Constitution of the Yavapai-Apache Nation

Amended: 1992

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.


Table of Contents

BIA Letter (April 14, 1992)
Article I - Jurisdiction
Article II - Membership

Section 1. Requirements
Section 2. Adoption
Section 3. Proof of Paternity or Maternity
Section 4. No Dual Enrollment
Section 5. Admission Procedures
Article III - Organization of the Government
Section 1. Three Branches of Government
Article IV - The Tribal Council
Section 1. Legislative Body
Section 2. Terms of Office
Section 3. Selection of Secretary and Treasurer
Section 4. Meetings of the Council
Section 5. Quorum
Section 6. Removal
Section 7. Recall
Section 8. Conflict of Interest
Section 9. Code of Ethics
Article V - Powers of the Tribal Council
Article VI - The Judiciary

Section 1. The Judiciary
Section 2. Jurisdiction of the Court
Section 3. Power of the Courts
Section 4. Composition of the Court
Section 5. Appointment of Judges
Section 6. Term of Office
Section 7. Court of Appeals
Section 8. Qualifications of Judges
Section 9. Compensation
Section 10. Disqualification to Act
Section 11. Removal of Judges
Section 12. Right to Appeal
Section 13. Court Rules
Section 14. Revised Law and Order Code
Article VII - The Executive Department
Section 1. Executives
Section 2. Duties

Article VIII - Elections
Section 1. Nominations
Section 2. Election Board
Section 3. Qualifications for Office
Section 4. Primary Elections
Section 5. General Elections
Section 6. Special Elections
Section 7. The First Election
Section 8. Eligible Voters
Section 9. Voter Registration
Section 10. Selection of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
Section 11. Voting District
Section 12. Secret Ballot
Section 13. Absentee Voting
Section 14. Election Results
Section 15. Tie Votes
Section 16. Oath of Office
Section 17. Challenges to Election Results
Section 18. Vacancies
Section 19. Election Ordinance
Article IX - Bill of Rights
Article X - Duties of the Officers
Article XI - Land

Section 1. No Allotments
Section 2. Assignments
Article XII - Meetings of the Tribe
Article XIII - Sovereign Immunity
Article XIV - Referendum and Initiative
Article XV - Ordinances and Resolutions

Section 1. Ordinances
Section 2. Resolutions
Section 3. Form
Section 4. Review
Article XVI - Amendments
Article XVII - Savings Clause
Article XVIII - Severability
Article XIX - Adoption of Constitution
Certificate of Results of Election


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