Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians - Constitution
Table of Contents

Amended: 2010; Received: July 2012

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Table of Contents (2005 and 2010 constitutions have the same tables of contents)


Article 1. Sovereign rights and powers (1. Sovereign rights and powers. 2. Treaty rights reserved. 3. Treaty rights not restricted. 4. Rights and powers not diminished).

Article 2. Tribal law (1. Tribal law. 2. Rule of law).

Article 3. Jurisdiction and territory (1. Sovereign powers. 2. Territory. 3. Indian Child Welfare Act service area).

Article 4. Tribal land (1. Classification of tribal lands. 2. Reclassification or transfer of tribal lands. 3. Tribal land use and conservation code. 4. Long term land acquisition and development plan. 5. Article construction).

Article 5. Membership (1. Membership rights and powers. 2. Band membership. 3. Enrollment code and procedures. 4. Relinquishment of membership rights. 5. Rights of appeal).

Article 6. Governance of the band.

Article 7. Records and meetings of the band (1. Records of the band. 2. Open meetings).

Article 8. Membership meetings (1. Membership meetings called by Tribal Council. 2. Membership meeting called by petition. 3. Scope of meetings).

Article 9. Duties and powers of the Tribal Council (1. Duties of Tribal Council. 2. Powers of the Tribal Council. 3. Action by Tribal Council. 4. Meetings of the Tribal Council. 5. Quorum for Tribal Council meetings. 6. Meetings of the tribal membership).

Article 10. Tribal Council (1. Composition. 2. Qualifications for Tribal Council, members and candidates. 3. Elders Council representative. 4. Terms of office. 5. Duties of Tribal Council members. 6. Recall and removal of Tribal Council members. 7. Compensation).

Article 11. Elders Council (1. Elders Council role. 2. Elders Council code).

Article 12. Tribal judiciary (1. Judicial powers and jurisdiction. 2. Judicial independence. 3. Court funding and administration. 4. Judicial responsibility. 5. Composition of the tribal court system. 6. Initial and succeeding terms of office. 7. Qualifications. 8. Selection. 9. Practice and procedure. 10. Removal of tribal judges. 11. Compensation).

Article 13. Elections (1. Election code. 2. Election Board. 3. Duties of the Election Board. 4. Voting and election procedure. 5. Installation of elected officials. 6. Initial election of Tribal Council under this Constitution. 7. Funding).

Article 14. Membership petition, initiative and referendum (1. Membership petitions. 2. Initiative. 3. Referendum. 4. Effective date).

Article 15. Recall, removal, and vacancies (1. Recall: dismissal from office by voters of the band. 2. Removal: dismissal from office initiated by Tribal Council. 3. Vacancies in Tribal Council, the Election Board, the tribal judiciary or the Salary Commission).

Article 16. Constitutional rights.

Article 17. Conflict of interest and code of ethics (1. Personal financial interest. 2. Employment prohibitions. 3. Code of ethics).

Article 18. Sovereign immunity (1. Tribal immunity. 2. Waivers of immunity. 3. Personal suits against the Pokagon Band in tribal court).

Article 19. Severability.

Article 20. Impairment of contracts.

Article 21. Constitutional review.

Article 22. Amendments.

Article 23. Savings clause (1. Prior enactments. 2. Governing body upon adoption).

Article 24. Adoption of the Constitution.