Santee Sioux Nation, Nebraska - Tribal Code

Confirmed Current: August 2013

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

Table of Contents

Title I Judiciary

Chapter 1 Santee Sioux Nation Tribal Court
Chapter 2 Tribal Court Administration
Chapter 3 Judicial Power
Chapter 4 Santee Sioux Nation Tribal Court Bar

Title II Health & Welfare

Chapter 1 Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Act
Chapter 2 Involuntary Treatment Of Mentally Ill Persons

Title III Domestic Relations

Chapter 1 Purpose And Definition
Chapter 2 Protection Orders
Chapter 3 Marriages
Chapter 4 Dissolution Of Marriage And Annulment
Chapter 5 Support Of Child And Spouse
Chapter 6 Paternity Proceedings
Chapter 7 Adoption
Chapter 8 Emancipation
Chapter 9 Change Of Name
Chapter 10 Probate, Descent & Distribution
Chapter 11 Recognition and Enforcement Of Foreign Judgements
Chapter 12 Miscellaneous

Title IV Child And Family Protection

Chapter 1 Purpose and Definition
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction Of The Children's Court
Chapter 3 Procedures And Authorizations
Chapter 4 Children's Court Personnel
Chapter 5 Child Protection Team
Chapter 6 Duty To Report Child Abuse And Neglect
Chapter 7 Investigation And Removal
Chapter 8 Notice Of Removal
Chapter 9 Restrictions On Placement Of Children
Chapter 10 Filing Child/Family Protection Petition
Chapter 11 Initial Hearing
Chapter 12 Notification Of Rights
Chapter 13 Thirty Day Hearing
Chapter 14 Formal Trial On The Issues
Chapter 15 Notice Of Formal Trial On The Issues
Chapter 16 Default Judgment
Chapter 17 Six Month Review
Chapter 18 Social Service Report
Chapter 19 Placement Preferences
Chapter 20 Emancipation
Chapter 21 Authorization Of Medical Treatment
Chapter 22 Foster Home Licensing Procedures
Chapter 23 Guardianship
Chapter 24 Termination Of Parental Rights
Chapter 25 Adoptions
Chapter 26 Modification, Revocation Or Extension Of Court Orders
Chapter 27 Child/Family Protection Records
Chapter 28 Children's Court Appeals

Title V Juvenile Justice Code

Chapter 1 Short Title, Purpose, And Definitions
Chapter 2 Court System
Chapter 3 Jurisdiction Of The Juvenile Court
Chapter 4 Transfer To Tribal Court
Chapter 5 Juvenile Court Procedure
Chapter 6 Relations With Other Agencies
Chapter 7 Juvenile Court Personnel
Chapter 8 Rights Of Parties In Juvenile Proceedings
Chapter 9 Juvenile Offender   Taken Into Custody
Chapter 10 Juvenile Offender   Detention Hearing
Chapter 11 Juvenile Offender   Initiation Of Proceedings
Chapter 12 Juvenile Offender   Consent Decree
Chapter 13 Juvenile Offender   Adjudication Proceedings
Chapter 14 Juvenile Offender   Predisposition Studies: Reports And Examinations
Chapter 15 Juvenile Offender   Disposition Proceedings
Chapter 16 Juvenile Offender   Review Modification, Revocation, Extension Or Termination Of
Dispositional Orders
Chapter 17 Family In Need Of Services   Interim Care
Chapter 18 Custody Hearing Procedures For Child In Need Of Care
Chapter 19 Informal Hearings For Child In Need Of Care
Chapter 20 Family In Need Of Services   Initiation Of Proceedings
Chapter 21 Family In Need Of Services   Consent Decree
Chapter 22 Family In Need Of Services   Adjudicatory Hearings And Disposition
Chapter 23 Dispositional Hearing Procedures Child In Need Of Care
Chapter 24 Modification, Revocation, Or Extension Of Dispositional Order For Child In Need Of
Chapter 25 Mandatory Reporting
Chapter 26 Juvenile Records
Chapter 27 Juvenile Appeals
Chapter 28 Juvenile Curfew
Chapter 29 Miscellaneous Provisions

Title VI Domestic Violence

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Criminal Penalties And Procedures
Chapter 3 Civil Orders For Protection
Chapter 4 Family And Children
Chapter 5 Prevention And Intervention
Chapter 6 Stalking
Chapter 7 Firearms Disqualification

Title VII Housing Code

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities And Remedies
Chapter 3 Grounds For Eviction/Notice To Pre-Eviction Options
Chapter 4 Judicial Eviction Procedures
Chapter 5 Mortgage And Foreclosure
Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Provisions

Appendix - Rules of Civil Procedure


The Santee Sioux Nation uses Nebraska's criminal codes and procedures.
The following links are to the website of the Nebraska Legislature.

Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 28
Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 29