Penobscot Nation - Laws and Ordinances

Most Recent Update Received: October 2023

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Cover Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Members Civil Rights (Reserved)

Chapter 2. General Meeting Law

Chapter 3. Elected Officials

Chapter 4. Tribal Election Law

Chapter 5. Census Maintenance

Chapter 6. Settlement Trust Fund (Reserved)

Chapter 7. Inland Fish and Game

Chapter 8. Penobscot Nation Judicial System

Chapter 9. Land and Residency Laws

Chapter 10. Land Use / Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 11. Adrian's Law (Presence of Non-Members)

Chapter 12. Probate

Chapter 13. Banishment

Chapter 14. Protection from Abuse (PFA) Code

Chapter 15. Child Welfare Code

Chapter 16. Elder / Adult Protection Law

Chapter 17. Absolved and replaced with updated Chapter 14 at the 07/29/2023 General Meeting

Chapter 18. Protection from Harassment

Chapter 19. Curfew

Chapter 20. Repealed at 07/29/2023 General Meeting

Chapter 21. General Petition Standards and Procedures

Chapter 22. Reservation Regulations

Chapter 23. Parking Ordinance

Chapter 24. Liquor and Drug Control

Chapter 25. Agriculture and Animals

Chapter 26. Wood Burning Stoves

Chapter 27. Ordinance Penalties

Chapter 28. Freedom of Information

Chapter 29. Water Quality Standards

Chapter 30. Tribal Law and Court Opinions Publication Law

Chapter 31. Fireworks Ordinance



A. Penobscot Nation Tribal Council Rules of Order

B. Caucus Rules


Court Rules

Penobscot Nation Judicial System Rules of Court (Effective Date: September 15, 2016)