Skokomish - Tribal Code

Confirmed current: February 17, 2011

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Table of Contents

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  • Treaty of Point No Point, January 26, 1855;
  • Executive Order - Skokomish Reserve, February 25, 1874;
  • Corporate Charter of the Skokomish Indian Tribe, May 24, 1939;
  • Compact of Self-Governance, July 20, 1995.

Title One - Tribal Government

S.T.C. 1.01 - Skokomish Enrollment Ordinance (6/16/2010)

General Provisions
Special Provisions

S.T.C. 1.02 - Skokomish Tribal Election Ordinance (6/18/2003)

General Provisions
Special Provisions

S.T.C. 1.03 - General Council Procedures (Reserved)

S.T.C. 1.04 - Tribal Council Procedures (Reserved)

S.T.C. 1.05 - Skokomish Ethics Code (10/12/2005)

S.T.C. 1.06 - Committee Standards Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Committee Purpose
Authorized Committees
Committee Structure
Policy Recommendation to Tribal Council
Annual Regulation Adoption
Ad Hoc Committees

Title Two - Administration and Services

S.T.C. 2.01 - Tribal Administrative Procedures Act (Reserved)

S.T.C. 2.02 - Skokomish Education Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Education Committee
Operation of Tribal Education Programs
Policies and Procedures

S.T.C. 2.03 - Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (Reserved)

S.T.C. 2.04 - Budget Process Time Line and Budget Ordinance (4/20/2005)

General Provisions
Authorities and Responsibilities
Budget Process
Budget Modifications and Amendment
Special Provisions

S.T.C. 2.05 - Housing Authority Ordinance (Repealed)

S.T.C. 2.06 - Eviction Procedures Ordinance (03/05/2008)

General Provisions
Grounds for Eviction
Judicial Eviction Procedure
Judgment and Appeals
Miscellaneaous Provisions

S.T.C. 2.07 - Skokomish Tribal Utility Ordinance (12/2/1992)

General Provisions
Definition of Terms
Utility Program and Utility Commission
Management and Finances
Utility Program - Operation
Customer Obligations
Fee Schedules and Billing
Enforcement; Penalties; Sanctions
Miscellaneous Provisions

S.T.C. 2.08 - Tribal Records and Freedom of Information Act (Reserved)

S.T.C. 2.09 - Skokomish Economic Development Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Operation of Department of Economic Development Programs
Policies and Procedures

S.T.C. 2.10 - Skokomish Health Care Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Health Care Committee
Operation of Tribal Health Care Programs
Policies and Procedures

S.T.C. 2.11 - Skokomish Housing Committee Ordinance (Repealed)

S.T.C. 2.12 - Skokomish Housing Ordinance (6/16/2010)

General Provisions
Housing Department
Housing Committee
Complaints and Appeals

S.T.C. 2.13 - Skokomish Sewer Connection Ordinance (12/01/2010)

General Provisions
Connections and Permits
Fees and Charges

Title Three - Courts

S.T.C. 3.01 - Rules of the Skokomish Tribal Court (2/4/2009)

Administrative Rules
Rules Governing Representatives
Rules of Judges' Conduct
Rules of Evidence
Rules of Civil Procedure
Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rules of Appellate Procedure
Petition for Release From Custody
Unclaimed Property

S.T.C. 3.02 - Skokomish Youth Code (7/25/2001)

Skokomish Youth Court Established
General Provisions
Child in Need of Care
Reporting Abuse and Neglect
Emergency Placement of Youth
Family Group Conference
Fact Finding Hearings
Long-Term Guardianship
Termination of Parental Rights

S.T.C. 3.03 - Family and Domestic Relations (Reserved)

S.T.C. 3.04 - Probate (Reserved)

S.T.C. 3.05 - Civil Exclusion and Removal (3/19/1998)

S.T.C. 3.06 - Enforcement of Judgments (Reserved)

S.T.C. 3.07 - Skokomish Tribal Civil Trespass Ordinance (9/1/2004)

Authority and Purpose
General Provisions

S.T.C. 3.09 - Civil Forfeiture (11/03/2010)

General Provisions
Civil Forfeiture Procedures

Title Four - Commerce

S.T.C. 4.01 - Skokomish Indian Tribal Enterprises Ordinance and Corporate Charter (5/17/2006)

S.T.C. 4.02 - Skokomish Gaming Code (1/14/2008)

Findings, Purposes and Policy
General Provisions
Tribal Gaming Commission
Adjudicative Hearings and Procedures
Operation of Tribally Owned or Tribally Operated Games
Authorized Games and Internal Control Standards
Patron Dispute Resolution

S.T.C. 4.03 - Skokomish Fireworks Sales and Safety Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Fireworks Committee
Wholesale Fireworks Permits and Sales
Retail Fireworks Sales and Permits
Violations and Penalties
[16 CFR Commercial Practices]
Penalty Schedule

S.T.C. 4.04 - Skokomish Seafood Products Control and Management Ordinance (Repealed)

S.T.C. 4.05 - Skokomish Liquor Ordinance (2/20/2008)

General Provisions
Skokomish Indian Liquor Board
Liquor Sales
Taxation and Proceeds
Illegal Activities

S.T.C. 4.06 - Skokomish Indian Tribal Tobacco Control and Tax Ordinance (8/10/2005)

General Provisions
Section One
Section Two
Section Three
Section Four

S.T.C. 4.07 - Skokomish Consulting Service Control and Management Ordinance (Repealed)

S.T.C. 4.08 - Business Licensing (10/4/2006)

General Provisions
Business Licenses
Business Licensing Fee
Enforcement and Penalties

S.T.C. 4.09 - Skokomish Mortgage Lending, Foreclosure, and Eviction Ordinance (4/30/2003)

