Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada - Tribal Ordinances

Last updated: 2012

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Table of Contents.

Ordinance No. 101:
An Ordinance relating to the placing of mobile homes in the Winnemucca Indian Colony, Home of the Western Band of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians; creating a Mobile Home Zone; and to provide for other matters properly pertaining thereto. July 11, 1992
Section 1   Purpose
Section 2   Definitions
Section 3   Creation of “MHZ”, Mobile Home Zone
Section 4   Resident Requirements
Section 5   Special Use Permits Outside the “MHZ”
Section 6   Penalty for Violation and Emergencies
Section 7   Effect

Ordinance No. 201:
An Ordinance to amend and revise Ordinance No. WN   04-16-84 relating to the Tobacco Excise Tax and Tribal Outlets Ordinance on the Winnemucca Indian Colony, Home of the Western Band of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians.  September 14, 1992.
Section 1- Purpose
Section 2   Applicability
Section 3   Definitions
Section 4   Establishment of Tobacco Outlets
Section 5   Nature of Outlet
Section 6   Purchase by Tribe
Section 7   Excise Tax Imposed
Section 8   Responsibility for Collection of the Cigarette Excise Tax
Section 9   Remittance of Taxes to the Tribal Council
Section 10   Required Records
Section 11   Audit
Section 12   Use of Net Profits and Excise Tax Revenues
Section 13   Duties and Responsibilities of Tobacco Outlet
Section 14   Restricted Sales to Minors
Section 15   Civil Actions
Section 16   Power to Adopt Regulations

Ordinance No. 301:
An Ordinance to govern all elections of the Winnemucca Indian Colony. April 19, 1994.
Section 1   Voters
Section 2   Election Dates and Notices
Section 3   Candidates
Section 4   Election Committee
Section 5   Conduct of Election
Section 6   Certification

Ordinance No. 310a:
Guidelines that membership committee of Ordinance No. 310 will use. May 30, 2000.
Section 1   Definition of Terms
Section 2   Enrollment Standards
Section 3   Council Authority
Section 4   Relinquishment
Section 5   Application for Enrollment
Section 6   Persons not Considered for Enrollment
Section 7   Processing Enrollment Applications
Section 8   Determination of Eligibility
Section 9   Miscellaneous
Section 10   Disenrollment Procedures

Ordinance No. 401:
An Ordinance governing the removal or exclusion from the Winnemucca Indian Colony of persons not legally entitled to reside therein.
Section 1   Person(s) Subject to Removal and Exclusion
Section 2   Grounds for Exclusion
Section 3   Notice of Exclusion
Section 4   Hearing Procedure: Order of Exclusion
Section 5   Enforcement of Exclusion Order
Section 6- Forcible Removal in Emergencies Prior to Exclusion Hearing
Section 7   Procedure Upon Arrest for Violation of Federal, State or Tribal Laws, Including Traffic Offenses