Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: December 2014

The tribe makes their tribal code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Fines and Costs for Civil Infractions
3.1601 Civil Disorderly Conduct
3.1602 Refusal of PBT
3.1603 Display of Numbered Plate
3.1604 Driving without Required Registration or W/Vehicle in Unsafe Condition
3.1605 Starting Turning and Stopping without Regard to Safety
3.1606 Violation of the Basic Speed Law
3.1606 Speeding 01-05 over limit Construction or School Zones add $10.00
3.1606 Speeding 06-10 over limit Construction or School Zones add $20.00
3.1606 Speeding 11-15 over limit Construction or School Zones add $30.00
3.1606 Speeding 16-20 over limit Construction or School Zones add $40.00
3.1606 Speeding 21-25 over limit Construction or School Zones add $50.00
3.1606 Speeding 26 and up over limit Construction or School Zones add $60.00
3.1607 Failure to Drive on Right Side of Road
3.1608 Following Too Closely
3.1609 Overtaking Vehicle without Regard for Safety
3.1610 Failure to Stop for School Bus Flashing Lights
3.1611 Failure to Give Right of Way
3.1612 Stopping, Standing or Parking on Highway
3.1613 Coasting
3.1614 Obstruction of Driver s View or Driving Mechanism
3.1615 Riding on Fenders, Bumpers or Running Boards
3.1616 Pedestrians on Roadways without Regard for Safety
3.1617 Crash Helmets Required for Operator & Passengers
3.1618 Number of Riders on Motorcycles Limited
3.1619 When Lighted Lamps are Required
3.1620 Visibility Distance & Mounted Height of Lamps
3.1621 Head Lamps on Motor Vehicles
3.1622 Tail Lamps and Reflectors
3.1623 Lamp or Flag on Projection Load
3.1624 Brake Equipment Required
3.1625 Horns and Warning Devices
3.1626 Mufflers, Prevention of Noise
3.1627 Windshield must be Unobstructed & Equipped with Wipers
3.1628 Restrictions of Tire Equipment
3.1629 Vehicle to be Constructed to Prevent Shifting or Leaking
3.1630 Registration Card to be Carried in Driver's Compartment
3.1631 Transfer of Title or Vehicle
3.1632 Duty of Drivers upon Approach of Police or Fire Department Vehicle
3.1633 Ordinance #5 Parking Area Traffic Control
3.1633 Ordinance #8 Fire Permits
3.1633 Ordinance #9 Minor in Possession Alcohol
3.1633 Ordinance #12 Bicycle Operation, Registration & Safety Act

Liquor Code / Liquor Control Act
  8.7.1 Legislative Findings
  8.7.2 Declaration of Policy
  8.7.3 Short Title
  8.7.4 Purpose
  8.7.5 Application of 18 U.S.C. 1161
  8.7.6 Incorporation by Reference of Michigan Laws
  8.7.7 Administration of Act
  8.7.8 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
  8.7.9 Applicability within the Reservation
  8.7.10 Interpretation and Findings
  8.7.11 Liberal Construction
  8.7.12 Savings Clause
  8.7.13 Effective Date
  8.7.14 Prior Inconsistent Acts
  8.7.15 Computation of Time
  8.7.16 Definitions
  8.7.17 Prohibition of Unlicensed Sale of Liquor
  8.7.18 Authorization to Sell Liquor
  8.7.19 Classes of Licenses
  8.7.20 Application Form and Content
  8.7.21 Transfer of License
  8.7.22 Term and Renewal of License
  8.7.23 Investigation
  8.7.24 Public Hearing
  8.7.25 Tribal Council Action on the Application
  8.7.26 Denial of License, Renewal, or Transfer
  8.7.27 Temporary Denial
  8.7.28 Multiple Locations
  8.7.29 Posting of License
  8.7.30 Suspension or Revocation of License
  8.7.31 Initiation of Suspension or Revocation Proceedings
  8.7.32 Hearing
  8.7.33 Delivery of License
  8.7.34 General Penalties
  8.7.35 Initiation of Action
  8.7.36 Inspection
  8.7.37 Contraband; Seizure; Forfeiture
Legislative History

Ordinance 1 Tribal Building Code
Section 1. Statement of purpose and authority
Section 2. Adoption of Codes
Section 3. Code Amendments
Section 4. Enforcement
Section 5. Appeal of Decisions of the Compliance Officer
Section 6. Violations; civil penalties
Section 7. Severability
Section 8. Effect of Ordinance
Section 9. Effective date
Legislative History
Appendix A: Application for Mechanical Permit
Appendix B: Application for Plumbing Permit
Appendix C: Application for Electrical Permit

Ordinance 2 Residential Leases
Section 1.Purpose and Authority
Section 2. Rescinding of Previous Ordinance
Section 3. Lease Eligibility
Section 4. Lease Procedure
Section 5. Residential Lease Form: Provisions of a Residential Lease
Section 6. Lease Termination
Section 7. Sublease
Section 8. Jurisdiction
Section 9. Governing Law
Section 10. Effective Date; Pre-existing Leases
Legislative History

Ordinance 3 Code of Conduct and Power to Exclude Non-Members
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Rescinding of Previous Ordinance
Section 2. Short Title
Section 3. Declaration of Need
Section 4. Code Violations
Section 5. Office of Hearings
Section 6. Hearings Officer
Section 7. Exclusion Proceedings
Legislative History

Ordinance 4 Council Elections
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Elections
Section 3. Petitions Seeking Removal
Section 4. Petitions Seeking Referendum
Section 5. Voting Districts
Section 6. Voter Registration
Section 7. Voting Requirements
Section 8. Caucus Committee
Section 9. Qualifications of Candidates for Tribal Council
Section 10. Nominating Petitions; Filing; Number of Signatures and Forms
Section 11. Candidate List
Section 12. Campaign Finance
Section 13. Primary Elections
Section 14. Preparation of Ballots
Section 15. Polls
Section 16. Voting
Section 17. General Election
Section 18. Run-Off Elections
Section 19. Prohibition Against Interference with Elections
Section 20. Safekeeping of Ballots
Section 21. Contesting Ballot Count
Section 22. Election Protest
Section 23. Installation of New Council
Section 24. Election of Executive Council
Section 25. Council Officers
Section 26. Oath of Office
Section 27. Commission Appointments
Section 28. Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances
Section 29. Violation of Election Laws
Section 30. Severability Clause
Legislative History

Ordinance 5 Parking Area Traffic Control
Section 1. Definitions as Used in this Ordinance
Section 2. Parked or Abandoned Vehicle in Prohibited, Regulated, Restricted or Limited Areas
Section 3. Parked or Abandoned Vehicle in Designated Parking Zone which Limits Parking
Section 4. Parked or Abandoned Vehicle in Parking Area During Snowstorms, Floods or Fires
Section 5. Fine for Violation of this Ordinance

