 28 New Trials; Amendment of Judgment
Rule 29 Relief from Judgment or Order
Rule 30 Harmless Error
Rule 31 Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment
Rule 32 Disability of a Judge
Rule 33 Injunction; Restraining Orders
Rule 34 Extraordinary Writs
Rule 35 Execution
Rule 36 Citation

Title III: Children s Code
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 3-1-1 Purpose and Construction
Section 3-1-2 Due Process to be Afforded
Section 3-1-3 Transfer from Adult Court
Section 3-1-4 Transfer to Other Courts
Section 3-1-5 Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 3-1-6 Definitions
Chapter 2 The Court System
Section 3-2-1 Establishment
Section 3-2-2 Powers and Duties
Section 3-2-3 Authority of Court
Section 3-2-4 Presenting Officer
Section 3-2-5 Guardian Ad Litem
Section 3-2-6 Care and Treatment in Shelter Care Facilities
Chapter 3 Jurisdiction
Section 3-3-1 Original Jurisdiction
Section 3-3-2 Medical Examination
Chapter 4 Minor-In-Need-Of-Care and Status Offender Procedure
Section 3-4-1 Petition
Section 3-4-2 Order of Protective Custody
Section 3-4-3 Protective Custody; Grounds
Section 3-4-4 Notice
Section 3-4-5 Law Enforcement Officer s Duties
Section 3-4-6 Shelter Care and Restrictions on Detention
Section 3-4-7 Preliminary Inquiry
Section 3-4-8 Informal Hearing
Section 3-4-9 Deadline for Holding Adjudicatory Hearing
Section 3-4-10 Summons
Section 3-4-11 Adjudicatory Hearing
Section 3-4-12 Pre-Dispositional Report
Section 3-4-13 Dispositional Hearing
Section 3-4-14 Dispositional Alternatives; Review Hearing Every Six (6) Months
Section 3-4-15 Modification of Dispositional Order
Chapter 5 Juvenile Offender Procedure
Section 3-5-1 Complaint
Section 3-5-2 Warrant
Section 3-5-3 Notice
Section 3-5-4 Rights of Parties
Section 3-5-5 Custody
Section 3-5-6 Law Enforcement Officer s Duties
Section 3-5-7 Detention and Shelter Care
Section 3-5-8 Decision to Treat Juvenile Offender as Adult
Section 3-5-9 Preliminary Inquiry
Section 3-5-10 Informal Hearing
Section 3-5-11 Hearing Date
Section 3-5-12 Summons
Section 3-5-13 Adjudicatory Hearing
Section 3-5-14 Pre-Dispositional Report
Section 3-5-15 Dispositional Hearing
Section 3-5-16 Dispositional Alternative; Review Hearing Every Six (6) Months
Section 3-5-17 Modification of Dispositional Order
Section 3-5-18 Appeal
Section 3-5-19 Contempt of Court
Chapter 6 Court Records
Section 3-6-1 Preserved
Section 3-6-2 Confidential
Section 3-6-3 Law Enforcement Records
Section 3-6-4 Expungement
Chapter 7 Private Custody Disputes
Section 3-7-1 No Limit on Rights
Section 3-7-2 Modification of Orders
Chapter 8 Visitation
Chapter 9 Child Protective Services
Section 3-9-1 Purpose
Section 3-9-2 Definitions
Section 3-9-3 Duties of a Child Protection Agency
Section 3-9-4 Persons Required to Report
Section 3-9-5 Coroner s Investigation
Section 3-9-6 Temporary Protective Custody; Order; Time Limitations; Remedial Health Care
Section 3-9-7 Immunity from Liability
Section 3-9-8 Privileged Communication Not Excluded; Exception
Section 3-9-9 Appointment of Counsel for Child and Other Parties
Section 3-9-10 Child Protection Teams; Creation; Composition Duties; Records Confidential
Section 3-9-11 Confidentiality of Records; Access; Report; Divulgence of Information; School Interviews
Section 3-9-12 Attendance by School Personnel at Interview

Title IV: Rules of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 1 Scope, Purpose and Construction
Rule 4-1-1 Scope, Purpose and Construction
Chapter 2 Preliminary Provisions
Rule 4-2-1 Prosecution of Offenses
Rule 4-2-2 Rights of Defendant
Rule 4-2-3 Statute of Limitations: Tolling
Rule 4-2-4 Burden of Proof Required for Conviction
Chapter 3 Preliminary Proceedings
Rule 4-3-1 The Complaint; Time Limits; Extensions
Rule 4-3-2 Notice Requirements Where Complaint is Against a Minor
Rule 4-3-3 Summons
Rule 4-3-4 Citation
Rule 4-3-5 Arrest - Without Warrant
Rule 4-3-6 Arrest With Warrant
Rule 4-3-7 Return of Summons or Warrant
Rule 4-3-8 Bench Warrant
Rule 4-3-9 Taking Minors Into Custody
Rule 4-3-10 Detention of Minors Pending Initial Appearance
Rule 4-3-11 Initial Appearance in Cases Involving a Minor
Rule 4-3-12 Arraignment   Procedure
Rule 4-3-13 Pleas
Rule 4-3-14 Pleading and Motions Before Trial; Defenses and Objections
Rule 4-3-15 Consolidation of Trials
Rule 4-3-16 Discovery and Alibi
Rule 4-3-17 Subpoena
Chapter 4 Trial
Rule 4-4-1 Speedy Trial; Time Limits
Rule 4-4-2 Trial by Jury or Court
Rule 4-4-3 Judge Disability
Rule 4-4-4 Evidence
Rule 4-4-5 Expert Witnesses and Interpreters
Rule 4-4-6 Motion for Judgment of Acquittal
Rule 4-4-7 Instructions and Final Arguments
Rule 4-4-8 Verdicts
Chapter 5 Judgment
Rule 4-5-1 Judgment
Rule 4-5-2 Pre-Sentence Report in Cases Involving Minors
Rule 4-5-3 New Trial
Rule 4-5-4 Arrest of Judgment
Rule 4-5-5 Correction or Reduction of Sentence
Chapter 6 General Provisions
Rule 4-6-1 Search and Seizure
Rule 4-6-2 Extradition
Rule 4-6-3 Commitment
Rule 4-6-4 Bond; Release from Custody
Rule 4-6-5 Time Computations
Rule 4-6-6 Periods of Delay Excluded
Rule 4-6-7 Motions
Rule 4-6-8 Dismissal
Rule 4-6-9 Service and Filing of Papers
Rule 4-6-10 Calendars and Continuances
Rule 4-6-11 Dismissals With or Without Prejudice; Burden of Proof
Rule 4-6-12 Burden of Proof Regarding Dismissals or Delays
Rule 4-6-13 Exceptions
Rule 4-6-14 Harmless and Plain Error
Rule 4-6-15 Records; Confidentiality
Rule 4-6-16 Regulation of Conduct in the Court Room
Rule 4-6-17 Rules of Court
Rule 4-6-18 Citation

