Pueblo of Santa Clara, New Mexico - Tribal Code

Most Recent Update Received: August 2020

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Table of Contents

Article 1: Purpose of SDVCJ Code
Article 2: Non-Waiver of Sovereign Immunity and Severability of Provisions

A. Non-Waiver of Soverign Immunity
B. Severability of Provisions
Article 3: SDVCJ Jurisdiction Over Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Violations of Order of Protection
A. SDVCJ Court Criminal Jurisdiction
B. Non-Indian Sufficient Ties
C. Protection Order
Article 4: Statute of Limitations
A. Intent
B. Provisions
Article 5: Definitions
Article 6: Law Enforcement
A. Law Enforcement Duties to Victims
B. Mandatory Arrest
C. Authority to Seize and Hold Weapons
D. Liability of Law Enforcement Officers
Article 7: Defendants
A. Rights in a Criminal Proceedings
B. Right to an Attorney
C. Habeas Corpus
D. Indigent Defendant
E. Appointment of an Attorney
F. Trial; Priorities
G. Speedy Trial
H. Issuance of Subpoena
I. Service of Subpoena
J. Failure to Obey Subpoena
Article 8: SDVCJ Victims
A. Right to be Protected
B. Right to Notice
C. Notice of Pretrial Release and Trial Process
D. Notice of Sentencing
E. Notice of Appeal
F. Notice of Release
G. Notice of Escape
H. Right to Not Be Excluded
I. Right to be Heard During Proceedings
J. Opportunity to Confer with the SVDCJ Prosecutor
K. Restitution
L. Right to Proceedings without Unreasonable Delay
M. Right to be Treated with Fairness and Respect
N. Right to Return of Property
O. Right to Enforcement
Article 9: SDVCJ Judges
A. Qualifications
B. Vacancy
C. Disqualification and Recusal
Article 10: Attorneys
A. Lay Counsel
B. Professional Attorneys
C. Suspension and Disbarment
Article 11: SDVCJ Prosecutors
A. Power and Authority of SDVCJ Prosecutors
B. Appointment of SDVCJ Prosecutors
C. Eligibility for Appointment and Service
D. Compensation
E. Independent Function
Article 12: Criminal Procedure
A. Scope
B. Purpose and Construction
C. Computation of Time
D. Search Warrants
E. Examination of Oath; Affadavits
F. Issuance: Form of Search Warrants; Duplicate Original Warrant
G. Executation and Return
H. Search Without a Warrant
I. Disposition of Seized Property
J. Complaint
K. Arrest
L. Arrest Warrants and Summons
M. Execution and Return of Arrest Warrant
N. Service of Summons
O. Defective Warrant
P. Notification of Rights After Arrest
Q. Notice to Appear
R. Procedure Upon Arrest, Arraignment
S. Not Guilty Plea
T. Plea of Guilty or No Contest
U. Bail, Release Prior to Trial
V. No Contact
W. Conditions of Release
X. Modification and Revocation of Release
Y. Disposition of Bond
Z. Plea Negotiations; SDVCJ Court Review
AA. Withdrawal of Plea
AB. Pretrial Hearings
AC. Motions
AD. Directed Verdict
AE. Records
Article 13: Evidence
Article 14: Juries
A. Right and Waiver of Jury Trial
B. Eligible Jurors
C. Jury Pool
D. Selection of Jurors
E. Challenges to Prospective Jurors
F. Motion to Discharge for Cause
G. Jurors and Juror's Conduct
Article 15: SDVCJ Offenses
A. SDVCJ Domestic and Dating Violence Offenses
B. SDVCJ Violations of Court Order Offenses
Article 16: Sentencing
A. Minor Imprisonment and Fine
B. Major Imprisonment and Fine
C. Place of Imprisonment
D. Fines
E. Types of Sentencing
F. Parole
G. Violation of Probation and Parole Conditions
Article 17: Contempt of SDVCJ Court
A. Contempt of SDVCJ Court is civil in nature
B. Contempt Charges
C. Contempt in the Presence or Outside the Presence of SDVCJ Judge
D. Contempt Proceedings
E. Substantive and Procedural Requirements applies to all provisions of the SDVCJ Code
F. Direct Contempt
G. Indirect Contempt
H. Show Cause Hearing
Article 18: Post-Trial Procedure
A. Acquittal
B. Judgement and Sentencing
C. Motion for a New Trial
D. Right of Appeal
Article 19: Southwest Inter-Tribal Court of Appeals ("SWITCA") Appellate Procedure

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