Veterans’ Day – Remember those that served


In many Native American traditions, the role of warrior is a sacred trust.  Though a degree of glory might be won, that was not the primary goal.  Protecting family and community, personal responsibility and respect for traditions played much bigger roles. 

Crazy Horse, one of the warriors best known to a wide audience, was a quiet and humble man, rarely speaking of his experiences in battle.  Yet his community was well aware of his courage and sacrifices and what they meant to their survival.  Today, Tribes and Native communities across the country continue this tradition of respect for warriors and their sacrifices. 

Despite a sometimes contentious relationship with the U.S. Government, Native Americans remain resolutely patriotic.  Native young men and women are among the first to answer the nation’s call when soldiers are needed, serving with distinction in every branch of the service.  When they return from service, soldiers are remembered and thanked not just for a day, but for a lifetime.  Veterans are accorded a place of honor at the front of every parade and procession at every pow-wow and gathering.

November 12th, at NARF, we will be honoring our employees and relatives who have served in the military with a feast, prayers and songs.  Please take a moment that day to recognize the veterans in your own lives, whether friends, co-workers or loved ones.  All our warriors are sacred.  Let us remember them on Veterans’ Day and every day.