Title V: Probate Court
Chapter 1 General
Section 5-1-1 Creation
Section 5-1-2 Jurisdiction
Section 5-1-3 Orders to be Written, Filed and Recorded
Section 5-1-4 Duties of Judges Generally
Section 5-1-5 Compelling Attendance of Witnesses, etc; Process
Section 5-1-6 Failure to Appear or Testify
Section 5-1-7 When Judge Disqualified
Section 5-1-8 Presumption After Ten Years  Notices Properly Given
Section 5-1-9 Records Required to be Kept; Probate Docket; Reports to be Made by Judges
Section 5-1-10 Preparation and Contents of Probate Docket; Distribution of Copies; Call of Docket
Section 5-1-11 Authority to Approve Bonds
Section 5-1-12 Contents of Orders and Decrees; Recording
Section 5-1-13 Notice Imparted from Date of Recording
Section 5-1-14 Citations; Requirements Generally; Contents
Section 5-1-15 Same; Issuance
Section 5-1-16 Same; Service
Section 5-1-17 Same; Used to Give Personal Notice
Section 5-1-18 Same; When to be Served
Section 5-1-19 Provisions of Rules of Civil Procedure Applicable; Parties
Section 5-1-20 Trial by Court or Jury
Section 5-1-21 Appointment of Attorney for Minors or Non-residents; Compensation; Failure to Appoint of No Effect
Section 5-1-22 Payment of Costs
Section 5-1-23 Service of Process on Guardian; Right of Guardian to Waive
Section 5-1-24 Schedule
Section 5-1-25 Responsibility of Clerk for Collection; Distribution
Section 5-1-26 Allowance Where Not Specially Provided
Section 5-1-27 Evidence; Death or Status
Section 5-1-28 Renunciation of Succession
Section 5-1-29 Felonious Death
Chapter 2 Intestate Succession
Section 5-2-1 Rule of Descent
Section 5-2-2 Same; Illegitimate Person
Section 5-2-3 Posthumous Persons
Section 5-2-4 Kindred of Half-Blood; Stepchildren; Foster Children
Section 5-2-5 Alienage; Escheat
Section 5-2-6 Divorce
Section 5-2-7 Determination of Relationship of Parent and Child
Chapter 3 Probate of Intestate Estate
Section 5-3-1 Petition
Section 5-3-2 Administration of Intestate Estate
Section 5-3-3 Appointment and Duties of Administrator
Section 5-3-4 Notice to Creditors and Payment
Section 5-3-5 Accounting and Final Report
Section 5-3-6 No Taker
Section 5-3-7 Advancements
Section 5-3-8 Debts to Decedent
Section 5-3-9 Status of Heirs
Section 5-3-10 Distribution; Closing Estate
Chapter 4 Wills
Section 5-4-1 Who May Make a Will
Section 5-4-2 Execution
Section 5-4-3 Holographic Will
Section 5-4-4 Self-Proved Will; Form
Section 5-4-5 Who May Witness
Section 5-4-6 Choice of Law as to Execution
Section 5-4-7 Revocation: Writing or Act
Section 5-4-8 Revival of Revoked Will
Section 5-4-9 Incorporation by Reference
Section 5-4-10 Events of Independent Significance
Section 5-4-11 Rules of Construction and Intention
Chapter 5 Probate of Wills
Section 5-5-1 Petition for Letters Testamentary
Section 5-5-2 Executor
Section 5-5-3 Appointment of Executor
Section 5-5-4 Duties of Executor; Bond
Section 5-5-5 Creditors
Section 5-5-6 Accounting and Final Report
Section 5-5-7 Distribution; Closing Estate
Section 5-5-8 Abatement
Section 5-5-9 Property Discovered After Estate Closed
Chapter 6 Family Rights: Spouse
Section 5-6-1 Elective Share
Section 5-6-2 Waiver of Rights
Section 5-6-3 Homestead Allowance; Exempt Property; Family Allowance; Exception
Section 5-6-4 Duty of Court to Advise
Section 5-6-5 Time Limit and Procedure
Chapter 7 Distribution by Affidavit and Summary Procedure
Section 5-7-1 Payment of Indebtedness and Delivery of Tangible Personal Property or Instruments Evidencing Debt, etc.
Section 5-7-2 Collection of Claims of Certain Creditors of Decedent by Affidavit
Section 5-7-3 Summary Procedure for Distribution of Real Property; Application for Decree; Notice by Publication; Presumptive Evidence of Title; Effect of False Statements