General Provisions
Lien Priority
Recording of Mortgage Loan Documents
Foreclosure Procedures
Foreclosure Eviction Procedures
No Merger of Estates

Title Five - Taxation

S.T.C. 5.01 - Tax and License Administration Ordinance (6/25/1980)

S.T.C. 5.02 - Fish Tax Ordinance (6/24/1998)

General Provisions
Skokomish Fish Tax Imposed
Collection and Payment of Taxes
Civil Penalties and Enforcement
Allocation of Tax Revenues

S.T.C. 5.03 - Business and Occupation Tax (Reserved)

S.T.C. 5.04 - Sales Tax (Reserved)

S.T.C. 5.05 - Excise Tax (Reserved)

S.T.C. 5.06 - Skokomish Fuel Sales and Tax Ordinance (4/16/2008)

General Provisions
Sales and Taxation
Tax Collection and Use

Title Six - Land Use and Natural Resources

S.T.C. 6.01 - Natural Resources Administration (Reserved)

S.T.C. 6.02 - Zoning and Development Permits (Reserved)

S.T.C. 6.03 - Skokomish Environmental Protection Act (SKEPA) (6/27/2001)

Findings, Purpose, Goals
Permits Required
Review of Application
Environmental Review
Appeal, Reconsideration, and Rehearing
Archaeological or Historical Sites
Enforcement, Penalties
Sovereign Immunity, Severability

S.T.C. 6.04 - Skokomish Reservation Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (2/17/1995)

Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Purpose, and Objectives
General Provisions
Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction

S.T.C. 605 - Water Quality Standards (Reserved)

S.T.C. 6.06 - Skokomish Forest Development and Management Ordinance (1/10/1977)


S.T.C. 607 - Solid Waste Disposal (Reserved)

S.T.C. 608 - Cultural and Archeological Sites (Reserved)

S.T.C. 6.09 - Skokomish Animal Control Ordinance (1/21/2009)

General Provisions
Administration and Enforcement
Animal Control
Civil Infractions
Enforcement Procedures

S.T.C. 6.10 - Skokomish Public Parks Ordinance (6/15/2005)

Rules Applying to All Public Parks

Title Seven - Fishing, Hunting and Gathering

S.T.C. 7.01 - Gathering (Reserved)

S.T.C. 7.02 - Skokomish On-Reservation and Treaty Fishing Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Fisheries Administration
Eligible Fishermen
Required Identification and Permits
Fishing Vessel Ownership and Registration
Specific Gear Provisions
Catch Reporting and the Sale of Fish
Sentencing Guidelines
Administrative Appeals Procedure

S.T.C. 7.03 - Skokomish Tribal On-Reservation and Treaty Hunting Ordinance (2/4/2009)

General Provisions
Civil Violations
Assessment of Civil Penalties
Civil Procedure

Title Eight - Civil Traffic Ordinance Table of Contents (9/8/2004)

S.T.C. 8.01 - Purpose and Authority

S.T.C. 8.04 - Definitions

S.T.C. 8.08 - General Provisions

S.T.C. 8.12 - Certificates of Ownership and Registration

S.T.C. 8.16 - Vehicle Licenses

S.T.C. 8.20 - Driver's Licenses -- Identicards

S.T.C. 8.30 - Mandatory Liability Insurance

S.T.C. 8.37 - Vehicle Lighting and Other Equipment

S.T.C. 8.52 - Accidents -- Reports -- Abandoned Vehicles

S.T.C. 8.55 - Towing and Impoundment

Tow Truck Operators--Registration Requirements
Impounding Unauthorized Vehicles
Junk Vehicle Disposition

S.T.C. 8.61 - Rules of the Road

Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
Driving on Right Side of Roadway -- Overtaking and Passing -- Use of Roadway
Right of Way
Pedestrians' Rights and Duties
Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning
Special Stops Required
Speed Restrictions
Alcohol and Reckless Related
Stopping, Standing, and Parking
Miscellaneous Rules
Operation of Nonmotorized Vehicles

S.T.C. 8.63 - Disposition of Traffic Infractions

S.T.C. 8.64 - Enforcement

S.T.C. 8.70 - Unfair Business Practices -- Dealers' Licenses

S.T.C. 8.72 - Transportation of Passengers in For Hire Vehicles

S.T.C. 8.79 - Hulk Haulers and Scrap Processors

S.T.C. 8.80 - Motor Vehicle Wreckers

Traffic Bail/Monetary Penalty Schedule (9/8/2004)

Certificates of Ownership and Registration
Vehicle Licenses
Driver's Licenses
Mandatory Liability Insurance
Vehicle Equipment
Size Weight and Load
Hit and Run
Towing and Impoundment
Rules of the Road

Title Nine - Skokomish Criminal Code Table of Contents (9/8/2004)

Ch. 9.01 - General Provisions

Ch. 9.02 - Offenses Against the Person

Ch. 9.02A - Sex Crimes

Ch. 9.02B - Sex Offender Notification and Registration

Ch. 9.03 - Property-Related Offenses

Ch. 9.04 - Alcohol-Related Offenses (1/21/2009)

Ch. 9.05 - Crimes [Offenses] Against the Community Peace, Morals, Safety and Welfare

Ch. 9.06 - Family-Related Offenses

Ch. 9.07 - Offenses Related to Administration of Tribal Government

Ch. 9.08 - Criminal Traffic Offenses

Ch. 9.09 - Drug-Related Offenses

Ch. 9.10 - Other Offenses

Ch. 9.11 - Sentencing, Sentencing Guidelines, and Bail Schedule

Ch. 9.12 - Juvenile Justice

Ch. 9.13 - Severability and Amendment

Ch. 9.14 - Law and Order Committee (2/4/2009)