Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma - Tribal Code

Published: 2014

An unnanotated version of the code is published at the tribal court's website (see CNCA- Searchable PDF in left-hand column). Please contact the library for assistance or more information.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Principal Chief’s Foreword

Speaker of the Council’s Foreword

Attorney General’s Foreword

Officials of the Cherokee Nation

Publisher’s Preface

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Act of Union Between the Eastern and Western Cherokees

1839 Constitution of the Cherokee

1975 Constitution of the Cherokee Nation

1999 Constitution of the Cherokee Nation

Title 1. Administrative Procedure

Title 2. Agriculture and Animals

Title 3. Aircraft and Airports

Title 4. Amusements and Sports

Title 5. Attorneys

Title 6. Banks and Trust Companies

Title 7. Blind Persons

Title 8. Cemeteries

Title 9. Census

Title 10. Children

Title 11. Citizenship

Title 12. Civil Procedures

Title 13. Common Carriers

Title 14. Commissions and Other Entities

Title 15. Contracts

Title 16. Conveyances

Title 17. Reserved

Title 18. Corporations

Title 19. Council