Yavapai-Prescott Tribe of the Yavapai Reservation, Arizona - Tribal Code

Dated: 1979

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Table of Contents.


CHAPTER ONE THE COURT AND PROCEDURE Section 1.1 Jurisdiction Over Indians Section 1.2 Concurrent Jurisdiction Section 1.3 Territorial Jurisdiction Section 1.4 Section 1.5 Composition of Court Section 1.6 Appointment of Judges and Filling of Vacancies Section 1.7 Terms of Office Section 1.8 Qualifications Section 1.9 Disqualification to Act Section 1.10 Liability for Payment of Fines Section 1.11 Removal of Judges Section 1.12 Duties Section 1.13 Duties - Records and Fines to be Transmitted Section 1.14 Right to Jury in Criminal Cases Section 1.15 Jury List to be Prepared Section 1.16 Juries - How Constituted Section 1.17 Verdict Section 1.18 Jurors Fees Section 1.19 Tribal Officer Section 1.20 Bureau of Indian Affairs Police Officers and State Officers May Enforce Ordinances Section 1.21 Rules of Court Section 1.22 Court of Appeals Section 1.23 Right of Appeals Section 1.24 Findings of the Court of Appeals Section 1.25 Appeals - How Taken Section 1.26 Witnesses - Subpoenas Section 1.27 Failure to Obey Subpoenas Section 1.28 Professional Attorneys Section 1.29 Clerk of Court Section 1.30 Court Records Section 1.31 Copies of Laws - Interpretation Section 1.32 Complaints, Forms of Section 1.33 Warrants to Apprehend Section 1.34 Arrests Section 1.35 Search Warrants Section 1.36 Arraignment Section 1.37 Commitments Section 1.38 Trial - Criminal Cases Section 1.39 Bail or Bond Section 1.40 Definition of Signature Section 1.41 Relations with the Court Section 1.42 Establishment of a Coroner's Court Section 1.43 Inquest Procedures Section 1.44 Duty to Report Section 1.45 Contraband, Confiscated, and Abandoned Property

CHAPTER 2 CIVIL ACTIONS Section 2.1 Jurisdiction Section 2.2 Law Applicable to Civil Actions Section 2.3 Judgments in Civil Actions Section 2.4 Damages Section 2.5 Civil Actions Section 2.6 Mitigated Damages Section 2.7 Costs in Civil Actions Section 2.8 Payment of Judgments from Individual Indian Monies Section 2.9 Commencement of Action Section 2.10 Preparation of Claim Section 2.11 Service of Process Section 2.12 Form of Claim, Verification and Notice Section 2.13 Judgment by Default Section 2.14 Memorandum to Plaintiff Section 2.15 Trial - Pre-Trial Settlement Section 2.16 Trial - Procedure Section 2.17 Failure of Parties to Appear Section 2.18 Set-Off or Counterclaim Section 2.19 Judgment - Stay of Entry and Execution - Installment Payment Section 2.20 Judgment for Wages - Examination - Payment Section 2.21 Non-Indian Right of Claim Section 2.22 Appeals