Ordinance 6 Licensing and Regulation of Business Enterprise
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Interpretation
Section 3. Authority
Section 4. Licensing Power
Section 5. Exclusion Power
Section 6. Application for License
Section 7. Effect on Previously Existing Business
Section 8. Regulation
Section 9. Existing Businesses
Section 10. Taxi Cab Licenses and Regulations
Section 11. Duty to Notify Tribal Officials of Hazardous Substance Storage
Section 12. Violations, Jurisdiction
Legislative History

Ordinance 7 Saginaw Chippewa Fundraising Project [REPEALED]

Ordinance 8 Fire Permits
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Prohibition without Permits
Section 2. Open Fire Defined
Section 3. Application to Burn
Section 4. When a Permit may be Issued
Section 5. Authority of Fire Chief
Section 6. Revocation of a Permit
Section 7. Violations, Jurisdiction

Ordinance 9 Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Alcoholic Beverages; Transport, Possession, Control, in Motor Vehicle by Minor
Section 2. Complaint Impounding of Vehicle
Section 3. Order Impounding Vehicle
Section 4. Purchase, Consumption or Possession by a Minor; Fines; Furnishing or use of Fraudulent Identification
Legislative History

Ordinance 10 Housing Authority [REPEALED]

Ordinance 11 On-Reservation Hunting, Fishing and Gathering
Section 101. Jurisdiction
Section 102. Conservation Committee and Planning Department
Section 103. Definitions
Section 104. General
Section 105. Big Game
Section 106. Small Game
Section 107. Fish
Section 108. Trapping
Section 109. Migratory Waterfowl
Section 110. Wild Rice
Section 111. Trespass
Legislative History

Ordinance 12 Bicycle Operation, Registration and Safety Act
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Requirement for Registration of Bicycles
Section 3. Method of Registration
Section 4. Riding Bicycle on Roadway; Rights and Duties
Section 5. Riding on Seat of Bicycle
Section 6. Clinging to Vehicles
Section 7. Riding on the Side of Roadway
Section 8. Hands on Handlebars and Carrying Package on a Bicycle
Section 9. Bicycle Equipment
Section 10. Violations
Section 11. Enforcement
Section 12. Penalties for Violations

Ordinance 13 Tribal Clerk
Section 1. Statement of Purpose
Section 2. Ordinance Title
Section 3. Authority
Section 4. Tribal Clerk
Section 5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Tribal Clerk
Section 6. Deputy Clerk
Section 7. Assistant Clerks
Section 8. Annual Reporting Requirement; Deadline
Section 9. Severability
Section 10. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 14 Tribal Enrollment
Section 1. Statement of Purpose and Authority
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Enrollment Department
Section 4. Abolition of Advisory Committee and Interim Membership Commission, Transfer of Powers, Duties and Functions to Office of Administrative Hearings
Section 5. Tribal Certifier
Section 6. Determination of Indian Blood
Section 7. Eligibility Standards for Membership
Section 8. Standard and Burden of Proof
Section 9. Enrollment Application Requirements
Section 10. Enrollment Procedure
Section 11. Reopening Final Enrollment Decisions; Disenrollment
Section 12. Relinquishment of Membership
Section 13. Office of Administrative Hearings
Section 14. Judicial Review of Final Enrollment or Disenrollment Decisions
Section 15. Severability
Section 16. Effective Date
Legislative History
Exhibit A. Affidavit Acknowledging Relinquishment

Ordinance 15 Docket 59, 13E and 13F, Elderly Assistance Investment Fund
Section 1. Statement of Purpose
Section 2. Ordinance Title
Section 3. Authority
Section 4. Establishment of the Fund
Section 5. Eligibility for Participation in the Elderly Assistance Investment Fund
Section 6. Application Requirements
Section 7. Preparation of list of Elderly Assistance Investment Fund Enrollees
Section 8. Certification of Elderly Assistance Investment Fund Enrollees
Section 9. Distribution of Income
Section 10. Acceleration of Payments
Section 11. Funding of Accelerated Payments
Section 12. Reversion of Fund
Section 13. Alternative Disposition of Funds
Section 14. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 16 Ben Quigno Memorial Investment Fund
Section 1. Statement of Purpose
Section 2. Ordinance Title
Section 3. Authority
Section 4. Establishment of the Ben Quigno Memorial Investment Fund of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan
Section 5. Use of the Principal
Section 6. Ten Percent Reinvestment
Section 7. Ben Quigno Memorial Investment Fund Accounting
Section 8. Responsibility of the Secretary of Interior
Section 9. Treatment of Funds Paid or Distributed from the Ben Quigno Memorial Investment Fund
Section 10. Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
Section 11. Discrimination
Section 12. Non-Discrimination
Legislative History

Ordinance 17 Cecilia K. Education Trust Fund
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Establishment of Trust Fund
Section 5. Fiscal Year of the Trust Fund
Section 6. Corpus of Trust
Section 7. Duration
Section 8. Trustees Powers
Section 9. Contributing Donors
Section 10. Donor Solicitation
Section 11. Scholarship Types
Section 12. Scholarship Plan
Section 13. Accounting and Reporting for Scholarship Fund
Section 14. Severability of Trust
Section 15. Trust Irrevocable
Section 16. Law Governing Trustee s Conduct
Section 17. Trustee Fees  
Legislative History

Ordinance 18 Water and Sanitation Authority
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Declaration of Need
Section 4. Definitions
Section 5. Services to be Offered
Section 6. Water Meters
Section 7. Maintenance Schedule
Section 8. System Financing
Section 9. Rate Schedule
Section 10. Billing and Collection
Section 11. Customer Billing Complaints
Section 12. Enforcement
Section 13. Bookkeeping and Handling of Funds
Section 14. Management
Section 15. Amendments or Revisions
Section 16. General Tribal Court Jurisdiction
Legislative History

Ordinance 19 Governmental Conduct and Procedures Act
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities of Tribal Council Members
Section 4. Tribal Council Officers
Section 5. Executive Council
Section 6. Duties and Responsibilities of Council Officers
Section 7. Meetings of Tribal Council
Section 8. Council Members Compensation and Benefits
Section 9. Council Development
Section 10. Council Conduct and Discipline
Legislative History