Title VI: Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 6-1-1 Introductory Provisions
Section 6-1-2 Purpose and Construction
Chapter 2 Lesser Included Offenses and Double Jeopardy
Section 6-2-1 Lesser Included Offenses
Section 6-2-2 Double Jeopardy
Chapter 3 Burden of Proof
Section 6-3-1 Burden and Presumption of Innocence
Section 6-3-2 Presumption of Fact
Chapter 4 Law Enforcement Officers
Section 6-4-1 Law Enforcement Officers
Chapter 5 Criminal Responsibility
Section 6-5-1 Voluntary Act; Possession
Section 6-5-2 Act and Mental State
Section 6-5-3 Conduct and Result
Section 6-5-4 Liability for Conduct of Another
Section 6-5-5 Corporations and Unincorporated Association
Section 6-5-6 Duress
Section 6-5-7 Consent
Section 6-5-8 Entrapment
Section 6-5-9 Justification
Section 6-5-10 Force in Defense of Persons
Section 6-5-11 Force in Defense of Habitation
Section 6-5-12 Force in Defense of Property
Section 6-5-13 Use of Force by Aggressor
Chapter 6 Sentence and Fines
Section 6-6-1 Sentencing
Section 6-6-2 Confinement or Imprisonment
Section 6-6-3 Probation Prior to Conviction
Section 6-6-4 Suspension of Sentence
Section 6-6-5 Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences
Section 6-6-6 Credit to Prisoners
Section 6-6-7 Work Release
Section 6-6-8 Payment of Fines and Other Monies
Section 6-6-9 Sale of Unclaimed or Stolen Property
Section 6-6-10 Disposition of Seized Property
Chapter 7 Probation, Parole
Section 6-7-1 Probation
Section 6-7-2 Modification of Probationary Terms
Section 6-7-3 Violation of Probationary Terms
Section 6-7-4 Parole
Section 6-7-5 Modification of Parole Terms
Section 6-7-6 Violation of Parole Terms

Title VII: Code of Tribal Offenses
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 7-1-1 Gender References
Section 7-1-2 Civil Recovery for Criminal Act; Conviction as Evidence in Civil Suit
Section 7-1-3 Definition of Misdemeanor and Sentencing
Section 7-1-4 Concurrent Jurisdiction
Chapter 2 Inchoate Offenses
Section 7-2-1 Attempt
Section 7-2-2 Criminal Conspiracy
Section 7-2-3 Solicitation
Chapter 3 Offenses Against Persons
Section 7-3-1 Simple Assault
Section 7-3-2 Battery
Section 7-3-3 Aggravated Assault and Battery
Section 7-3-4 Abduction
Section 7-3-5 Reckless Endangering
Section 7-3-6 Stalking
Section 7-3-7 Child Neglect
Section 7-3-8 Child Abuse
Section 7-3-9 Sexual Assault
Section 7-3-10 Other Acts Prohibited Against Children
Section 7-3-11 Abuse of Spouse, or Handicapped or Elderly Persons
Section 7-3-12 Violation of Protection or Restraining Order
Chapter 4 Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Section 7-4-1 Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Section 7-4-2 Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon
Section 7-4-3 Inhaling Noxious Substances
Section 7-4-4 Drug - Unlawful Possession
Section 7-4-5 Drugs - Unlawful Sale or Delivery
Section 7-4-6 Drugs - Unlawful Manufacture
Section 7-4-7 Forfeiture
Section 7-4-8 Littering
Section 7-4-9 Use of Obscene Language in a Public Place
Section 7-4-10 Prostitution
Section 7-4-11 Disorderly Conduct
Section 7-4-12 Disturbing the Peace
Section 7-4-13 Indecent Exposure
Section 7-4-14 Public Intoxication
Section 7-4-15 Open Container in Vehicle; Furnishing Alcohol to Persons Under Twenty-One (21)
Section 7-4-16 Sale of Intoxicating Liquor
Chapter 5 Offenses Against Government Administration
Section 7-5-1 Perjury
Section 7-5-2 Bribery
Section 7-5-3 Obstructing Justice
Section 7-5-4 Escape
Section 7-5-5 Resisting Lawful Arrest
Section 7-5-6 Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer
Section 7-5-7 Refusing to Aid Officer
Section 7-5-8 False Arrest
Section 7-5-9 Disobedience to Lawful Order of Court
Section 7-5-10 Injury to Public Property
Section 7-5-11 Maintaining a Public Nuisance
Chapter 6 Offenses Against Property
Section 7-6-1 Timber Trespass
Section 7-6-2 Negligent Burning
Section 7-6-3 Cruelty to Animals
Section 7-6-4 Misbranding
Section 7-6-5 Extortion
Section 7-6-6 Receiving Stolen Property
Section 7-6-7 Malicious Mischief
Section 7-6-8 Theft
Section 7-6-9 Fraud
Section 7-6-10 Forgery
Section 7-6-11 Embezzlement
Section 7-6-12 Breaking and Entering
Section 7-6-13 Landmark and Antiquities Violation
Section 7-6-14 Eluding in Vehicle
Section 7-6-15 Illegally Taking Automobile
Section 7-6-16 Driving in Roadless Area
Section 7-6-17 Spotlighting and Selling Game
Section 7-6-18 Wanton Waste of Game or Bird
Section 7-6-19 Trespass
Chapter 7 Noncriminal Offenses or Status
Section 7-7-1 Curfew Violation
Section 7-7-2 Illegal Possession, Purchase or Use of Alcohol; Forfeiture
Section 7-7-3 Truancy
Section 7-7-4 Finding of Delinquency

