Please consider a New Year donation to support Native rights


As we wind down one year and head into the next, we would like to take a moment to reflect and to wish health, happiness, and peace to you and your families.

While many of our holiday traditions have evolved over the centuries, the calendar cycle has remained constant.  Each year, December marks the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.  We note it not because we like darkness and cold, but because it marks a turning point, the start of the journey toward light, warmth and new life.  And a new year.

For 44 years, NARF has also followed the light, the light toward justice.  When Supreme Court cases go against us, or governmental policies ignore or trample Native rights, it is easy to feel we are in the winter of justice, mired in darkness and cold. Somehow we remain optimistic, that the light is ahead and that unwavering determination will prevail.

Thank you for sharing that optimism and walking with us toward the light!  And, as we look ahead to the New Year we hope that you will consider pledging to help NARF to continue to stand firm for justice for Native Americans in 2015.