Ordinance 20 Cable Television Franchise
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Application for Franchise
Section 5. Service Area
Section 6. Stations Carried
Section 7. Financial Responsibility
Section 8. Franchise Fee
Section 9. Indemnification
Section 10. Rates
Section 11. Services, Standards and Requirements
Section 12. Franchisees' Rules and Regulations
Section 13. Operations
Section 14. Annual Financial Statements
Section 15. Program Alterations
Section 16. Preference or Discrimination Prohibited
Section 17. Limitation of Service
Section 18. Transmission Lines
Section 19. Transfer
Section 20. Franchise Grant
Section 21. Violation of Ordinance and/or Franchise
Section 22. Cancellation of Contract
Section 23. Expiration of Term
Section 24. Necessity for Franchise
Section 25. Power to Amend
Section 26. Separability
Section 27. Ordinances Repealed
Section 28. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 21 Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disabilities
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Authority
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Promulgation of Policy, Procedures and Rules
Section 5. Objection by Infected Person
Section 6. Reporting of HIV Infection
Section 7. Referral and Notification
Section 8. Minimum Standards for Health Officers
Section 9. Furnishing Care to Individuals
Section 10. Mandatory Counseling for Informed Consent and Marriage License Requirement
Section 11. Prenatal Care Requirement
Section 12. Postnatal Care Requirement
Section 13. Criminal Violations and Victims  Rights
Section 14. Confidentiality
Section 15. HIV Testing and Counseling
Section 16. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 22 Lobbying and Public Relations
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Statement of Purpose and Authority
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Review and Approval of Lobbyist and Public Relations Contracts
Section 5. Severability
Section 6. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 23 Workers' Compensation Ordinance
Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Purpose and Scope
Section 3. Effective Date
Section 4. Election of Remedies
Section 5. Reporting Obligations
Section 6. Benefits
Section 7. Administrator
Section 8. Appeals
Section 9. Severability
Section 10. Fraud
Legislative History

Ordinance 24 Fireworks Ordinance
Section 1. Findings
Section 2. Prohibition of Sale or Storage for Sale without a Permit
Section 3. Tribal Fireworks Permit
Section 4. Penalties
Section 5. Enforcement
Section 6. Right of Entry; Administrative Search Warrants
Section 7. Jurisdiction and Process
Section 8. Seizure and Forfeiture
Section 9. Signs
Section 10. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 25 [RESERVED]

Ordinance 26 Tax Administration
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Establishment of Taxes and Tax Rates
Section 4. Tribal Tax Account
Section 5. Director of Tribal Business Regulation
Section 6. Duties of Director of Business Regulation
Section 7. Legal Assistance
Section 8. Director of Tribal Business Regulation Records
Section 9. Redeterminations by Director of Tribal Business Regulation
Section 10. Appeals to Tribal Court
Section 11. General Tribal Court Jurisdiction
Section 12. Enforcement Actions
Section 13. Sovereign Immunity
Section 14. Severability of Provisions
Section 15. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 27 Sales Tax
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Tax Imposed
Section 4. Registration and Licensing
Section 5. Violations
Section 6. Sovereign Immunity
Section 7. Severability of Provisions
Legislative History

Ordinance 28 Tribal Government Labor Ordinance [REPEALED]
Legislative History

Ordinance 29 Tribal Member Employee Benefit
Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Purpose and Scope
Section 3. Effective Date
Section 4. Benefits
Section 5. Duties of Administrator
Section 6. Eligibility Standards
Section 7. Application Requirements
Section 8. Approval Procedure
Section 9. Appeals
Section 10. Severability
Section 11. Fraud
Legislative History

Ordinance 30 Business Corporation Ordinance
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definition of Isabella Reservation
Section 3. Other Definitions
Section 4. Director of Tribal Business Regulation
Section 5. Duties of Director of Tribal Business Regulation
Section 6. Formation of Tribal Law Corporation
Section 7. Status of Tribal Law Corporation
Section 8. Shareholders
Section 9. Incorporators
Section 10. Articles of Incorporation
Section 11. Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
Section 12. Filing Fee
Section 13. Public Information
Section 14. Corporate Name
Section 15. Registered Office and Agent
Section 16. Beginning of Corporate Existence
Section 17. Initial Meeting of the Board
Section 18. Corporate Powers
Section 19. Dissolution
Section 20. Jurisdiction of Tribal Court
Legislative History

Ordinance 31 Public Nuisance Ordinance
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Title
Section 2. Interpretation
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Prohibited Conduct
Section 5. Duties of Director of Tribal Planning Department
Section 6. Penalties for Violations
Section 7. Violations, Jurisdiction
Section 8. Severability of Provisions
Section 9. Sovereign Immunity
Section 10. Effective Date
Legislative History

Ordinance 32 Zoning and Land Use
Statement of Purpose
Section 1. Short Ordinance
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Planning Commission
Section 4. Duties and Responsibilities of the Planning Commission
Section 5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Tribal Planning Department
Section 6. Membership
Section 7. Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson Meetings
Section 8. Quorum
Section 9. Compensation
Section 10. Zoning Areas
Section 11. Agricultural
Section 12. Residential
Section 13. Commercial
Section 14. Industrial
Section 15. Recreation.
Section 16. Reservation Restricted Cultural Area
Section 17. Nonconformance
Section 18. Variance
Section 19. Special Uses
Section 20. Off-Street Parking and Loading
Section 21. Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses
Section 22. Amendments
Section 23. Enforcement
Section 24. Violations, Jurisdiction
Section 25. Judicial Review of Final Planning Commission Decisions
Section 26. Severability of Provisions
Section 27. Sovereign Immunity
Section 28. Effective Date
Legislative History