Title VIII: Traffic Code
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 8-1-1 Jurisdiction
Section 8-1-2 Violation Not a Misdemeanor
Section 8-1-3 Fines, Costs and Payable Sentences
Section 8-1-4 Costs
Section 8-1-5 Consent to Chemical Test of Blood, Breath or Urine Implied; Suspension of License for Refusal to Take Test; When Suspension Effective
Chapter 2 Bicycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Motorcycles
Section 8-2-1 Bicycle Violations
Section 8-2-2 Motorcycle Violations
Section 8-2-3 All-Terrain Vehicles Violations
Chapter 3 Traffic Offenses
Section 8-3-1 Driving Without a License
Section 8-3-2 Permitting an Unauthorized Minor to Drive
Section 8-3-3 Driving Without Required Registration or With Vehicle in Unsafe Condition
Section 8-3-4 Driving Without Insurance
Section 8-3-5 Starting, Turning and Stopping Without Regard to Safety
Section 8-3-6 Speeding
Section 8-3-7 Reckless Driving
Section 8-3-8 Aggravated Reckless Driving
Section 8-3-9 Driving While Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquors or Drugs
Section 8-3-10 Safety Belt
Section 8-3-11 Failure to Drive on Right Side of Roadway
Section 8-3-12 Following Too Closely
Section 8-3-13 Overtaking Without Regard for Safety
Section 8-3-14 Failure to Stop for a School Bus Flashing Lights
Section 8-3-15 Failure to Give Right-of-Way
Section 8-3-16 Stopping, Standing or Parking on Highway
Section 8-3-17 Coasting
Section 8-3-18 Obstruction to Driver s View or Driving Mechanism
Section 8-3-19 Riding on Fenders, Bumpers or Running Boards
Section 8-3-20 Pedestrians on Roadways Without Regard for Safety
Section 8-3-21 Putting Glass, Etc., on Highway
Section 8-3-23 Duties in the Event of Accident
Section 8-3-24 Law Officers to Report Accidents
Section 8-3-25 Penalties Not Otherwise Prescribed
Section 8-3-26 Statute of Limitations

Title IX: Domestic Relations Code
Chapter 1 Family Protection
Section 9-1-1 Petition for Order of Protection
Section 9-1-2 Temporary Order of Protection; Setting Hearing
Section 9-1-3 Order of Protection; Contents; Remedies; Order Not to Affect Title to Property
Section 9-1-4 Service of Court; Duration and Extension of Order, Violation Constitutes Contempt; Remedies not Exclusive
Section 9-1-5 Emergency Assistance by Law Enforcement Officers; Limited Liability
Chapter 2 Termination of Parental Rights
Section 9-2-1 Grounds for Termination of Parent-Child Legal Relationship: Clear and Convincing Evidence
Section 9-2-2 Who May Petition
Section 9-2-3 Petition; Contents
Section 9-2-4 Hearing; Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem; Notice
Section 9-2-5 Service
Section 9-2-6 Social Study Required; Information to be Shown; Not Excluded as Hearsay
Section 9-2-7 Order Terminating the Parent-Child Legal Relationship; Contents
Section 9-2-8 Dismissal of Petition; Continuation of Hearing
Section 9-2-9 Effect of Order of Termination
Section 9-2-10 Costs of Proceedings; Appointing of Counsel
Chapter 3 Adoption
Section 9-3-1 Jurisdiction
Section 9-3-2 Petition for Adoption
Section 9-3-3 Who May File a Petition
Section 9-3-4 Petition by Relative Within the Second Degree
Section 9-3-5 Petition by Persons Who are Not Relatives Within the Second Degree of Kinship
Section 9-3-6 Pre-adoptive Study
Section 9-3-7 Hearing of Adoption
Section 9-3-8 Report and Final Decree of Adoption
Section 9-3-9 Adoption Records
Section 9-3-10 Contents of Adoption Order
Section 9-3-11 Name and Legal Status of Adopted Child
Chapter 4 Parentage
Section 9-4-1 Relationship Established
Section 9-4-2 Presumption of Paternity; Rebuttal Thereof
Section 9-4-3 Artificial Insemination; Consent Required; Filing Thereof; Limitation on Inspection; Legal Status of Husband and Donor
Section 9-4-4 Right to Bring Paternity Action; Effect of Agreements; Proceedings When Child not Yet Born
Section 9-4-5 Statute of Limitations for Paternity Actions; Effect on Probate Matters
Section 9-4-6 Jurisdiction; Joinder with Action for Divorce, etc; Venue
Section 9-4-7 Parties; Notice and Hearing Required
Section 9-4-8 Informal Hearing; Refusal of Witnesses or Parties to Testify; Testimony of Physician
Section 9-4-9 Blood Tests; Experts
Section 9-4-10 Evidence Relating to Paternity
Section 9-4-11 Recommendations for Settlement; Acceptance or Refusal Thereof; Dismissal Based on Blood Tests
Section 9-4-12 Civil Action; Testimony and Admissibility of Evidence; Demand for Jury
Section 9-4-13 Effect of Judgment or Order; New Birth Certificate; Provisions of Support, Etc.; Determination of Support; Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 9-4-14 Fees and Costs
Section 9-4-15 Court Order for Support Payments; Failure to Obey
Section 9-4-16 Right to Counsel; Free Transcript for Appeal
Section 9-4-17 Confidentiality of Proceedings and Records
Section 9-4-18 Action to Declare Mother and Child Relationship
Section 9-4-19 Written Promise to Furnish Support; Confidentiality Thereof
Section 9-4-20 Parental Tort Liability for Property Damage of Certain Minors; Exception; Action Cumulative
Section 9-4-21 Liability for Support; Right of Action; Venue; Service; Measure of Recovery; Remedies Cumulative; Execution
Chapter 5 Marriage and Divorce
Section 9-5-1 Jurisdiction
Section 9-5-2 Marriage - Applicable Law
Section 9-5-3 Petition to Affirm Marriage
Section 9-5-4 Petition for Divorce
Section 9-5-5 Residence Requirements
Section 9-5-6 Restraining Orders
Section 9-5-7 Support During Pendency of Action
Section 9-5-8 Examination; Court Orders; Temporary Custody of Children
Section 9-5-9 Child Custody
Section 9-5-10 Property Division
Section 9-5-11 Appointment of Trustees
Section 9-5-12 Modification of Decree
Section 9-5-13 Legitimacy of Children Presumed
Section 9-5-14 Summary Divorce
Section 9-5-15 Summary Divorce Procedure
Chapter 6 Definitions Used in Code
Section 9-6-1 Application
Section 9-6-2 Meanings
Chapter 7 Judicial Separation
Section 9-7-1 Procedure; Powers of Court; Defenses

