Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon - Ordinances

Table of Contents
Updated: September 2014

The tribe makes their tribal ordinances available online. Choose the Tribal Ordinances Folder, then the Current folder to access the documents. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Annual Timber Use Policy and Minor Forest Products Ordinance 1996-08-27

Budget and Appropriations Ordinance 2013-09-11

Burial Fund Ordinance 1995-03-29

Children and Families Ordinance 2012-09-12

Divorce Ordinance 1995-03-27

Elders' Retirement Program and SSI Program Ordinance 1996-07-17

Election Ordinance 2009-01-28

Employment Action Review Ordinance 2014-07-02

Enrollment Ordinance 2014-07-02

Environmental Protection Ordinance 1998-02-25

Executive Management Ordinance 2003-03-05

Fiscal Management Ordinance 2002-10-09

Fish and Wildlife Ordinance 1996-05-08

Forest Practices Ordinance 2007-10-24

Gaming Ordinance 2006-05-31

General Committee and Special Events Board Ordinance 2012-01-25

Governmental Corporations Ordinance 2013-02-27

Governmental Relations Ordinance 2006-09-27

Guardianship and Conservatorship Ordinance 2013-12-18

Hotel Occupancy Tax Ordinance 2011-07-06

Liquor Ordinance 2008-06-18

Member Benefit Fund Ordinance 2011-07-06

Name Change and Birth Certification Ordinance 1992-09-30

Personnel Management Ordinance 2007-02-07

Procurement Ordinance 2002-10-09

Program Authorization and Evaluation Ordinance 1993-09-01

Public Records Ordinance 2012-05-16

Public Safety Ordinance 2011-03-02

Right to Work Ordinance 2008-10-08

Small Claims Court Ordinance 1993-07-14

TERO Ordinance 2013-11-06

Tobacco Ordinance 2001-09-26

Trespass and Exclusion Ordinance 2012-10-24

Tribal Bond Ordinance 1996-04-17

Tribal Building Code Ordinance 2010-09-08

Tribal Council Ordinance 2013-09-25

Tribal Court Ordinance 2013-10-23

Tribal Debt Collection Ordinance 2005-08-03

Tribal Ethical Standards Ordinance 2013-04-10

Tribal Government Organization and Procedures Ordinance 1994-07-19

Tribal Government Purpose 1994-06-01

Tribal Housing Ordinance 2002-07-17

Tribal Police Ordinance 2012-05-16

Tribal Prevailing Wage Ordinance 2006-06-28

Tribal Tort Claims Ordinance 2012-05-16

Workers' Compensation Ordinance 2011-03-30

[Table of Contents created by NILL in September 2014, based on materials available on tribe's website.]