Niwot Native American Film Festival – Opal


Friday, November 2 –  7:30pm-9:30pm
Located at Elysian Fields Auctions 6924 79th Street, Niwot  (Look for the signs!)
Festival is free – Donations accepted!
Film Festival Director Ava Hamilton (Arapaho filmmaker) will introduce the film. 

November 2, 2012 ~ Opal –  This is a short film about a young Navajo girl who takes on the town bully.  When Opal is beat up by the bully, she and her friend Bunny take matters into their own hands.  This is a portrait of a tough little girl who won’t take no for an answer.  It serves as a metaphor for all of the places that little girls aren’t allowed to go, the things they are forbidden to do.  This is every little Navajo girl’s chance to power through diversity, to push by the people who are keeping them from what they want to do.

Ramona Emerson is originally from Tohatchi and Santa Fe and in 2010 was one of four writers and filmmakers selected to participate in the Sundance Film Festival’s Native Filmakers Ford Foundation Fellowship Program.  Emerson’s Sundance connection continues throught the 2012 festival with Opal.   She wrote, directed and co-produced  this screenplay.

“I knew at a very young age that I wanted to make films and somehow I have managed to keep at it for many years. The ability to transfer those early memories on the reservation of going to the movies with my grandmother, to the actual reality of making films, has been a dream come true,” she said. “`Opal’ is a reflection of that and of the personal stories I love to tell. My hope is to create a story that reflects a very true representation of what it’s like to grow up on the Navajo Nation, but more importantly, questions the roles of women and girls both on and off the reservation.”  (From the Native American Times)

Festival is hosted by Native American Producers Alliance & Ni-wot Prairie Productions
Sponsors: Elysian Fields Auctions, Native American Rights Fund, and WHIZZBang Studios
Contact info: 303-931-3084