Niwot Native American Film Festival – First Friday, December 6 – 7:30 PM – Robert’s Paintings


Located at Elysian Fields Auctions 6924 79th Street, Niwot, Colorado  (Look for flags along 79th Street in Niwot near intersection of Niwot Rd. & 79th St. in Niwot.) Screenings are FREE with a suggested donation. Ava Hamilton of Native American Producers Alliance & Film Festival Curator / Director will introduce the documentaries and films.
Robert's Paintings
Robert’s Paintings
Director: Shelley Niro
As elegant and articulate as its subject, Robert’s Paintings examines the life and career of artist, curator, educator and cultural theorist Robert Houle. Houle’s work is, as W. Jackson Rushing has written, “notable for its sensual formalism and sensitivity to materials and their symbolic properties.” Houle draws from the long and sophisticated visual tradition of First Nations cultures, demonstrating their currency in contemporary art milieus. He also draws on Western art conventions to tackle lingering aspects of European colonization of First Nations people. His vast body of work represents a profound discourse on politics and aesthetics central to Indigenous ways of being, knowing and relating to complex philosophies and histories of oppression, resistance and sovereignty. Niro’s beautiful and compelling documentary paints an intimate portrait of this hugely influential and important artist, widely recognized for his role in the recovery and recontextualization of Canadian Indigenous heritage through art.
Shelley Niro is a Mohawk member of the Six Nations of the Grand River and belongs to the Turtle Clan. Niro is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work has shown internationally.
Sponsors:  Native American Producers Alliance (NAPA), Ni-wot Prairie Productions (NPP), Elysian Fields Auction Company, Native American Rights Fund (NARF), and WHIZZBang Studios
For information, please contact: Elizabeth Darling at: or 303-931-3084.  Native American Producers Alliance and Ni-wot Prairie Productions are 501(c)(3) organizations.