TITLE I Criminal Procedure
Cross Reference Table
Chapter 1.1. Definitions and General Provisions
1.101. Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court Judge
1.102. Officer of the Tribal Court
1.103. Signature
1.104. Words Used in Present Tense
1.105. Special Provisions Control General Provisions
1.106. Code to be Constructed According to the Plain Import of its Language
1.107. Statute of Limitations
1.108. Definition of Terms
1.109. Applicability of Code Provisions Restricted Offenses Committed Before Adoption of Code
1.110. Community Court Fund
Chapter 1.2. Prevention of Crime
1.201. Lawful Resistance by Private Persons
1.202. Private Persons, Justification of Actions
1.203. Preserving the Peace at Public Gatherings
Chapter 1.3. Suppression of Riots and Rout or Resistance of Process
1.301. Riots; Definition; Penalty
1.302. Unlawful Assembly; Definitions; Penalty
1.303. Command to Disperse
1.304. Command; When Not Heeded
1.305. Aid in Dispersal, Penalty
1.306. Aid in Execution of Process
1.307. Rout; Definition; Penalty
1.308. Injury to Public Peace; Penalty
1.309. Disturbing Lawful Meeting; Penalty
Chapter 1.4. Peace Bonds
1.401. Complaints; Warrant of Arrest
1.402. Proceedings Before a Saginaw Chippewa Indian, Tribal Judge; Discharge or Order for Peace Bond According to Act
1.403. Breach of Peace Bond; Prosecution
1.404. Costs; Peace Bond Procedure
Chapter 1.5. Jurisdiction and Authority of the Court
1.501. Community Court
1.502. Person to Whom Jurisdiction Extends
1.503. Tribal Court Jurisdiction
1.504. Power and Authority of Tribal Prosecutor or any Prosecutor Appointed by the Court
1.505. Composition of the Court
1.506. Appointment of Judges
1.507. Term of Office
1.508. Oath of Office
1.509. Qualification of Judges
1.510. Disqualification, Discipline or Removal or a Judge or Magistrate
1.511. Qualification of Clerk of the Court
1.512. Rules of the Court
1.513. Tribal Appellate Court
1.514. Appeals, Procedure
1.515. Magistrate; Qualifications; Duties
Chapter 1.6. Commencement of Criminal Proceedings
1.601. Complaint Defined
1.602. Contents of Complaint
1.603. Procedure Upon Filing of Complaint
Chapter 1.7. Arrest, Extradition and Fresh Pursuit
1.701. Arrested Defined; Persons Qualified to Make; Aid May Be Required
1.702. Arrest, Under Warrant
1.703. Direction to Peace Officer; Execution
1.704. Execution of Warrant
1.705. Arrest, Without a Warrant
1.706. Arrest, by Person Other Than Peace Officer
1.707. Breaking Into Dwelling House Or Other Structure to Make Arrest; Demand for Admittance Required
1.708. Prompt Appearance of Defendant Before a Tribal Court Judge
1.709. Return of Warrant
1.710. Extradition
Chapter 1.8. Search Warrants
1.801. Definitions
1.802. Issuance and Contents
1.803. Execution of Warrant; Officers Authority; Authority to Break Into Structure
1.804. Time Limit; Execution of Warrant; Void at Expiration
1.805. Inventory
1.806. Hearing On Issue of Search Warrant; Testimony Must be Taken; Reduced to Writing; Filed
1.807. Search of Seizure Incidental to Arrest
1.808. Inadmissible Evidence
Chapter 1.9. Bail
1.901. Definition
1.902. Bailable Offenses
1.903. Taking of Bailed Defined, Entry by Clerk
1.904. Bail Set; Maximum Amount
1.905. Discharge of Defendant; Bail Furnished; Order
1.906. Increase or Decrease of Bail Bond; Commitment on Default
1.907. Forfeiture of Bail
1.908. Return of Cash or Surety Bond
1.909. Release on Recognizance
Chapter 1.10.  Arraignment
1.1001. Definition
1.1002. Procedure at Arraignment
1.1003. Pleas
Chapter 1.11.  Pre-Trial Motions
1.1101. Motions; Definition
1.1102. Motion to Set Aside the Complaint
1.1103. Order Setting Aside Complaint Not Bar to Subsequent Prosecution
1.1104. Motion Waived by Failure to Move to Set Aside Complaint
1.1105. Pre-Trial Motions Heard at Time Made; Except Good Cause Postponement
1.1106. Motion for a Bill of Particulars
1.1107. Motion for a Change of Venue or Judge Procedure
1.1108. Motion to Suppress Evidence
Chapter 1.12.  Trial, General Provisions
1.1201. Criminal Action Defined
1.1202. Irregularities, Mistakes, Omissions Have No Legal Effect Unless Actually Prejudicial
1.1203. Summoning Witnesses
1.1204. Trial by Jury or by the Court
1.1205. Rights of Accused
1.1206. Presence of the Defendant
1.1207. Calendar; Clerk of Court Duties
1.1208. Setting Cases for Trial; Maximum Time; Continuance; Proof Required; Precedence or Criminal Cases
1.1209. Death; Illness; Substitution; Authority of Substitute Judge
Chapter 1.13.  Formation of the Jury
1.1301. Formation of the Trial Jury
1.1302. Jury Dismissed; Matter of Law
1.1303. Challenges; Definitions; Kinds
1.1304. Panel Defined
1.1305. Challenge to Panel Defined; Who May Challenge; Reason for Challenge
1.1306. Challenges to Individual Jurors
1.1307. Order for Exercising Challenges For Cause; Peremptory and Time
1.1308. Challenge for Cause
1.1309. Peremptory Challenge; Parties Who May Take; Form; Definition
1.1310. Peremptory Challenge; Number; Joint Defendant
1.1311. Vacancy Filled
1.1312. Jurors Sworn
1.1313. Tribal Council Members Not to Serve as Jurors
Chapter 1.14.  Trial Procedure
1.1401. Order of Procedure
1.1402. Presumption of Innocence; Effect; Reasonable Doubt; Defendant’s Refusal to Testify
1.1403. Joint Defendants Tried Jointly; Court May Direct Separate Trials
1.1404. View of Premises by Jury
1.1405. Discharge of Juror for Illness or Disability; New Trial
1.1406. Law Questions for Court and Fact Questions for Jury
1.1407. Instruction to Jury
1.1408. Decision in Court; Retirement
1.1409. Poll of Jury Before Recording Verdict; Either Party Authorized; Dissenting Juror; Further Deliberation; Dismissal of Jury
1.1410. Direction of Verdict of Acquittal
Chapter 1.15.  Submission to the Jury and Verdict
1.1501. Papers Taken by Jury
1.1502. Information by Court on Points of Law
1.1503. Jury Kept Together
1.1504. Verdict
Chapter 1.16.  Judgment
1.1601. Judgment of Conviction; Time For
1.1602. Execution of Judgment; Imprisonment; Fine; Record
1.1603. Presence of Defendant
1.1604. Insanity
1.1605. Imprisonment for Fine
1.1606. Suspension of Sentence
1.1607. Commutation of Sentence
Chapter 1.17.  Probation
1.1701. Condition of Probation
