Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi - Tribal Constitution

Last amended: 2013

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

Table of Contents

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Article I - Name

Section 1. Name.
Article II - Territory; Jurisdiction
Section 1. Territory.
Section 2. Jurisdiction; Guiding Principles.
Section 3. Tribal Government Offices; Official Records.
Article III - Membership
Section 1. Eligibility: Procedure.
Section 2. Membership Roll.
Section 3. Membership by Adoption.
Section 4. Rights of Adopted Members.
Section 5. Relinquishment of Membership.
Section 6. Disenrollment.
Section 7. Re-Enrollment.
Section 8. Enrollment Law.
Article IV - Governing Council
Section 1. Governing Body.
Section 2. Term of Office.
Section 3. Officers and Bylaws.
Section 4. Qualifications.
Section 5 Quorum.
Section 6. Action by the Tribal Council.
Section 7. Meetings of the Tribal Council.
Section 8. Removal from office.
Section 9. Recall.
Section 10. Vacancies.
Article V - Elections
Section 1. Elections.
Section 2. Appointment and Duties.
Section 3. Eligible Voters.
Article VI - Powers
Section 1. Powers.
Section 2. Reservation of Powers; Future Delegation of Power.
Section 3. Boards and Committees.
Article VII - Limitations on the Exercise of Governmental Powers
Section 1. Individual Rights.
Section 2. Impairment of Contracts Prohibited.
Section 3. Access to Official Band Records.
Article VIII - Right of Referendum and Initiative
Section 1. Referendum.
Section 2 Initiative.
Section 3. Referendum Initiative Election.
Section 4. Effective Date.
Article IX - Land
Section 1. Tribal Lands.
Section 2. Long Term land Acquisition and Development Plan.
Section 3. Transfers to the United States.
Section 4. Sale or Transfer of Certain Lands Prohibited.
Section 5. Rights of Persons Holding Assignments.
Article X - Sovereign Immunity
Section 1. Tribal Immunity.
Section 2. Authorization of Suits against Officials and Employees of the Band.
Article XI - Tribal Judiciary
Section 1. Tribal Court Established.
Section 2. Composition of the Tribal Court System.
Section 3. Jurisdiction.
Section 4. Judicial Appointments.
Section 5. Qualifications.
Section 6. Terms.
Section 7. Court Administration.
Section 8. Removal of Judge or Justice.
Article XII - Amendments
Certificate of Results of Election