Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, California - Tribal Constitution

Effective: August 22, 2009

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The links below will take you to the copy of the constituion at the tribe's website.

See tribe's current constitution:
At tribe's website.
At Nothern California Intertribal Court System's website.

Table of Contents


Article I - Name

Article II - Jurisdiction

Article III - Membership

Article IV - Governing Body

Article V - Elections
Section 1. Voter Qualifications.
Section 2. Qualifications of Candidates.
Section 3. [Secret Ballot].
Section 4. [Election Committee].
Section 5. First Elections.
Section 6. Nominations.
Section 7. Election Ordinance.

Article VI - Removal, Recall and Forfeiture
Section 1. Removal.
Section 2. Recall.
Section 3. Forfeiture.

Article VII - Vacancies

Article VIII - Council Enactments
Section 1. Ordinances.
Section 2. Resolutions and Motions.
Section 3. Codification of Ordinances and Resolutions.
Section 4. [Quorum].
Section 5. [Intentionally Deleted].
Section 6. [Copies].

Article IX - Powers of the Tribal Council

Article X - Meetings
Section 1. Tribal Council Meetings.
Section 2. General Council Meetings.

Article XI - Bill of Rights

Article XII - Duties of Officers
Section 1. [Newly Elected Officers].
Section 2. Chairperson.
Section 3. Vice-Chairperson.
Section 4. Secretary.
Section 5. Treasurer.

Article XIII - Judiciary

Article XIV - Amendment

Article XV - Referendum

Article XVI - Serverability

Article XVII - Adoption

Article XVIII - Certificate of Results of Election [Intentionally Deleted]

Article XIX - Certificate of Approval [Intentionally Deleted]

Resolution No. 09-08-25 certifying the results of the August 22, 2009 election to amend the Hopland Band Constitution

[Table of Contents created by NILL in August 2021, based on materials available on tribe's website.]