Affiliated Ute Citizens of the State of Utah - Constitution and Bylaws

Adopted: May 12, 1956

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Table of Contents


Article I. Membership.

Article II. Board of Directors - [Sections 1-5].

Article III. Nominations and elections - [Sections 1-3].

Article IV. Vacancies and removal from office - [Sections 1-3].

Article V. Powers of the Board of Directors - [Section 1].

Article VI. Amendments.


Article I. Duties of officers -- 1. President.  2. Vice President.  3. Secretary.  4. Treasurer.  5. Appointed officers.

Article II. Salaries.

Article III. Meetings -- 1. General membership meetings.  2. Special membership meetings.  3. Meetings of the Board of Directors.  4. Quorum.

Article IV. Nominations and elections.

Article V. Amendments.

Certificate of adoption.