Title X: Tribal Employment Rights Code (TERO)
Title X, Tribal Employment Rights Code, is currently under review. For more information, please contact:
Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)
P.O. Box 217
Fort Washakie, WY 82514

Title XI: Regulation of Natural Resources and Land
Chapter 1 Regulations of the Wind River Tax Commission
Section 11-1-1 General Provisions
Section 11-1-2 Commission Organization
Section 11-1-3 Tax, Reports, and Collection
Section 11-1-4 Administrative Actions and Appeals
Section 11-1-5 Miscellaneous
Section 11-1-6 Wind River Reservation
Section 11-1-7 Report Forms and Examples
Chapter 2 Tribal Minerals Department
Section 11-2-1 Creation
Section 11-2-2 Purpose
Section 11-2-3 Duties of the Tribal Mineral Department
Section 11-2-4 Personnel
Section 11-2-5 Inspection of Tribal Leases and Filing of Certain Production Records
Chapter 3 Civil Penalty Regarding Run Ticket
Section 11-3-1 Enforcement
Section 11-3-2 Detention of Truck
Section 11-3-3 Impoundment
Section 11-3-4 Continued Hauling
Section 11-3-5 Hearing
Chapter 4 Control of Stray or Trespassing Livestock Code
Section 11-4-1 Definitions as Used in this Code
Section 11-4-2 Impoundment Where the Owner is Not Known
Section 11-4-3 Impoundment and Notice Where the Owner of Trespassing Livestock is Known
Section 11-4-4 Sale of Trespassing Livestock
Section 11-4-5 Disposition of Proceeds of Sale
Section 11-4-6 Payment to Owner upon Proof of Ownership
Section 11-4-7 Destruction of Diseased Trespassing Livestock
Section 11-4-8 Liability for Death or Loss of Trespassing Livestock
Section 11-4-9 Reports of Livestock Officer
Section 11-4-10 Notice of this Code
Section 11-4-11 Notice of Livestock Impoundment
Chapter 5 Zoning Code
Section 11-5-1 Purpose
Section 11-5-2 General Definitions
Section 11-5-3 Lands Affected
Section 11-5-4 Establishment of Zoning Area Categories
Section 11-5-5 Procedures for Designation of Zone Areas Other than Residential
Section 11-5-6 Restrictions on Use in Residential Zones
Section 11-5-7 Subdivisions; Trailer Parks
Section 11-5-8 Restrictions on Use in Zones Other Than Residential
Section 11-5-9 Variances
Section 11-5-10 Existing Uses Protected
Section 11-5-11 Oil and Gas Production
Section 11-5-12 Enforcement
Chapter 6 Cultural Resources Management Code
Section 11-6-1 Legal Basis
Section 11-6-2 Organizational Basis
Section 11-6-3 Procedural Basis
Section 11-6-4 Funding Basis
Chapter 7 Privilege of Doing Business Tax Code
Section 11-7-1 Imposition of Tax
Section 11-7-2 Payment Procedures
Section 11-7-3 Delinquency Penalty Plus Interest
Section 11-7-4 Deduction Prior to Distribution of Proceeds
Section 11-7-5 Quarterly Report of Producer
Section 11-7-6 Refund and Credit for Overpayment; State Taxes
Section 11-7-7 Regulations
Chapter 8 Wind River Water Code
Section 11-8-1 Part 1 - Findings and General Provisions
Section 11-8-1(A) Findings
Section 11-8-1(B) Definitions
Section 11-8-1(C) Purposes
Section 11-8-1(D) Scope
Section 11-8-1(E) Beneficial Uses of Water
Section 11-8-1(F) Policies
Section 11-8-2 Part 2 - Establishment of the Water Resources Control Board, and the Office of the Tribal Water Engineer
Section 11-8-2 (A) Establishment of the Water Resources Control Board
Section 11-8-2 (B) Establishment of the Office of the Tribal Water Engineer
Section 11-8-3 Part 3 - Permit System for Water Use on the Wind River Reservation
Section 11-8-3 (A) Permit or License Required
Section 11-8-3 (B) Permit System
Section 11-8-3 (C) License System
Section 11-8-3 (D) Application Procedure
Section 11-8-3 (E) Relinquishment of Tribal Water Rights: Sole Method of Acquisition
Section 11-8-3 (F) Prohibited Acts; Violation of Permit Conditions or Code
Section 11-8-4 Part 4 - Proceedings on Exercise of TWE s Emergency Enforcement Powers
Section 11-8-4 (A) Upon petition, filed with the Board not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of the TWE s action
Section 11-8-4 (B) If the Board affirms the TWE s action
Section 11-8-5 Part 5 - Water Management Procedures
Section 11-8-5 (A) Water Supply Management
Section 11-8-5 (B) Public Safety Emergencies
Section 11-8-6 Part 6 -
Section 11-8-6 (A) Review of TWE Decisions
Section 11-8-6 (B) Court Appeals
Section 11-8-7 Part 7 - Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 11-8-8 Part 8 - Effective Date

