Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Michigan - Tribal Code

Current through supplement 4 (2012)

Table of Contents (date confirmed current or updated in parentheses)

Preliminary Materials:

Cover (2007)

Cite This Code as Follows (2007)

Table of Contents and Key to Common Abbreviations (2012)

Disposition List (2012)

Index (2009)

Constitution & Treaties:

Constitution of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians (2007)

Treaty of 1836 (2007)

Treaty of 1855 (2007)

Title 1. Legislative Branch (2009)
Ch. 1. Legislative Procedures
Ch. 2. Committee Procedures
Ch. 3. Tribal Council Meetings Ordinance
           Appendix to Ch. 3, Tribal Council Meetings Ordinance
Ch. 4. Tribal Councilors Salary Ordinance
Title 2. Tribal Administration (2012)
Ch. 1. Due Process Procedures
Ch. 2. GTB Bidding Code
Ch. 3. Tribal Constable
Ch. 4. Tribal Records Ordinance
Title 3. Justice (2009)
Ch. 1. Office of Tribal Prosecutor
Ch. 2. Separate Funding for Tribal Court
Ch. 3. Limited Personal Jurisdiction Over Tribal Members
Ch. 4. Grand Traverse Band Arbitration Code
Ch. 5. Grand Traverse Band Police Department
Ch. 6. Grand Traverse Band Citizen Complaint Policy
Ch. 7. Contempt of Tribal Court Ordinance
Title 4. Budget and Financial Operations (2010)

Ch. 1. Appropriations Act
Ch. 2. (Reserved)
Ch. 3. Audits
Ch. 4. Internal Revenue Service Ordinance

Title 4 attachment 1. Power of Attorney (2010)

Title 5. Tribal Government Officers and Employees (2010)

Ch. 1. Financial Disclosure
Ch. 2. Recall of Elected Officials
Ch. 3. Compensation for Tribal Chairman and Tribal Council Members
Ch. 4. (Reserved)
Ch. 5. Criminal Background Investigations
Ch. 6. GTB Code of Ethics
Ch. 7. Tribal Member/Employee Medical Insurance Coverage
Ch. 8. Labor Relations Ordinance
Title 6. Sovereign Immunity (2012)

Ch. 1. Sovereign Immunity Waiver
Ch. 2. Waiver of Sovereign Immunity and Jurisdiction in Commercial Transactions
Ch. 3. Notice Ordinance
Ch. 4. Liquor Seller Liability for Damage by Intoxicated Person

Title 7. Tribal Enrollment Ordinance (2010)

Title 8. Conservation, Ecology and Hunting/Fishing (2009)
Ch. 1. (Reserved)
Ch. 2. (Reserved)
Ch. 3. Soil Erosion and Stormwater Runoff Control
Ch. 4. Tribal Implementation of 26 U.S.C. § 7873; “Income derived by Indians from the exercise of fishing rights”
Title 9. Criminal Offenses (2012)
Ch. 1. Criminal Code
Ch. 2. Application of Non-Tribal Laws
Ch. 3. GTB Domestic Violence Ordinance
Ch. 4. Sex Offender Registration Code
Title 10. Children, Families and Elders (2009)
Ch. 1. Children’s Code Revised
Ch. 2. Adoption of Certain Michigan Statutes
Ch. 3. Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support
Ch. 4. Juvenile Code Revisited
Ch. 5. GTB Family Code
Ch. 6. Tribal Paternity and Putative Parents
Ch. 7. Elders Trust Fund; Returned or Undeliverable Checks Ordinance
Title 11. Health (2009)
Ch. 1. Health Service Area; Tribal Health Board Establishment
Ch. 2. Provision of Health Services
Title 12. Infrastructure (2012)
Ch. 1. GTB Department of Public Works Ordinance
Ch. 2. GTB Department of Public Works Regulations
Ch. 3. GTB Department of Public Works Operating Guidelines
Ch. 4. GTB Department of Public Works - Cross-Connection Control Rules
Ch. 5. GTB Department of Public Works - Customer Service Connections
Ch. 6. GTB Department of Public Works - Fluoridation
Ch. 7. GTB Department of Public Works - Fire Hydrants
Ch. 8. GTB Department of Public Works - Inter-Governmental Agreements
Ch. 9. Building Code
Ch. 10. Roads
Ch. 11. GTB Cemetary Ordinance
Title 13. Housing and Property (2009)
Ch. 1. (Reserved)
Ch. 2. Residential Lot Assignment/Lease
Ch. 3. Leasehold Mortgages
Ch. 4. FHA Insured Loan Program
Ch. 5. Liens
Ch. 6. Zoning
Ch. 7. Lease Assignment from Leelanau Indians Incorporated; Relinquishment
Ch. 8. Easements and Rights-of-Way; Jurisdiction over Certain Property
Ch. 9. Homeownership Protection From Predatory Lending Ordinance
Ch. 10. Judicial Eviction Ordinance
Title 14. Public Safety and Regulation (2009)
Ch. 1. Law Enforcement and Police Force
Ch. 2. Fire and Rescue
Ch. 3. Animal Control
Ch. 4. Liquor Control
Ch. 5. Food Service Ordinance
Ch. 6. Application of Non-Tribal Laws
Ch. 7. Firearms
Ch. 8. Hazardous Materials Releases
Ch. 9. Exclusion Act
Ch. 10. Marina Operation Code
Title 15. Commerce (2012)
Ch. 1. GTB Secured Transactions Ordinance
Ch. 1a. GTB Governmental Secured Transactions Ordinance
Ch. 2. GTB Economic Development Corporation - Federal Charter of Incorporation
Ch. 3. (Reserved)
Ch. 4. GTB Construction Company
Ch. 5. GTB Rental and Leasing Company
Ch. 6. (Reserved)
Ch. 7. Transfer of Assets Ordinance
Ch. 8. GTB Tribal Limited Liability Company Code
Title 16. Education and Culture (2009)
Ch. 1. Intent to Establish Tribal School; Financing
Ch. 2. GTB Tribal School Code
Title 17. Tribal Services (2010)
Ch. 1. Burial Fund Code
Ch. 2. Six County Service Area Guidelines
Title 18. Gaming (2009)
Ch. 1. Findings, Purpose and Policy
Ch. 2. Definitions
Ch. 3. General Provisions; Policy Background
Ch. 4. Tribal Gaming Commission
Ch. 5. Economic Development Corporation
Ch. 6. Gaming Licenses
Ch. 7. Gaming Employee Licenses
Ch. 8. Provisions of General Applicability to All Gaming Operators
Ch. 9. Enforcement
Ch. 10. Operation of Tribally-Owned or Tribally-Operated Games
Ch. 11. Authorized Games
Ch. 12. Electronic Devices or Service Provider Licenses
Ch. 13. Procedure for a Certificate of Rehabilitation for the Limited Purpose of Obtaining a GTB Gaming License
Ch. 14. Drug and Alcohol Testing
Ch. 15. Labor Standards
Ch. 16. Revenue Allocation
          Subchapter 1. Revenue Allocation Ordinance
          Subchapter 2. (Reserved)
Ch. 17. Labor Relations Ordinance