1.1702. Violation of Conditions of Probation
Chapter 1.18.  Parole
1.1801. Those Eligible
1.1802. Granting Parole
1.1803. Violation of Parole
Chapter 1.19.  New Trial
1.1901. Definition
1.1902. Application
1.1903. Grounds
1.1904. Effect of a New Trial
1.1905. Status of the Accused Pending New Trial
1.1906. Court Costs in Criminal Cases
1.1907. Deferred Payment of Fine and/or Court Costs
Chapter 1.20.  Offenses and Penalties
1.2001. Abduction
1.2002. Assault
1.2003. Assault and Battery
1.2004. Attempt
1.2005. Reserved formerly “Attempted Rape”
1.2006. Bastardy
1.2007. Bigamy
1.2008. Breaking and Entering
1.2009. Bribery
1.2010. Conspiracy to Commit Offence or to Defraud the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan
1.2011. Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile
1.2012. Communicable Disease
1.2013. Cruelty to Animals
1.2014. Curfew
1.2015. Cutting Timber Without a Permit
1.2016. Disobedience to Lawful Order of Court
1.2017. Disposing of Property of an Estate
1.2018. Disorderly Conduct
1.2019. Drawing or Uttering Instrument on Bank Without Funds or Credit; Defined; Penalty
1.2020. Embezzlement
1.2021. Escape
1.2022. Extortion
1.2023. Failure to Support Dependent Persons and Abandonment
1.2024. Failure to Send Children to School
1.2025. False Arrest
1.2026. Forcible Entry or Detainer of Lands, Buildings or Other Possessions
1.2027. Fraud
1.2028. Forgery
1.2029. Reserved Formerly “Gambling-Prohibited”
1.2030. Indecent Liberties with a Child
1.2031. Injury to Public Property
1.2032. Littering Public Waters, Parks and Roadways Prohibited, Penalty
1.2033. Reserved for Future Use
1.2034. Malicious Mischief
1.2035. Maintaining a Public Nuisance
1.2036. Controlled Substances, Narcotics
1.2037. Operation of Motor Vehicle Without Consent of Owner
1.2038. Perjury
1.2039. Prostitution and Solicitation
1.2040. Protective Custody
1.2041. Receiving Stolen Property
1.2042. Refusing to Aid Officer
1.2044. Resisting Lawful Arrest
1.2045. Reserved formerly “Rape”
1.2046. Robbery
1.2047. Shoplifting Defined; Penalty
1.2048. Theft
1.2049. Threats or Intimidation
1.2050. Trespass
1.2051. Violation of Approved Tribal Ordinance
1.2052. Violence to Policeman or Jud
1.2053. Willful Obstruction of Emergency Telephone Calls
1.2054. Securing Line by Falsely Stating Emergency; Misdemeanor; Penalty
1.2055. Snowmobiles and Other Recreational Vehicles
1.2056. Reserved formerly “Falsely Assuming to Act as a Public Officer or Employee”
1.2057. Reserved formerly “Tampering With Public and Tribal Records And Notices”
1.2058. Reserved formerly “Sedition”
1.2059. Reserved formerly “Simulation of Governmental Processes”
1.2060. Accosting, Enticing or Soliciting a Child for Immoral Purpose
1.2061. Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct
1.2062. Child Sexually Abusive Activity or Material
1.2063. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree
1.2064. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree
1.2065. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree
1.2066. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree
1.2067. Corroboration of Victim’s Testimony Not Required
1.2068. Resistance by Victim Not Required
1.2069. Evidence of Victim’s Sexual Conduct
1.2070. Legal Spouse as a Victim
1.2071. Endangering the Welfare of a Child
Chapter 1.21.  Weapons
1.2101. Pistol Defined
1.2102. Commission Offense When Armed
1.2103. Who Not to Possess Pistols
1.2104. License to Carry Pistol to Whom Issued
1.2105. License to Carry Pistol, Who May Issue
1.2106. Carrying Pistols Prohibited Exceptions
1.2107. Juvenile Carrying Firearms or Gun
1.2108. Confiscated Weapons-Disposition
1.2109. Producing License on Demand-Penalty
1.2110. False Information Prohibited
1.2111. Penalties
Chapter 1.22.  Fires, Regulations and Penalties
1.2202. Testifying Falsely at Investigation of Fire
1.2203. Penalty if Campfire Burns Wood, Marsh, Prairie, Haylands, Buildings or Improvements
1.2204. Misconduct at Fires, Penalty
1.2205. False Alarm
1.2206. Firefighters
1.2207. Arson
Chapter 1.23.   Criminal Traffic Offenses and Penalties
1.2301. Arresting Person for a Violation of Criminal Traffic Regulations - Duty of Arresting Officer
1.2301. Officers Duty for Violation of Civil Traffic Infraction
1.2302. Failure to Appear-Hearing upon Arrest-Time of Promise of Defendant to Appear
1.2303. Driving Without a License
1.2304. Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive
1.2305. Offense under Which Person Arrested May Not Be Entitled to Release upon Promise to Appear
1.2306. Garages to Report
1.2307. Reckless Driving
1.2308. Operating a Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or Drugs (OUIL); or Operating a Motor Vehicle with an Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level of .10% or More
1.2309. Operating a Motor Vehicle with Ability Impaired
1.2310. Garbage, Glass, Etc. On Highway
1.2311. Open Bottle in Vehicle
1.2312. Driving in Violation of an Order of the Court
1.2313. Duties in the Event of an Accident
1.2314. Law Officers to Report Accidents
1.2315. Penalties Not Otherwise Prescribed
1.2316. Statute of Limitations
1.2317. Incorporation of State Laws by Referenced; Prospective Incorporation of Amendments
1.2318. Automobile Liability Insurance
1.2319. Traffic Safety School
Chapter 1.24.  Domestic Abuse Protection Code
1.2401. Construction
1.2402. Definitions
1.2403. Penalty and Enhancement of Penalty for Offenses Involving Family Violence
1.2404. Sentencing Alternatives
1.2405. Conditions of Pre-Trial Release
1.2406. Enforcement
1.2407. Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Officer to the Victims
1.2408. Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Officer to Any Minor Children Present
1.2409. Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement to the Alleged Abuser
1.2410. Authority of Law Enforcement Officer to Seize Weapons
1.2411. The Cooling-Off Period
1.2412. Reporting Requirements
1.2413. Prosecutor’s Duties in Family Violence Offenses
1.2414. Authority of the Court to Issue a Personal Protection Order
1.2415. Authority of Tribal Police and Court to Enforce a Personal Protection Order
Legislative History

