Muckleshoot Indian Tribe - Tribal Constitution

Last amended: June 28, 1977, though Amendment 13

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

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Table of Contents


Article I. Name and territory
Section 1. Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Section 2. Jurisdiction/Territory
Section 3. Jurisdiction/Personal

Article II. Membership [Sections 1-2].  
Article III. Governing body [Sections 1-4].  
Article IV. Elections and nominations for the Council [Sections 1-6].
Article V. Vacancies and removal from office [Sections 1-4].
Article VI. Powers of the Council (1. Enumerated powers.  2. Manner of review.  3. Future powers.  4. Reserved powers).  
Article VII. Bill of Rights (1. Economic rights.  2. Civil rights.  3. Rights of accused).  
Article VIII. Land (1. Allotted lands.  2. Tribal lands.  3. Leasing of tribal lands.  4. Grant of standard assignments.  5. Tenure of standard assignments.  6. Grant of exchange assignments.  7. Leasing of exchange assignments.  8. Inheritance of exchange assignments.  9. Inheritance of improvements.  10. Exchange of assignments.  11. Use of unassigned tribal land.  12. Purchase of land by tribe.  13. Method of making assignments).
Article IX. Amendments.

Bylaws for Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Article I. Duties of officers (1. Chairman of the Tribal Council.  2. Vice Chairman of the Tribal Council.  3. Secretary of the Tribal Council.  4. Treasurer of the Tribal Council.  5. Appointive officers).  
Article II. Qualifications of the members of the Tribal Council.  
Article III. Certification of election.  
Article IV. Installation of Councilmen.
Article V. Salaries.
Article VI. Time and place of regular meeting and procedure (1. Meetings. 2. Annual General Council.  3. Quorum.  4. Order of business.  5. Ordinances and regulations.  6. Legislative forms).  
Article VII. Central General Council.  Article VIII. Certification of adoption.

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