CHAPTER 3 DOMESTIC RELATIONS, DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE AND CHILD CUSTODY AND CONCILIATION Section 3.1 Marriages Section 3.2 Procedure for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation Section 3.3 Definitions Section 3.4 Dissolution of Marriage; Findings Necessary Section 3.5 Decree of Legal Separation; Findings Necessary Section 3.6 Pleadings; Contents; Defense; Joinder of Parties Section 3.7 Temporary Order or Preliminary in Function; Effect Section 3.8 Irretrievable Breakdown; Finding Section 3.9 Separation Agreement; Effect Section 3.10 Disposition of Property Section 3.11 Maintenance; Computation Factors Section 3.12 Child Support; Factors Section 3.13 Representation of Child Counsel; Fees Section 3.14 Payment of Maintenance or Support to Courts; Records Section 3.15 Assignments Section 3.16 Costs and Expenses Section 3.17 Decree; Finality; Restoration of Maiden Name Section 3.18 Independence of Provisions of Decree of Temporary Order Section 3.19 Modification and Termination of Provisions for Maintenance Support and Property Disposition Section 3.20 Separate Trials When Custody or Visitation is an Issue Section 3.21 Jurisdiction; Commencement of Proceedings Section 3.22 Best Interest of Child; Modification of Decree; Fees Section 3.23 Temporary Orders Section 3.24 Interviews by Court: Professional Assistance Section 3.25 Investigations and Reports Section 3.26 Custody Hearings; Priority; Costs; Record Section 3.27 Visitation Rights; Exception Section 3.28 Judicial Supervision Section 3.29 Affidavit; Contents Section 3.30 Conciliation Section 3.31 Investigations Section 3.32 Jurisdiction Section 3.33 Petition Invoking Jurisdiction or For Transfer of Action to Conciliation Division Section 3.34 Petition; Contents Section 3.35 Forms Section 3.36 Fees Section 3.37 Hearing; Time; Place; Notice, Citation, Witnesses Section 3.38 Time and Place of Holding Hearing Section 3.39 Conduct of Hearing Section 3.40 Orders, Duration of Effectiveness; Reconciliation Agreement Section 3.41 Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation, Annulment, Maintenance; Stay of Right to File, Jurisdiction as to Pending Actions Section 3.42 Subsequent Petition Filed Within One (1) Year

CHAPTER 4 HEIRSHIP- PROBATE Section 4.1 Determination of Heirs - Petition Section 4.2 Procedure by Court Section 4.3 Approval of Wills

CHAPTER 5 SENTENCES Section 5.1 Nature of Sentence Section 5.2 Failure to Work - Imprisonment Section 5.3 Additional Penalties Section 5.4 Determining Factors Section 5.5 Probation Section 5.6 Violation of Procedure Section 5.7 Parole Section 5.8 Violation of Parole Section 5.9 Deposit and Disposition of Fines

CHAPTER 6 CRIMINAL CODE Section 6.1 Abduction Section 6.2 Adultery Section 6.3 Attempted Assault Section 6.4 Battery Section 6.5 Aiding or Abetting Section 6.6 Attempted Rape Section 6.7 Bastardy Section 6.8 Bigamy Section 6.9 Breaking and Entering Section 6.10 Bribery Section 6.11 Care of Dependent Persons Section 6.12 Carnal Knowledge of Male or Female Under Eighteen Section 6.13 Carrying Concealed Weapon Section 6.14 Carrying Firearms or Gun Section 6.15 Cheats and Fraud Section 6.16 Contempt of Court Section 6.17 Contributing to the Delinquency and Dependency of a Minor Section 6.18 Cruelty to Animals Section 6.19 Cutting Fence Section 6.20 Cutting Timber Without Permit Section 6.21 Destroying Evidence Section 6.22 Disobedience to Lawful Order of Court Section 6.23 Disorderly Conduct Section 6.24 Discharge of Firearms Section 6.25 Disposing of Property of an Estate Section 6.26 Embezzlement Section 6.27 Escape Section 6.28 Extortion Section 6.29 Failure to Brand Stock Section 6.30 Failure to Send Children to School Section 6.31 False Arrest Section 6.32 Forgery Section 6.33 Fornication Section 6.34 Section 6.35 Fugitive from Justice Section 6.36 Gambling Section 6.37 (Deleted) Section 6.38 Illegal Sale and Purchase of Trust Property Section 6.39 Illicit Cohabitation Section 6.40 Incest Section 6.41 Injury to Public Property Section 6.42 Inhaling Toxic Vapors Section 6.43 Liquor Violations Section 6.44 Maintaining a Public Nuisance Section 6.45 Malicious Mischief Section 6.46 Minors Consuming Alcoholic Beverages Section 6.47 Misbranding Section 6.48 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Section 6.49 Negligent Handling of Campfire and/or Negligent Starting of a FireSection 6.50 Operating a Public Dance Hall Section 6.51 Perjury Section 6.52 Permitting Child's Life, Health, or Morals to be Imperiled Section 6.53 Possession of Marijuana Section 6.54 Prostitution Section 6.55 Receiving Stolen Property Section 6.56 Duty to Assist Law Enforcement Officer Section 6.57 Removal or Destruction of Antiquities Section 6.58 Resisting Lawful Arrest Section 6.59 Shoplifting Section 6.60 Theft Section 6.61 Trespass Section 6.62 Unauthorized Leasing Section 6.63 Unnatural Sex Acts Section 6.64 (Deleted) Section 6.65 Violence to Policeman or Judge Section 6.66 Slander Section 6.67 Explosives Section 6.68 Eligible Age for Court Jurisdiction Section 6.69 Protection of Defendant's Rights Section 6.70 (Deleted) Section 6.71 Misuse of Firearms Section 6.72 Game Violations - Prohibited Acts

