Constitution of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Amended: March 8, 2016

The tribe makes their Constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the code available on the municode website .

Full text of Constitution

Table of Contents

Article I - Membership

Section 1. Eligibility
Section 2. Powers of to Determine Membership
Section 3. Membership Ordinance
Section 4. Adoption and Loss of Membership
Article II - Rights of Members
Section 1. Individual Rights
Article III - Territory and Authority of Government
Section 1. Territory
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Savings Clause
Article IV - Branches of Government
Section 1. General Council
Section 2. Powers of the General Council
Section 3. Tribal Council
Section 4. Powers of the Tribal Council
Article V - Council Procedures
Section 1. General Council
Section 2. Tribal Council
Article VI - Powers and Duties of the Officers
Section 1. Chairman
Section 2. Vice-Chairman
Section 3. Treasurer
Section 4. Secretary

Article VII - Elections
Section 1. Voters
Section 2. Election Ordinance
Section 3. Tribal Council Officer and At Large Member Election
Section 4. Vacancies
Section 5. Oath of Office
Article VIII - Popular Participation in Government
Section 1. Initiative
Section 2. Referendum
Section 3. Recall
Section 4. Removal following Impeachment
Article IX - Amendments
Section 1. Resolution of Tribal Council
Section 2. Petition by General Council
Section 3. Voting Requirements
Article X - Tribal Administrative Plan of Operations
Article XI - Adoption

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