Crow Tribe of Montana - Tribal Constitution

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The links below will take you to the versions of the constitution available on the tribe's website or the Montana Indian Law website.

2001 Crow Constitution (tribe's website)
Constitution (at Montana Indian Law website)

Table of Contents


Article I - Governing Body

Article II - Territory

Aricle III - Membership
Section 1. Membership Criteria
Section 2. Dual Membership Prohibited
Section 3. Enrollment Ordinance

Article IV - Executive Branch of Government
Section 1. Executive Officers
Section 2. Executive Officer Compensation
Section 3. Enumerated Powers
Section 4. General Duties
Section 5. Chairman's Duties and Authorities
Section 6. Secretary's Duties

Article V - Legislative Branch of Government
Section 1. Membership
Section 2. Powers and Duties
Section 3. Meetings
Section 4. Speaker of the House
Section 5. Secretary of the Legislature
Section 6. Proposed Legislation
Section 7. Executive Branch Chairman's Proposed Legislation
Section 8. Approval and Veto of Legislation
Section 9. Conflict of Interest

Article VI - Elections
Section 1. Executive Branch Elections
Section 2. Legislative Branch Elections
Section 3. Eligible Voters
Section 4. Candidate Requirements
Section 5. Election Ordinance

Article VII - Vacancies
Section 1. Executive Branch
Section 2. Legislative Branch

Article VIII - Removal and Recall
Section 1. Executive Branch
Section 2. Legislative Branch
Section 3. Recall

Article IX - Referendum and Initiative
Section 1. Referendum
Section 2. Intitiative

Article X - Judicial Branch of Government

Article XI - Bill of Rights
Section 1. Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly; Establishment Clause
Section 2. United States Citizenship
Section 3. Rights of Property
Section 4. Intersection with the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968

Article XII - Amendments

Article XIII - Adoption

Article XIV - Severability

Article XV - Approval

[Table of Contents created by NILL in December 2013, based on materials available on tribe's website.]