CHAPTER 7 JUVENILE CODE Section 7.1 Tribal Juvenile Court Established Section 7.2 Juvenile Court Judges Section 7.3 Jurisdiction Section 7.4 Transfer Section 7.5 Jurisdiction Over Indian Adults Section 7.6 Duties and Powers of Juvenile Judges Section 7.7 Cooperation with Other Agencies Section 7.8 Utilization of Social Services Section 7.9 Placement of Indian Children Section 7.10 Officers - Appointment, Salary and Duties Section 7.11 Operation of the Juvenile Court Section 7.12 Investigation and Hearing Section 7.13 Arrest and Detention of Indian Children Section 7.14 Disposition of Cases Section 7.15 Primiary Consideration - Welfare of the Indian Child Section 7.16 Establishment of Conditions by Court Section 7.17 Hospitalization of an Indian Child Section 7.18 Commitment to Training School Section 7.19 Termination of Parental Rights Section 7.20 Other Disposition of Cases Section 7.21 Periodic Review of Cases Section 7.22 Judgments and Orders Section 7.23 Custody of Indian Children Section 7.24 Support of Indian Children Section 7.25 Appeals Section 7.26 Miscellaneous Provisions Section 7.27 Definitions

CHAPTER 8 REMOVAL OF NON-MEMBERS Section 8.1 Removal of Trespassers Section 8.2 Removal of Law Breakers

CHAPTER 9 HEALTH AND SANITATION Section 9.1 Dead Animals Section 9.2 Domestic Water Section 9.3 Penalties Section 9.4 Illegal Dumping Section 9.5 Food Service Establishments

CHAPTER 10 MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Section 10.1 Taxing Ordinances

CHAPTER 11 ANIMAL CONTROL Section 11.1 Definitions Section 11.2 Rabies Quarantine Area Section 11.3 Licensing of Dogs Section 11.4 Impoundment of Dogs and Other Animals Section 11.5 Establishment of Community Pound; Impounding and Disposing of Dogs Reclaiming Impounded Dogs; Pound Fees Section 11.6 Enforcement Section 11.7 Violations; Penalties Section 11.8 Responsibility for Damages to Animals Section 11.9 Penalty for Damages