TITLE II Children's Code
Chapter 2.1. The Purpose of the Code
Chapter 2.2. Definitions
Chapter 2.3. Procedural Rights; Notice Requirements
Chapter 2.4. The Court System
Chapter 2.5. Jurisdiction
Chapter 2.6. [RESERVED]
Chapter 2.7. Minor in Need of Care
Chapter 2.8. Child Abuse
Chapter 2.9. Termination of Parental Rights
Chapter 2.10. Detention Shelter Care Facilities, Foster Care Licensing and Regulation and Child Care Center Licensing and Regulation
Chapter 2.11. Adoption
Legislative History

TITLE III Civil Procedure / Judicial Procedure, Civil
Chapter 3.1. Creation and Jurisdiction
3.101. Community Court
3.102. Jurisdiction
Chapter 3.2. Actions, Decisions, Enforcement
3.201. Form of Complaint
3.202. Enforcement of Decisions or Decrees
3.203. Action Defined
3.204. No Merger of Civil and Criminal Liabilities
Chapter 3.3. Commencement of Actions
3.301. General Limitations
3.302. Statute of Limitations
3.303. Waiver of Limitation
3.304. Terms Identifying Parties
Chapter 3.4. Commencing Civil Actions
3.401. Civil Action
3.402. Complaint
3.403. Guardians
3.404. Summons
3.405. Service of Summons and Complaint
3.406. Service of Process upon Persons Outside the Territorial Jurisdiction of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan
3.407. Return of Summons
Chapter 3.5. Appearance, Defaults, Postponements
3.501. General Appearance
3.502. Special Appearance
3.503. Method of Appearance
3.504. Appearance: Time Allowed Parties; Default Decisions
Chapter 3.6. Venue
3.601. Location of Action
Chapter 3.7. Pleadings
3.701. Definition
3.702. Complaint
3.703. Motions
3.704. Answer
3.705. Counterclaim
3.706. Pleadings; Amendment
Chapter 3.8. Subpoena and Discovery Procedure
3.801. Subpoenas and Orders
3.802. Subpoenas and Orders Served
3.803. Discovery
3.804. Depositions
3.805. Interrogatories
3.806. Admissibility
3.807. Admissions in a Civil Action; Either Party may Request; Admissions of Fact; Admissions of Genuineness of Documents; Failure to Admit or Explain Deemed Admittance
3.808. Refusal to Admit Requested Facts or Documents; Expense of Proof Charged to Party Refusing
3.809. Costs, Court Rulings upon Objections at Depositions or to Interrogatories
Chapter 3.9. Jury Trials
3.901. Jury Trial; Time to Request
3.902. Number of Jurors
3.903. Qualification of Jurors
3.904. Electronic Membership List
3.905. Jury Database
3.906. Selection of Potential Jurors
3.907. Jury Questionnaires
3.908. Service Periods
3.909. Jury Panels
3.910. Potential Jurors who do not Return Questionnaires
3.911. Notification and Summons of Potential Jurors
3.912. Review of Questionnaires
3.913. Jury Hotline
3.914. Selection of Jury
3.915. Peremptory Challenge: Number; Joint Defendants
3.916. Jury Oath
3.917. Continuance
3.918. Case and Verdict
3.919. Instructions after Jury Retires
3.920. Delivery of Verdict
3.921. Jury's Failure to Agree
3.922. Jury Fees
3.923. Jury Selection Process
Chapter 3.10. Contempt to Court
3.1001. Basis for Contempt
3.1002. Contempt Committed in Presence of Judge
3.1003. Contempt Committed not in Presence of Judge
3.1004. Punishment
3.1005. Enter Conviction on Docket
Chapter 3.11. Dockets
3.1101. Material Entered on Docket
3.1102. Arrangement of Docket
3.1103. Responsibility for Maintaining Docket and Other Court Records
Chapter 3.12. Competency
3.1201. Plea of Incompetency
3.1202. Board of Competency
3.1203. Jurisdiction and Powers
3.1204. Powers and Duties of the Chairman
3.1205. Notice of Hearing
Chapter 3.13. Attorneys
3.1301. Qualifications to Admission
3.1302. Filing Fee
3.1303. Oath upon Admission
3.1304. Attorney's Roll
3.1305. Disbarment
Chapter 3.14. Definitions
3.1401. Definitions
Chapter 3.15. Civil Infractions, Procedures
3.1501. Civil Infraction Definition
3.1502. Civil Infraction Determination
3.1503. Civil Infraction Action, Definition; Commencement; Plaintiff
3.1504. Tribal Court Jurisdiction
3.1505. Time for Appearance
3.1506. Minor, Appearance, Admission; Procedure
3.1507. Procedure
3.1508. Civil Citations
3.1509. Necessity for Sworn Complaint
3.1510. Appearance, Admission, Acceptance, and Denial of Responsibility
3.1511. Informal Hearings
3.1512. Formal Hearings
3.1513. Failure to Appear: Default Judgment
3.1514. Penalties
3.1515. Default, Civil Contempt, Additional Time for Payment Imprisonment, Specification, Maximum; Credit; Discharge, Conditions; Purge of Civil Contempt
Chapter 3.16. Civil Infraction Offenses
3.1601. Civil Disorderly Conduct
3.1602. Refusal of Preliminary Chemical Breath Analysis
3.1603. Display of Numbered Plate
3.1604. Driving Without Required Registration or with Vehicle in Unsafe Condition
3.1605. Starting, Turning and Stopping Without Regard to Safety
3.1606. Speeding
3.1607. Failure to Drive on Right Side of Roadway
3.1608. Following too Closely
3.1609. Overtaking a Vehicle Without Regard for Safety
3.1610. Failure to Stop for School Bus Flashing Lights
3.1611. Failure to Give Right of Way
3.1612. Stopping, Standing or Parking on a Highway
3.1613. Coasting
3.1614. Obstruction to Driver's View or Driving Mechanism
3.1615. Riding on Fenders, Bumpers, or Running Boards
3.1616. Pedestrians on Roadways Without Regard for Safety
3.1617. Crash Helmets Required for Operators of and Passengers on Motorcycles
3.1618. Number of Riders on Motorcycles Limited
3.1619. When Lighted Lamps are Required
3.1620. Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps
3.1621. Head Lamps on Motor Vehicles
3.1622. Tail Lamps and Reflectors
3.1623. Lamp or Flag on Projection Load
3.1624. Brake Equipment Required
3.1625. Horns and Warning Devices
3.1626. Mufflers, Prevention of Noise
3.1627. Windshield Must be Unobstructed and Equipped with Wipers
3.1628. Restrictions of Tire Equipment
3.1629. Vehicle to be Constructed to Prevent Shifting or Leaking Loads
3.1630. Registration Card to be Carried in Driver's Compartment, Inspection of Card
3.1631. Transfer of Title or Vehicle
3.1632. Duty of Drivers Upon Approach of Police or Fire Department Vehicle
3.1633. Violation of the Following Tribal Ordinances Shall Constitute Civil Infractions
Chapter 3.17. Family Code
3.1701. Definitions
3.1702. Service of Process; Hearings
3.1703. Statement of Purpose
3.1704. Qualifications to Perform Marriages
3.1705. Recognition of Marriages
3.1706. Marriage Between Indian Persons; License Required; Qualifications; Location
3.1707. Maintenance of Permanent Records; Procedure for Recognition of Marriage after Solemnization
3.1708. Marriage Certificate; Recording or Filing of the Same
Divorce and Annulment
3.1709. Jurisdiction; Divorce; Annulment
3.1710. Annulment
3.1711. Divorce; Grounds; Commencement of Action
3.1712. Division of Property
3.1713. Alimony
3.1714. Child Custody, Visitation, and Support
3.1715. Child Custody Actions Outside of Divorce and Annulment Proceedings
3.1716. Enforcement of Child Support Orders
3.1717. Temporary Interim Orders
3.1718. Paternity
3.1719. Emancipation of Minors; Rights of Family Members
3.1720. Petition for Emancipation
3.1721. Powers of the Court
3.1722. Emancipation Order and Appeal
3.1724. Emancipated Minors Rights
Legislative History

