Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: October 2014

The tribe makes their code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Title 1. General Provisions
1-1-1 Territory, Persons and Property Affected.
1-2-1 Constitutional Authority.
1-2-2 Prior Inconsistent Codes and Ordinances Repealed.
1-2-3 Construction.
1-3-1 Amendment of Law and Order Code.
1-4-1 Definitions

Title 2. Courts

Title 3. Grievance Committee

Title 4. Civil Procedure

Title 5. Appellate Procedure

Title 6. Juvenile Procedure

Title 7. Family Relations

Title 8. Probate

Title 9. Environmental Protection

Title 10. General Revenue and Taxation

Title 11. Evidence

Title 12. Gaming

Title 13. Business Licensing

Title 14. Exclusion

Title 15. Criminal Offenses

Title 16. Criminal Procedure

Title 17. Motor Vehicle Code

Title 18. Conservation Code

Title 19. Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Title 20. Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 21. Solid Waste, Environmental/Sanitation & Building Codes

Title 22. Employment Code

Title 23. Eminent Domain

Title 24. Business Corporation Code

Title 25. Limited Liability Company Code

Title 26. Child Support

Title 27. Juvenile Offender Code

Title 28. Victims' Rights Code

Title 29. Liquor Control Ordinance

[Table of Contents created by NILL, based on Potawatomi Law and Order Code current through October 8, 2014.]