Oneida Indian Nation (New York) Codes and Rules

Last amended: 2004

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Table of Contents

Business Corporation Code -

Ch. 1-5

Ch. 6-8

Ch. 9-13

General Obligations Code

Housing Code - Ch. 1-9

Ch. 10 and Appendices

Juvenile Justice Code

Limited Liability Company Code - Ch. 1-8

[Ch. 9 - Reserved]

Ch. 10-13

Marriage Code

Partnership Code - Ch. 1-7

Limited Partnerships

Penal Code - Ch. 1-4D

Ch. 4E-G

Ch. 4H-N

Uniform Commercial Code - Ch. 1-2

Article 2-A - Leases

Vehicle and Traffic Code

Liquor Ordinances


Peacemaking Rules

Rules of Civil Procedure

Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rules for Debt Collection

Rules of Evidence