TITLE IV Judgment and Execution
Chapter 4.1. General Provisions
4.100. Judgment
4.101. Stay of Execution, Posting of Bond
4.102. Full Faith and Credit
4.103. Lawful Debt in Proceedings to Distribute Decedents' Estates
4.104. Payment from Individual Indian Moneys
4.105. Writs of Execution: Generally
4.106. Issuance: Contents
4.107. Return
4.108. Appraisal of Property Seized
4.109. Notice and Public Sale of Property Seized; Proceeds, Bill of Sale
4.110. Private Sale of Property Seized; Delivery of Unsold Property to Plaintiff or Return to Defendant
4.111. Property Subject to Execution and Property Exempt from Execution
4.112. Execution Prior to Judgment; Perishable Goods
4.113. Garnishment After Judgment
4.114. Garnishment Before Judgment
Chapter 4.2. Enforcement and Execution of Foreign Money Judgments
4.201. Definitions
4.202. Application
4.203. Conclusiveness of Judgment; Enforceability
4.204. Judgments not Conclusive
4.205. Judgments Lacking Personal Jurisdiction; Other Basis of Jurisdiction
4.206. Stay Pending Appeal
4.207. Other Situations
4.208. Construction
4.209. Short Title
4.210. Hearings to Enforce
4.211. Foreign Claims; Limitations; Effective Time of Amendatory Act
Chapter 4.3. Forcible Entry, Detainer and Claim and Delivery
4.301. Definitions
4.302. Complaint, Summons and Answer
4.303. Trial and Issue; Postponement of Trial
4.304. Judgment; Writ of Restitution; Limitation on Issuance
4.305. Proceedings no Bar to Certain Actions
4.306. Immediate Delivery of Personal Property Before Judgment
4.307. Affidavit of Claim and Delivery Required: Contents; Endorsements for Immediate Delivery
4.308. Security Required Before Delivery
4.309. Notice of Papers Received
4.310. Property Claimed by Third Person; Method; Security Required
4.311. Return of the Property
4.312. Security, Cash Deposits, Sureties
4.313. Police Report of Proceedings
Chapter 4.4. Evictions
4.401. Jurisdiction
4.402. Definitions
4.403. Commencement of Eviction
4.404. Rent
4.405. Assignment and Sublease
4.406. Security Deposit
4.411. Modification of Rental Agreement Reserved
4.412. Un-tenantable Building; Surrender, Liability of Lessee for Rent
4.413. Hearing Rules Reserved
4.414. Grievance Procedures Reserved
Chapter 4.5. Costs, Fees and Fines
4.501. Security for Costs
4.502. Assessment of Costs
4.503. Fees of the Tribal Court
Legislative History

TITLE V Evidence
Chapter 5.1. Privileges
5.101. Self-Incrimination
5.102. Privileged Communication: Duty of Court to Advise Witness and to Protect Rights of Person who is not Present or Represented
5.103. Definition of Incrimination
5.104. Claiming Privilege
5.105. Waiver of Privilege by Previous Disclosure
5.106. Attorney-Client Privilege; Definitions
5.107. Marital Privilege: Definition
5.108. Clergyman-Penitent Privilege; Definition
5.109. Physician-Patient Privilege: Definition
5.110. Counselor-Client Privilege: definition
Chapter 5.2. Qualifications, Examination, Credibility of Witnesses
5.201. Qualifications of Witnesses
5.202. Interpreters
5.203. Oath
5.204. Control of Judge Over Presentation of Evidence
5.205. Adverse Party's Right of Examination and Cross-Examination: By Opposing Parties
5.206. Unwilling or Hostile Witnesses; Examination by Leading Questions
5.207. Witness Convicted of Perjury
5.208. Judge, Juror, or Attorney as Witness
5.209. Community Court Empowered to Appoint Expert Witnesses
5.210. Inspection and Examination of Subject Matter by Experts Cross Examination of Experts
5.211. Admissibility of Evidence; Discretion of Judge
5.212. Judicial Notice
5.213. Procedures for Judicial Notice
5.214. Illegally Obtained Evidence
5.215. Opinion Evidence
5.216. Authentication of Writings
Chapter 5.3. Hearsay
5.301. Definition
5.302. Admissibility of Hearsay Evidence
5.303. Reported Testimony
5.304. Confessions
5.305. Admissions
5.306. Authorized and Adoptive Admissions
5.307. Admissions in Pleading
5.308. Declarations Against Interest
5.309. Contemporaneous or Spontaneous Statements
5.310. Declarations of a State of Mind, Emotion or Physical Sensation
5.311. Admissibility of Business Records and Statements Made for Purposes of Medical Treatment or Medical Diagnosis in Connection with Treatment
5.312. Admissibility of Public Records and Reports
5.313. Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records as Evidence
5.314. Discretion of the Court to Exclude Evidence
Legislative History

TITLE VI Probate Code
Chapter 6.1. Purpose General Provisions and Definitions
6.101. Purpose
6.102. Probate Court
6.103. Officers of the Probate Court
6.104. Definitions
Chapter 6.2. Jurisdiction
6.201. Exclusive Jurisdiction
6.202. Concurrent Jurisdiction
Chapter 6.3. Probate of Estates
6.301. Petition
6.302. Petition Contents
6.303. Wills
6.304. Allowances to Spouse
6.305. Action on the Petition
6.306. Proof of Service
6.307. Care of Property
6.308. Inventory and Appraisal
6.309. Hearing
6.310. Judgment without a Will
6.311. Judgment with a Will
6.312. Exceptions
6.313. Preferred Claims
Chapter 6.4. Appeals
6.401. Tribal Appellate Court
6.402. Appeals, Procedure
Chapter 6.5. Guardianship
6.501. Jurisdiction
6.502. Appointment of Guardian in Connection With Probating an Estate
6.503. Petition
6.504. Notice; Hearing
6.505. Who May Serve as Guardian
6.506. Security for Faithful Performance of Duties
6.507. Oath; Letters of Guardianship
6.508. Inventory and Appraisement
6.509. Annual Accounting
6.510. Guardian's Compensation
6.511. Powers and Responsibilities of Guardian
6.512. Discharge of Guardian
6.513. Guardianship Records
6.514. Guardianship of Trust Property
6.515. Temporary Guardianship and Custody
Legislative History

