Bay Mills Tribal Code

Updated: May 25, 2011

Table of Contents

Ch. I - Tribal Court

Ch. II - Court of Appeals

Ch. III - Rules for All Actions Before Tribal Court

Ch. IV - Rules for Civil Cases

Ch. V - Rules for Criminal Cases

Ch. VI - Law and Order Code

Ch. VII - Juvenile Code

Ch. VIII - Motor Vehicle and Parking Code

Ch. IX - Law Enforcement Officers

Ch. X - Divorce

Ch. XI - Adoption

Ch. XII - Conservation

Ch. XIII - Guardianship

Ch. XIV - Marriage

Ch. XV - Elder Protection

Ch. XVI - Snowmobiles

Ch. XVII - Off-road Vehicles

Ch. XVIII - Tax Division


Curfew Ordinance for Minors

Liquor Ordinance

Dog Control Ordinance

Ownership of Wolf Hybrid Animals

Motor Vehicle License and Registration Ordinance

Resolution Speed Limit in Housing Areas