Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians - Constitution
Table of Contents

Received: July 2012; Amended: 1994

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Table of Contents


Article I - Name

Article II - Territory and Jurisdiction
Section 1.
Section 2. Jurisdiction

Article III - Membership
Section 1. Membership
Section 2. Adoptions
Section 3. Appeal
Section 4. Membership Roll
Section 5. Ordinance
Section 6. Corrections in Roll
Section 7. Dual Enrollment

Article IV - Bill of Rights
Section 1

Article V - Governing Body
Section 1. Tribal Council
Section 2. Composition
Section 3. Terms of Office
Section 4. Offices Defined
Section 5. Duties of Tribal Officers
(a) Chairman
(b) Vice-chairman
(c) Treasurer
(d) Secretary

Article VI - Power of the Tribal Council
Section 1. Enumerated Powers
Section 2. Secretarial Approval
Section 3. Future Powers
Section 4. Reserved Powers

Article VII - Meetings
Section 1.
(a) Regular Meetings
(b) General Council Meetings
(c) Special Meetings
(d) Agenda
(e) Quorom
(f) Minutes
(g) Order of Business
(h) Enactments
(i) Compensation of Tribal Council

Article VIII - Registration and Voting
Section 1. Voters
Section 2. Eligible Voter's List

Article IX - Candidates for Office
Section 1. Eligibility of Candidates for Chairman or Vice-Chairman
Section 2. Eligibility of Candidates
Section 3. Ruling of Candidacy
Section 4. Appeal Rights of Rejected Candidates

Article X - Election
Section 1. Tribal Council Election
Section 2. Installation
Section 3. Oath of Office
Section 4. Election Ordinance
Section 5. Tribal Election Committee

Article XI - Vacancies, Removal and Forfeiture from Office
Section 1. Vacancy of Office
Section 2. Removal
Section 3. Recall
Section 4. Forfeiture

Article XII - Popular Participation in Government
Section 1. Tribal Initiative
Section 2. Tribal Referendum

Article XIII - Judicial Branch of Government
Section 1. Tribal Judiciary
Section 2. Power of the Courts
Section 3. Jurisdiction
Section 4. Term of Officer
Section 5. Qualifications
Section 6. Removal
Section 7. Rules of Procedures

Article XIV - Land

Article XV - Sovereign Immunity
Section 1.
Section 2.
Section 3.

Article XVI - Adoption of Constitution
Section1. Adoption
Section 2. Savings Clause
Section 3. Prior Inconsistent Actions Nulilfied
Section 4. Former Constitution and Bylaws

Article XVII - Amendments
Section 1. Amendments to the Constitution
Section 2. Election for Amendments

Article XVIII - Severability