CHAPTER 12 TO REGULATE TRAFFIC ON THE YAVAPAI-PRESCOTT RESERVATION ROADS Section 28-302 Registration of Motor Vehicles Section 28-326 Violations; Penalty Section 28-327 Air Pollution Control Devices ARTICLE 2. ISSUANCE, EXPIRATION AND RENEWAL OF LICENSES Section 28-411 Operators and Chauffers must be Licensed; Penalty Section 28-420 Liability of Indian Owner or Donor for Negligence or Willful Misconduct of Unlicensed Minor Under Eighteen (18) Section 28-422.01 License to Operate a Motorcycle and Motor-Driven Cycle; Revocation Section 28-423 License to be Carried and Exhibited on Demand Section 28-424 Restricted Licenses ARTICLE 4. VIOLATIONS OF LICENSE PROVISIONS Section 28-471 Unlawful Use of License Section 28-473 Driving When License Suspended, Revoked or Refused Section 28-474 Permitting Unauthorized Minor to Drive Section 28-475 Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive Section 28-476 Employing Unlicensed Chauffeur ARTICLE 5. PENALTIES Section 28-491 Penalty for Misdemeanor ARTICLE 1. DEFINITIONS Section 28-601 Short Title Section 28-602 Definitions ARTICLE 2. OBEDIENCE TO AND EFFECT OF TRAFFIC LAWS Section 28-621 Provisions of Chapter Refer to Vehicles Upon the Highways; Exceptions Section 28-622 Obedience to Law Enforcement Officers Section 28-623 Public Officers and Employees to Obey Chapter; Exceptions Section 28-624 Authorized Emergency Vehicles Section 28-625 Traffic Laws Apply to Indians Riding Animals or Driving Animal- Drawn Vehicles Section 28-626 Driver's License Section 28-627 Registration of Motor Vehicles Section 28-628 Chapter Not to Interfer with Rights of Indian Owners of Real Property With Reference Thereto ARTICLE 3. TRAFFIC SIGNS, SIGNALS AND MARKINGS Section 28-642 Commission to Place Signs on all State Highways Section 28-644 Obedience to and Required Traffic - Control Devices Section 28-645 Traffic Control Signal Legend Section 28-646 Pedestrian Control Signals; Loitering Prohibited Section 28-647 Flashing Signals Section 28-649 Interference with Official Traiffic Control Devices or Railroad Signs or Signals Section 28-650 Warning Devices at Construction Sites ARTICLE 4. ACCIDENTS Section 28-661 Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injuries Section 28-662 Accidents Involving Damage to Vehicle Section 28-663 Duty to Give Information and Render Aid Section 28-664 Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle Section 28-665 Duty Upon Striking Fixtures Upon a Highway Section 28-666 Immediate Reports of Accidents Section 28-667 Written Reports of Accidents Section 28-668 When Indian Driver Unable to Report Section 28-669 Accident Report Forms Section 28-670 Penalty for Failure to Report Section 28-671 Coroners to Report Section 28-672 Garages to Report Section 28-673 Accident Reports Confidential ARTICLE 5. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED AND RECKLESS DRIVING Section 28-691 Driving While Intoxicated and Reckless Driving Section 28-692 Indians Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or of Drugs; Authorized Testers; Disclosure of Tests; Admissibility as Evidence Section 28-692.01 Punishment for Persons Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or Drugs Section 28-693 Reckless Driving ARTICLE 6. SPEED RESTRICTIONS Section 28-701 Special Restrictions Section 28-701.01 Definitions Section 28-702 Establishment of Reservation Speed Zones Section 28-702.02 Authority to Change Speed Signs on Freeways Section 28-704 Minimum Speed Regulations Section 28-705 Special Speed Limitation on Motor-Driven Cycles Section 28-706 Special Speed Limitations Section 28-707 Charging Violations and Rule in Civil Actions Section 28-708 Racing on Highways; Penalties ARTICLE 7. DRIVING ON RIGHT SIDE OF ROADWAY OVER-TAKING AND PASSING Section 28-721 Driving on Right Side of Roadway; Exceptions Section 28-722 Passing Vehicles Proceeding in Opposite Directions Section 28-723 Over-Taking a Vehicle on the LeftSection 28-724 When Over-Taking on the Right is Permitted Section 28-725 Limitations on Over-Taking on the Left Section 28-726 Further Limitations on Driving to Left of Center of Roadway Section 28-727 No Passing Zones Section 28-729 Driving On Roadway Laned for Traffic Section 28-730 Following too Closely Section 28-731 Driving on Divided Highways Section 28-732 Restricted Access ARTICLE 8. TURNING, STARTING AND SIGNALS ON STOPPING AND TURNING Section 28-751 Required Position and Method of Turning at Intersections Section 28-752 Turning on Curve or Crest of Grade Prohibited Section 28-753 Starting Parked Vehicle Section 28-754 Turning Movements and Required Signals Section 28-755 Signals by Hand and Arm or Signal Devices Section 28-756 Method of Giving Hand and Arm Signals ARTICLE 9. RIGHT OF WAY Section 28-771 Vehicle Approaching or Entering Intersection; Right of Way Exception; Enterin Freeway Section 28-772 Vehicle Turning Left at Intersection Section 28-773 Vehicle Entering Through Highway or Stop Intersection Section 28-774 Vehicle Entering Highway from Private Road or Driveway Section 28-775 Operation of Vehicles on Approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicles ARTICLE 10. PEDESTRIANS' RIGHTS AND DUTIES Section 28-792 Pedestrians' Right of Way in Crosswalks Section 28-793 Cross at Other than Crosswalks Section 28-794 Drivers to Exercise Due Care Section 28-795 Pedestrians to Use Right Half of Crosswalk Section 28-796 Pedestrians on Roadways Section 28-797 School Crossings Section 28-798 Use of White Cane and Other Ambulation of Mobility Devices ARTICLE 11. OPERATION OF BICYCLES AND PLAY VEHICLES Section 28-811 Application of Provisions Section 28-812 Traffic Laws Apply to Persons Riding Bicycles Section 28-813 Riding on Bicycles Section 28-814 Clinging to Vehicles Section 28-815 Riding on Roadways and Bicycle Paths Section 28-816 Carrying Articles Section 28-817 Lamps and Other Equipment on Bicycles ARTICLE 12. SAFETY ZONES Section 28-831 Driving Through