Title XII: Housing Code
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 12-1-1 General
Section 12-1-2 Declaration of Need
Section 12-1-3 Purposes
Section 12-1-4 Definitions
Section 12-1-5 Board of Commissioners
Section 12-1-6 Powers
Section 12-1-7 Obligations
Section 12-1-8 Miscellaneous
Section 12-1-9 Cooperation in Connection with Projects
Section 12-1-10 Approval by the Secretary of the Interior
Chapter 2 Landlord-Tenant and Eviction Code
Section 12-2-1 General Provisions
Section 12-2-2 Rights, Obligations and Remedies of Landlords
Section 12-2-3 Rights, Obligations and Remedies of Tenants
Section 12-2-4 Procedures
Section 12-2-5 Court Procedures

Title XIII: Building Code
Chapter 1 Compliance Code
Section 13-1-1 Purpose
Section 13-1-2 Compliance Policy
Section 13-1-3 Application
Section 13-1-4 Code Committee
Section 13-1-5 Permits
Section 13-1-6 Disposal
Section 13-1-7 Rental Units
Section 13-1-8 Enforcement
Chapter 2 Building Code
Section 13-2-1 Purpose
Section 13-2-2 Application
Section 13-2-3 Administration and Enforcement
Section 13-2-4 Construction and Alteration Standards
Section 13-2-5 Non-Dwelling Units
Section 13-2-6 Maintenance
Chapter 3 Electrical Code
Section 13-3-1 Purpose and Policy
Section 13-3-2 Application
Section 13-3-3 Administration and Enforcement
Section 13-3-4 Installation
Section 13-3-5 Non-Dwelling Units
Section 13-3-6 Maintenance
Section 13-3-7 Items not Covered
Chapter 4 Plumbing Code
Section 13-4-1 Purpose
Section 13-4-2 Application
Section 13-4-3 Administration and Enforcement
Section 13-4-4 Water Supply
Section 13-4-5 Sewage Disposal, General
Section 13-4-6 Piping and Connections
Section 13-4-7 Maintenance
Section 13-4-8 Non-Dwelling Units
Section 13-4-9 Items not Covered
Chapter 5 Community Improvement Areas Code
Section 13-5-1 Purpose and Policy
Section 13-5-2 Designation of Community Improvement Areas
Section 13-5-3 Permissible Use
Section 13-5-4 Minimum Lots and Distances
Section 13-5-5 Minimum Standards
Section 13-5-6 Electrical Service in Community Improvement Areas
Section 13-5-7 Plumbing Design and Installation Standards in Community Improvement Areas
Section 13-5-8 Yard Maintenance
Section 13-5-9 Design Standards in Community Improvement Areas
Section 13-5-10 General Structural Requirements in Community Improvement Areas
Section 13-5-11 Footing, Foundation and Chimney Structural Requirements
Section 13-5-12 Framing, Wall and Siding Structural Requirements
Section 13-5-13 Roofing Structural Requirements
Section 13-5-14 Administration and Enforcement

