Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation - Constitution
Table of Contents

Received August 2012; Amendments through 2006

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Table of Contents

Article I - Preamble

Article II - Jurisdiction

Article III - Membership
Section 1. Requirements
Section 2. Ordinances
Section 3. Dual Enrollment Prohibition
Section 4. Relinquishment of Membership

Article IV - Branches of Government

Article V - Tribal Council
Section 1.
Section 2.

Article VI - Powers of the Tribal Council
Section 1. Tribal Council Powers
Section 2. Limitations on Powers

Article VII - Tribal Court
Section 1.
Section 2.
Section 3.
Section 4.

Article VIII - Sovereign Immunity
Section 1. Suits against the Band in Tribal Court
Section 2. Immunity of Tribal Council Members and Employees
Section 3. Immunity of Band from Suit

Article IX - Rights of Members
Section 1. Individual Rights

Article X - Initiative and Referendum
Section 1. Initiative
Section 2. Referendum

Article XI - Recall, Removal and Forfeiture
Section 1. Recall from Office by Petition of Tribal Membership
Section 2. Removal from Office by Tribal Council
Section 3. Automatic Forfeiture of Office

Article XII - Elections
Section 1. Voters
Section 2. Manner of Vote
Section 3. Tribal Council Elections
Section 4. Election Statute
Section 5. Elections
Section 6. Vacancies
Section 7. Appeal Rights

Article XIII - Duties of Officers
Section 1.
Section 2.
Section 3.
Section 4.

Article XIV - Conduct of Business
Section 1. Procedure of Tribal Council
Section 2. Meetings of the Tribal Council
Section 3. Agenda
Section 4. Quorom
Section 5. Participating in Meetings
Section 6. Ordinances
Section 7. Resolutions
Section 8. Motions
Section 9. Conflict of Interest
Section 10. Minutes of Meetings
Section 11. General Tribal

Article XV - Tribal Lands
Section 1. Land Use Ordinance
Section 2. Land Use Assignment

Article XVI - Amendments to the Constitution

Article XVII - Adoption of the Constitution

Article XVIII - Severability

Article XIX - Certificate of Results of Election