Safety Zones Prohibited ARTICLE 13. SPECIAL STOPS REQUIRED Section 28-851 Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach to Train Section 28-853 Certain Vehicles Must Stop at All Railroad Grade Crossings Section 28-854 Moving Heavy Equipment at Railroad Grade Crossings Section 28-855 Stop Signs and Yield Signs Section 28-856 Stop Before Emerging from Alley or Private Driveway Section 28-857 Over-Taking and Passing School Bus Section 28-858 Duty When Approaching Horses and Livestock ARTICLE 14. STOPPING, STANDING OR PARKING Section 28-871 Stopping, Standing or Parking Outside of Business or Residence District Section 28-872 Officers Authorized to Remove Illegally Stopped Vehicles Section 28-873 Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places Section 28-873.01 Parking Privileges for Physically Disabled; Qualification; Application; Violation; Revocation Section 28-874 Additional Parking Regulations ARTICLE 15. MISCELLANEOUS RULES Section 28-891 Limitations on Backing Section 28-892 Riding on Motorcycles Section 28-893 Obstruction to Driver's View or Driving Mechanism Section 28-894 Driving On Mountain Highways Section 28-895 Coasting Prohibited Section 28-896 Driving at Speeds Which Causes Trailer to Sway; Penalty Section 28-897 Crossing Fire Hose Section 28-898 Placing Glass or Other Objects on Roadway Prohibited Section 28-899 Allowing Barbed Wire to Lie Loose Along Highway; Penalty; Liability in Damages ARTICLE 16. EQUIPMENT Section 28-921 Scope and Effect of Regulations Section 28-922 When Lighted Lamps are Required Section 28-923 Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps Section 28-924 Head Lamps on Motor Vehicles Section 28-925 Tail Lamps Section 28-926 New Motor Vehicles to be Equipped with Reflectors Section 28-927 Stop Lamps Required on New Motor Vehicles Section 28-928 Application of Succeeding Sections Section 28-929 Additional Equipment Required on Certain Vehicles Section 28-931 Color of Clearance Lamps, Side Marker Lamps and Reflectors Section 28-932 Mounting of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps and Side Marker Lamps Section 28-933 Visibility of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps and Marker Lamps Section 28-934 Obstructed Lights Not Required Section 28-935 Lamp or Flag on Projecting Load Section 28-936 Lamps on Parked Vehicles Section 28-937 Lamps on Other Vehicles and Equipment Section 28-938 Spot Lamps and Auxiliary Section 28-939 Signal Lamps and Signal Devices Section 28-940 Additional Lighting Equipment Section 28-941 Multiple-Beam Road Lighting Equipment Section 28-942 Use of Multiple-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment Section 28-943 Single-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment Section 28-944 Lighting Equipment on Motor-Driven Cycles Section 28-945 Alternate Road-Lighting Equipment Section 28-946 Number of Driving Lamps Required or Permitted Section 28-947 Special Restrictions on Lamps Section 28-952 Brakes Section 28-954 Horns and Warning Devices Section 28-955 Mufflers; Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution Section 28-956 Mirrors Section 28-957 Windshields Must be Unobstructed and Equipped with Wipers Section 28-958 Restrictions as To Tire Equipment Section 28-958.01 Rear Fender Splash Guards Section 28-960 Certain Vehicles to Carry Flares or Other Warning Devices Section 28-961 Display of Warning Devices When Vehicle Disabled Section 28-962 Vehicles Transporting Explosives Section 28-963 Television Installations Section 28-964 Motorcycles and Motor-Driven Cycles; Required Equipment; Exception ARTICLE 17. INSPECTION OF VEHICLES Section 28-981 Vehicles Without Required Equipment or in Unsafe Conditions Section 28-982 Inspection by Tribal Officers of the Department or by Police Officers Section 28-983 Owners and Drivers to Comply with Inspection Laws Section 28-984 Annual Inspection Required of School Buses ARTICLE 18. SIZE, WEIGHT AND LOAD Section 28-1001 Scope and Effect of Article Section 28-1002 Width of Vehicles Section 28-1003 Projecting Loads on Passenger Vehicles Section 28-1004 Height and Length of Vehicles and Loads; Exceptions Section 28-1005 Special Load Limits Section 28-1006 Loads on Vehicles Section 28-1007 Trailers, Towed Vehicles and Tow Trucks Section 28-1008 Single-Axle Load Limit; Exception Section 28-1009 Gross Weight of Vehicles and Loads Section 28-1010 Tribal Officers May Weigh Vehicles and Require Removal of Excess Loads Section 28-1011 Permits for Excess Size and Weight; Fees Section 28-1012 When the Commission May Restrict Right to Use Highways Section 28-1013 Liability for Damage to Highway or Structure ARTICLE 19. PENALTIES Section 28-1031 Penalties for Misdemeanor; Disposition of Penalties Section 28-1032 Injuring or Preventing Operation of Vehicle; Penalty ARTICLE 20. PARTIES, PROCEDURES UPON ARREST AND REPORTS IN CRIMINAL CASES Section 28-1051 Parties to a Crime Section 28-1052 Offenses by Indians Owning or Controlling Vehicles Section 28-1053 When an Indian Arrested Must be Taken Immediately Before a Tribal Judge Section 28-1054 When Indian Arrested for Misdemeanor to be Given Five (5) Days Notice to Appear in Court Section 28-1056 Violation of Promise to Appear Section 28-1056.01 Disposition of Traffic Violation Charge Against Juvenile Under Eighteen (18) Section 28-1057 Procedure Prescribed in this Article not Exclusive Section 28-1058 Form for Traffic Citations Section 28-1059 Disposition and Records of Traffic Citations Section 28-1060 Illegal Cancellation of Traffic Citation; Audit of Citation Records Section 28-1061 Record of Traffic Cases ABANDONED AND SEIZED VEHICLES Section 28-1401 Definitions Section 28-1401.01 Abandonment Prohibited; Presumption; Removal Section 28-1401.02 Required Report of Towed Vehicles; Violations Section 28-1402 Required Report of Abandoned and Seized Motor Vehicles; Violations Section 28-1404 Notice of Sale Section 28-1405 Sale of Vehicle