Title XIV: Code of Civil Procedure
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Section 14-1-1 Minors as Parties to Actions
Section 14-1-2 Comparative Negligence
Section 14-1-3 Right to Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors
Section 14-1-4 Pro Rata Shares
Section 14-1-5 Enforcement
Section 14-1-6 Release or Covenant not to Sue
Section 14-1-7 Pleading of Damages
Section 14-1-8 Civil Liability for Dishonored Check
Chapter 2 Implementing the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act
Section 14-2-1 Service of Notice on Designated Tribal Agents
Section 14-2-2 Proceedings in State Courts
Section 14-2-3 Tribal Placement Preferences
Chapter 3 Guardianship
Section 14-3-1 Jurisdiction
Section 14-3-2 Probating Estate
Section 14-3-3 Petition
Section 14-3-4 Types of Guardianship
Section 14-3-5 Notice; Hearings
Section 14-3-6 Who May Serve as Guardian
Section 14-3-7 Security
Section 14-3-8 Oath; Letters
Section 14-3-9 Inventory and Appraisement
Section 14-3-10 Annual Accounting
Section 14-3-11 Compensation
Section 14-3-12 Duties of Guardian
Section 14-3-13 Liability of Guardian
Section 14-3-14 Discharge of Guardian
Section 14-3-15 Records
Section 14-3-16 Trust Property
Section 14-3-17 Temporary Guardianship or Custody
Chapter 4 Oaths
Section 14-4-1 Form
Section 14-4-2 Officers Authorized to Administer Oaths
Section 14-4-3 Affirmation in Lieu of Oath
Chapter 5 Limitations of Actions
Section 14-5-1 Rural Property
Section 14-5-2 Actions Other than Real Property
Section 14-5-3 When Cause Accrues
Chapter 6 Abatement and Survival
Section 14-6-1 Abatement of Actions by Death
Section 14-6-2 Causes of Action that Survive
Chapter 7 Attachment and Garnishment
Section 14-7-1 Grounds for Attachment
Section 14-7-2 Affidavit for Order of Attachment
Section 14-7-3 Attachment Procedure
Section 14-7-4 Garnishment Summons and Proceedings
Section 14-7-5 Surrender of Property by Garnishee; Attachment Against Partnership or Firm
Section 14-7-6 Garnishment of Partnership or Firm
Section 14-7-7 Salaries of Public Officials and Employees Subject to Garnishment
Chapter 8 Change of Name
Section 14-8-1 Verified Petition to be Presented; Information to be Shown in Petition; Order of Court Making Change; Record to be Made
Section 14-8-2 Residence Requirement
Section 14-8-3 Notice to be Given by Publication
Section 14-8-4 Change of Name in Adoption Proceedings
Chapter 9 Libel and Slander
Section 14-9-1 Radio and Television Stations; Liability of Owner, Agent, etc. Generally
Section 14-9-2 Same; Liability for Statements Made by Political Candidates
Section 14-9-3 Limitation as to Damages
Section 14-9-4 Publication of Proceedings, etc. of Governing Bodies Deemed Privileged; Exception
Section 14-9-5 Publication of Criminal and Civil Proceedings Before Courts, etc. Deemed Privileged; Exceptions
Chapter 10 Wrongful Death
Section 14-10-1 Person Liable  of Death
Section 14-10-2 Action to be Brought by Personal Representative; Recovery Exempt from Debts; Measure and Element of Damages; Limitation of Action
Chapter 11 Replevin
Section 14-11-1 Action for Possession of Specific Personal Property
Section 14-11-2 Order for Delivery to be Issued upon Filing of Affidavit; Information to be Shown in Affidavit
Chapter 12 Liquor Regulation
Section 14-12-1 Conformity with the Laws of Wyoming and this Code
Section 14-12-2 Corporate and Tribal Entity
Section 14-12-3 Tribal License Required
Section 14-12-4 Application for Tribal Liquor License; Requirements
Section 14-12-5 Conditions of the Tribal License.
Section 14-12-6 Cancellation and Suspension
Section 14-12-7 Prior Tribal Laws Repealed
Section 14-12-8 Effective Date
Chapter 13 Disclosure of Information
Section 14-13-1 Dual Functions of the Business Councils
Section 14-13-2 Policy Concerning Governmental Affairs
Section 14-13-3 Policy Concerning Property Affairs
Section 14-13-4 Policy Concerning Protection of Individual Rights
Section 14-13-5 Records and Information Subject to Disclosure
Section 14-13-6 Manner of Obtaining Information
Chapter 14 Dog Regulation
Section 14-14-1 Vaccination
Section 14-14-2 Disposition of Unvaccinated Dogs
Section 14-14-3 Quarantine of Animals
Section 14-14-4 Duty to Enforce
Chapter 15 Creditors  Rights and Responsibilities
Section 14-15-1 Foreclosure of Secured Obligations
Section 14-15-2 Actions to Recover Possession of Real Property
Chapter 16 Involuntary Commitment of the Seriously Mentally Ill
Section 14-16-1 Definitions
Section 14-16-2 Court Records
Section 14-16-3 Procedural Rights
Section 14-16-4 Waiver of Rights
Section 14-16-5 Filing of Petition
Section 14-16-6 Detention to be in Least Restrictive Environment
Section 14-16-7 Emergency Detention
Section 14-16-8 Notice of Hearing
Section 14-16-9 Hearing on Petition
Section 14-16-10 Post-Hearing Disposition
Section 14-16-11 Petition for Extension of the Commitment Period
Section 14-16-12 Appeal Procedure
Section 14-16-13 Civil and Legal Rights of Person Committed
Section 14-16-14 Guardianship or Conservatorship
Chapter 17 Business License Code
Section 14-17-1 Purpose
Section 14-17-2 Business License Required
Section 14-17-3 Definitions
Section 14-17-4 More than One Business
Section 14-17-5 Licenses Good One (1) Year
Section 14-17-6 Application for License
Section 14-17-7 Action on Application
Section 14-17-8 License Fees
Section 14-17-9 License Must be Displayed
Section 14-17-10 Revoking a License
Section 14-17-11 Operating Unlicensed Business
Section 14-17-12 Use of Revenues
Chapter 18 Abandoned Vehicles
Section 14-18-1 Presumption, Notice, Impoundment
Section 14-18-2 When Not Redeemed
Chapter 19 Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Section 14-19-1 Title
Section 14-19-2 Purpose
Section 14-19-3 Definitions
Section 14-19-4 Jurisdiction to Make Child Custody Determination
Section 14-19-5 Notice Before Decree
Section 14-19-6 Notice of Exercise of Jurisdiction over Person Outside this Reservation; Time; Service; Exception
Section 14-19-7 Exercise of Jurisdiction by Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Court; Proceedings on Other Reservations or in States
Section 14-19-8 Court May Decline to Exercise Jurisdiction
Section 14-19-9 Wrongful or Improper Removal of a Child from Another Tribe or State
Section 14-19-10 Custody Proceedings; Required Information
Section 14-19-11 Person having Custody to be Joined as a Party
Section 14-19-12 Court May Order Party to Proceeding to Appear
Section 14-19-13 Custody Decree Binding on All Parties
Section 14-19-14 Recognition and Enforcement of Initial or Modification Decree made by Court of another Tribe or State
Section 14-19-15 Modifying Custody Decree Made by Court of Another Tribe or State
Section 14-19-16 Effect of Custody Decree Made by Court of Another Tribe or State
Section 14-19-17 Clerk of Tribal Court to Maintain Registry; Contents
Section 14-19-18 Forwarding Copy of Decree
Section 14-19-19 Testimony of Witnesses; Method of Obtaining
Section 14-19-20 Requesting Court of Another Tribe or State to Adduce Evidence; Order Party to Appear
Section 14-19-21 Request from Courts of Another Tribe or State
Section 14-19-22 Preserving Records of Custody Proceedings
Section 14-19-23 Custody Proceedings; Record from Another Reservation or State
Section 14-19-24 Policies of Act Applicable to International Area
Section 14-19-25 Priority of Custody Proceeding Raising Question or Jurisdiction
Section 14-19-26 This Act not Inconsistent with Indian Child Welfare Act
Chapter 20 Communicable Diseases
Section 14-20-1 Purpose
Chapter 21 Control of Trespass and Unauthorized Use of Tribal and Member Lands
Section 14-21-1 Definitions
Section 14-21-2 Entry Upon and Use of Land
Section 14-21-3 Sanctions For Non-Compliance
Section 14-21-4 Citations/Complaints
Section 14-21-5 Federal Prosecution
Section 14-21-6 General Provisions

