Ketchikan Indian Corporation - Tribal Constitution and By-Laws

Dated: 2012

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Table of Contents

2012 constitution at the tribe's website.


Article I: Jurisdiction

Article II: Membership
Section 1. Members.
Section 2. Dual Membership Prohibited.
Section 3. Regulation of Membership .
Section 4. Ordinance.

Article III: Council
Section1. Number and Term.
Section 2. Elections and Vacancies.
Section 3. Officers.
Section 4. Meetings; Action without Meeting.
Section 5. Quorum.
Section 6. Removal.
Section 7. By-laws.

Article IV: Elections
Section1. Annual.
Section 2. Special.
Section 3. Notice.
Section 4. Members of Record.
Section 5. Quorum.
Section 6. Voting.

Article V: Powers

Article VI: Bill of Rights

Article VII: Amendment

Article VIII: Severability

Certification of Adoption and Approval


2012 By-Laws at the tribe's website

Article I: Membership

Article II: Council
Section 1: Number, Classification and Term
Section 2: Regular Meetings
Section 3: Special Meetings
Section 4: Annual Election
Section 5: Vacancies
Section 6: Recall Elections

Article III: Officers
Section 1: Officers in General
Section 2: Duties of the President and Vice President
Section 3: Duties of the Secretary
Section 4: Duties of the Treasurer

Article IV: Elections
Section 1: Time and Place of Annual Election
Section 2: Election Procedures

Article V: Amendment

Certification of Adoption and Approval


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