CHAPTER 13 TRIBAL ELECTION VIOLATIONS Section 13.1 Bribery of Electorate Section 13.2 Coercion of Elector Section 13.3 Interference with or Corruption of an Election Official Section 13.4 Violations of Duty by Election Officers Section 13.5 Illegal Voting Section 13.6 Penalties

CHAPTER 14 ALCOHOLISM Section 14.1 Definitions Section 14.2 Establishment of Facilities Section 14.3 Treatment of Alcoholics Section 14.4 Treatment and Services for Intoxicated Indians and IndiansIncapacitated by Alcohol Section 14.5 Emergency Admission Section 14.6 Evaluation and Treatment of Persons Charged with A Crime Section 14.7 Payment for Treatment; Financial Ability of Patient or Guardian Section 14.8 Immunity from Criminal or Civil Liability

CHAPTER 15 NARCOTICS Section 15.1 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Section 15.2 To Provide for the Seizure of Vehicles Used in Narcotic ViolationsSection 15.3 Burial Responsibility Section 15.4 Mutilation or Disinterment of Dead Body; Penalty Section 15.5 Removal of Dead Body With Certain Intents or Malice; Penalty MENTAL HEALTH GUARDIANAAND WARD Section 15.6 Definitions Section 15.7 Qualifications of Guardians Guardians of Insane or Incompetent Indians Section 15.8 Duties - Bond Section 15.9 Restoration Section 15.10 State Laws Applicable

CHAPTER 16 DEFINITIONS Section Definitions