Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation of Nevada - Tribal Code

Dated: 1970

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Table of Contents.

Shoshone Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation, Nevada Tribal Ordinances

Ordinance 70-SPO-1 :
The Shoshone Paiute Indian Court
Chapter 1. The Shoshone Paiute Indian Court
Section 1. Jurisdiction
Section 2. Judges
Section 3. Court Procedure
Section 4. Appellate Proceedings
Section 5. Juries
Section 6. Witnesses
Section 7. Counselors
Section 8. Clerks
Section 9. Records
Section 10. Copies of Law
Section 11. Complaints
Section 12. Warrants to Apprehend
Section 13. Arrests
Section 14. Search Warrants
Section 15. Commitments
Section 16. Bail
Section 17. Definition of Signature
Section 18. Definition of Business Council
Section 19. Relations with the Court

Ordinance 70-SPO-2 Civil Action
Chapter 2. Civil Action
Section 1. Jurisdiction
Section 2. Law Applicable in Civil Actions
Section 3. Judgments in Civil Actions
Section 4. Costs in Civil Actions
Section 5. Judgment is a Lawful Debt
Section 6. Statute of Limitations
Chapter 3. Domestic Relations
Section 1. Recording of Marriages and Divorces
Section 2. Marriage and Divorce
Section 3. Tribal Custom Adoption
Section 4. Determination of Paternity and Support
Section 5. Determinations of Heirs
Chapter 4. Sentences
Section 1. Nature of Sentences
Section 2. Probation
Section 3. Parole
Section 4. N/A
Section 5. Deposit and Disposition of Fines
Chapter 5. Code of Offense Section 1. N/A
Section 2. Assault and Battery
Section 3. Carrying Concealed Weapons
Section 4. Abduction
Section 5. Theft
Section 6. Embezzlement
Section 7. Fraud
Section 8. Forgery
Section 9. Misbranding
Section 10. Receiving Stolen Property
Section 11. Extortion
Section 12. Disorderly Conduct
Section 13. N/A
Section 14. Malicious Mischief
Section 15. Trespass
Section 16. Injury to Public Property
Section 17. Maintaining a Public Nuisance
Section 18. N/A
Section 19. Cruelty to Animals
Section 20. Game Violation
Section 21. Gambling
Section 22. Adultery
Section 23. Illicit Cohabitation
Section 24. Prostitution
Section 25. Giving Venereal Disease to Another
Section 26. Venereal Disease
Section 27. Failure to Support Dependent Persons
Section 28. Failure to Send Children to School
Section 29. Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Section 30. Bribery
Section 31. Perjury Section 32. False Arrest
Section 33. Resisting Lawful Arrest
Section 34. Refusing to Aid Officer
Section 35. Escape
Section 36. Disobedience to Lawful Orders of Court
Section 37. Violation of an Approved Ordinance
Section 38. Indian Custom Marriage Section
39. Statute of Limitations