Delaware Nation, Oklahoma - Tribal Constitution - Table of Contents

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

[Table of Contents created by NILL based on print materials from 2000.]

Table of Contents


Article I. Name.

Article II. Purpose.

Article III. Citizenship of Tribe -- [Sections 1-5].

Article IV. General Council.

Article V. Executive Committee -- 1. Composition. 2. Term of office.

Article VI. Powers -- [Sections 1-2].

Article VII. Elections -- 1. Bi-annual elections. 2. Date of elections. 3. Election ordinance. 4. Voter qualifications. 5. Qualifications of candidates. 6. Filling of vacancies.

Article VIII. Meetings -- 1. Annual meetings of the general council. 2. Special meetings of the general council. 3. Notice of special general council meeting. 4. All meetings of executive committee.

Article IX. Vacancies.

Article X. Popular participation in government -- [Sections 1-2].

Article XI. Removal.

Article XII. Bill of Rights -- [Sections 1-4].

Article XIII. Amendments.

Article XIV. Duties of officers -- 1. The president. 2. The vice-president. 3. The secretary. 4. The treasurer. 5. The committeemen. 6. Transfer of records.

Article XV. Conduct of meetings -- 1. Place. [Section 2]. 3. Quorum.

Article XVI. Adoption.