Title XV: Appeals and Habeas Corpus
Chapter 1 Criminal and Civil Appeals Procedures for the Court of Appeals
Section 15-1-1 Creation of the Court
Section 15-1-2 Jurisdiction of the Court
Section 15-1-3 Composition of Court
Section 15-1-4 Records of the Court of Appeals
Section 15-1-5 Right of Appeal
Section 15-1-6 Notice of Appeal, How and When Taken
Section 15-1-7 Stay of Judgment or Order Pending Appeal
Section 15-1-8 Record of the Tribal Court
Section 15-1-9 Briefs and Memoranda
Section 15-1-10 Oral Argument
Section 15-1-11 Separate Docket for Court of Appeals
Section 15-1-12 Rules of Court of Appeals
Chapter 2 Writs of Habeas Corpus
Section 15-2-2 Writs of Habeas Corpus

Title XVI: Fish and Game Code
Chapter 1 Fishing Regulations
Section 16-1-1 Permits
Section 16-1-2 Ice Fishing
Section 16-1-3 General Fishing
Section 16-1-4 Boat Fishing
Section 16-1-5 Open Waters
Section 16-1-6 Roads and Camping
Section 16-1-7 Antiquities and Outfitting
Section 16-1-8 Wildlife
Chapter 2 Creation of Hunting Code
Section 16-2-1 Establishment
Section 16-2-2 Jurisdiction
Section 16-2-3 Prior Inconsistent Resolutions and Ordinances
Chapter 3 Hunting Permits and Tags
Section 16-3-1 Permit Required
Section 16-3-2 Tag Required
Section 16-3-3 Permit Cost
Section 16-3-4 Tag Cost
Section 16-3-5 Transporting Game
Chapter 4 Big Game Hunting
Section 16-4-1 Pre-Sundance Season
Section 16-4-2 Regular Season
Section 16-4-3 Open Units
Section 16-4-4 Closed Areas
Section 16-4-5 Seasons
Chapter 5 Trapping
Section 16-5-1 Area Permitted
Section 16-5-2 What May Be Trapped
Section 16-5-3 Season
Section 16-5-4 Permit
Section 16-5-5 Tag
Section 16-5-6 Pelt Tags
Section 16-5-7 Protected Species
Chapter 6 Upland Game Bird Hunting
Section 16-6-1 General Provisions
Chapter 7 Migratory Bird Hunting
Chapter 8 Implementation of Game Code by Regulation
Section 16-8-1 Purpose
Section 16-8-2 Definitions
Section 16-8-3 Administration
Section 16-8-4 Closed Areas, Pre-Sundance Season and Predatory and Small Game Season
Section 16-8-5 Waterfowl Hunting
Section 16-8-6 Endangered Species
Section 16-8-7 Protected Species of Birds and Mammals
Section 16-8-8 Trapping Regulations and Seasons
Section 16-8-9 Authorized Enforcement Officers
Section 16-8-10 Violations of Game Code
Section 16-8-11 Hunting by Non-Members Prohibited
Section 16-8-12 Firearms Restrictions
Section 16-8-13 Prohibited Hunting Procedures
Section 16-8-14 Hunters Required to Wear Colored Clothing
Section 16-8-15 Hunting Hours
Section 16-8-16 Age Restrictions
Section 16-8-17 Permit Requirements, Costs and Procedures
Section 16-8-18 Civil Penalties
Section 16-8-19 Tagging Procedure for Harvested Big Game and Some Fur-Bearing Animals
Section 16-8-20 Restrictions on Motor Vehicle Use, Posting of Notices and Exceptions
Section 16-8-21 Interference with Persons Engaged in Authorized Activities
Section 16-8-22 False Personation
Section 16-8-23 Expenditures of Funds - Source and Functions
Section 16-8-24 Taking Birds
Section 16-8-25 Other Prohibited Activities

[Table of Contents created by NILL in June 2018, based on materials available on tribe's website.]


DRAFT Title XVI: Peacemaker Court (Dated: June 20, 1989)

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text document to be made available online. Please contact the library for assistance.

Ch. 1. General Provisions (Purpose & construction -- Establishment -- Subject matter jurisdiction; personal jurisdiction; attorneys)

Ch. 2. Peacemakers (Appointment & qualifications -- Powers of peacemakers -- Limitations; peacemakers not judges; agreed arbitration -- Duties of peacemakers -- Reports to tribal court)

Ch. 3. Procedure (Request for peacemaking -- Requests and objections -- Duties of clerk of tribal court -- Appointment of peacemaker -- Notice to begin proceedings -- Compensation of peacemaker -- Subpoena -- Fees)\

Ch. 4. Actions by the Tribal Court (Protective orders -- Action by the court -- Judgments -- Method of presenting proposed judgment -- Form of judgment -- Enforcement of judgment)

Ch. 5. Conduct of Peacemakers (General standards -- Complaints regarding peacemakers -- Action on complaint)

Ch. 6. Transfer of Cases from Tribal Court to Peacemaker Court (General policy -- Civil matters -- Criminal matters -- Criminal probation -- Transfer on probation)

Ch. 7. Miscellaneous Provisions (Forms -- Plain language version of the rules)

Attachment: Excerpt from a 1984 report on Peacemaking in Saskatchewan.