TITLE VII Animal and Rabies Control
Chapter 7.1. Definitions
7.101. Animal
7.102. At Large
7.103. Dog
7.104. Dog Pound
7.105. Owners
7.106. Pit Bull
7.107. Restrained
7.108. Stray
7.109. Rabies Vaccination
7.110. Service Unit Director
Chapter 7.2. Registration of Dogs
7.201. Dog to be Registered
7.202. Rabies certificate of Vaccination Required
7.203. Information Required on Certificate of Registration-Registration Tags Issued and Disposition of Fees
7.204. Expiration of Registration Certificate and Tags
7.205. Attaching Registration Tag Without Proper Registering
7.206. Refusal or Failure to Register or Pay Impoundment Fee
Chapter 7.3. Animal Prohibited
7.301. Animals: Keeping Prohibited
7.302. Failure to Comply
Chapter 7.4. Impoundment and Destruction of Dogs
7.401. Dogs to be Seized and Impounded Notification of Owner Unclaimed Dogs
7.402. Requirement Before Release - Disposition of Service Fees
7.403. Dogs to be Destroyed in Humane and Sanitary Manner
7.404. Destruction of Animals Prohibited under Chapter 7.3.
7.405. Cash Bond for Maintenance of Animal
Chapter 7.5. Control of Rabies Infected Domestic Animals
7.501. Care and Control of Dog or Animal Known to Have Bitten a Person
7.502. Failure of Owner to Confine Dog or Other Animal
7.503. Quarantine of Animals Authority to Establish Period and Location
7.504. Animals to be Confined Responsibility of Owners
7.505. Requirement for Vaccination of Animals
Chapter 7.6. Penalties
7.601. Penalties for Violation of Chapter 7.2.
7.602. Penalties for Violation of Chapter 7.4.
Chapter 7.7. Severability
7.701. Severability
Chapter 7.8. Effective Date
7.801. Effective Date
Legislative History

TITLE VIII Uniform Real Property Code
Chapter 8.1. Purpose, Authority, Application and Severability
8.101. Title
8.102. Purpose
8.103. Authority
8.104. Application
8.105. Severability
Chapter 8.2. Tribal Land Consolidation Plans
8.201. Territorial Jurisdiction of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
8.202. Definitions
8.203. Purpose of Land Consolidation Plans
8.204. Adoption of Land Consolidation Plans
8.205. Procedural Requirements for the Adoption and Implementation of Tribal Land Consolidation Plans
Chapter 8.3. Tribal Land Acquisition Plans
8.301. Purpose and Scope
8.302. Policy and Authority
8.303. Adoption of Land Acquisition Plans
8.304. Procedural Requirements for the Adoption and Implementation of Tribal Land Acquisition Plans
Chapter 8.4. Proceedings to Recover the Possession of Land Leased Pursuant to 25 USC 415 and Revised Tribal Ordinance No. 2 [Added by Amendment March 1, 1988]
8.401. Recovery of Possession of Leased Trust Land
8.402. Grounds for Recovery of Possession
8.403. Notice of Default
8.404. Demand for Possession or Cure
8.405. Court Procedure
8.406. Complaint for Recovery of Possession
8.407. Summons
8.408. Trial
8.409. Judgment for Possession, Entry, Enforcement by Writ of Restitution: Determination of Amount Payable to Preclude Issuance of Writ: Costs
8.410. Issuance of Writ of Restitution, Conditions
8.411. Filing Fee
8.412. Costs
Chapter 8.5. Mortgages and Mortgage Foreclosure
8.501. Purpose and Authority
8.502. Definitions
8.503. Leasehold Mortgages
8.504. Priority
8.505. Recording
8.506. Leasehold Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings
8.507. Foreclosures of Section 184 Loans
8.508. Judgments of Foreclosure
8.509. Enforcement of Writ of Restitution by Tribal Police
8.510. Manufactured Home Titling Act
Legislative History

TITLE IX Gaming Code
Section 1. Findings, Purposes and Policy
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. General Provisions
Section 4. Tribal Gaming Commission
Section 5. Gaming Licenses
Section 6. Gaming Employee Licenses
Section 7. Provisions of General Applicability to All Gaming Operators
Section 8. Enforcement
Section 9. Operation of Tribally Owned or Tribally Operated Games
Section 10. Authorized Games
Section 11. Severability
Legislative History

TITLE IX Gaming Code Amendment - Tribal Gaming Services Vendors Licenses
1. Licensing of Gaming Service Providers
1.1. Requirement for license
1.2. Procedure for licensing
1.3. Fee for license
1.4. Background Investigation of Applicants
1.5. Action by Tribal Gaming Commission
1.6. Duration of license and renewal
1.7. Revocation or suspension of license
1.8. Regulation of non-gaming persons and entities


TITLE XII Juvenile Code
Chapter 12.1. Purpose of the Code; Effective Date; and Priority of Code
12.101. Purpose
12.102. Effective Date
12.103. Priority of Code
Chapter 12.2. Definitions
12.201. Adult
12.202. Adult Division of the Tribal Court or Adult Division
12.203. Advocate
12.204. Counsel
12.205. Custody
12.206. Custodian
12.207. Delinquent Act
12.208. Detention
12.209. Dispositional Hearing
12.210. Diversion
12.211. Foster Care Home or Foster Care Facility
12.212. Guardian or Legal Guardian
12.213. Juvenile or Tribal Juvenile
12.214. Juvenile Complaint (Petition)
12.215. Juvenile Division of the Tribal Court or Juvenile Division or Tribal Court or Court
12.216. Juvenile Offender
12.217. Juvenile in Need of Supervision
12.218. Law Enforcement Officer(s) or Tribal Law Enforcement
12.219. Tribal Family Services
12.220. Parent
12.221. Report to Prosecutor
12.222. Reservation
12.223. Shelter Care
12.224. Status Offense
12.225. Tribal Land
12.226. Tribe
12.227. Tobacco Products
Chapter 12.3. Jurisdiction and Court Authority
12.301. Establishment
12.302. Statement of Jurisdiction
12.303. Transfers from State Courts
12.304. Jurisdiction over Associated Parties
12.305. Adjudication Classification
12.306. Closed Proceedings
12.307. Authority to Cooperate
12.308. Court Records
12.309. Law Enforcement Records and Files
12.310. Expungement of Court Records
12.311. Contempt of Court
12.312. Medical Examination
12.313. Fingerprints
12.314. Appeal
Chapter 12.4. Procedural Rights; Notice Requirements
12.401. Applicability
12.402. Notice
12.403. Summons
12.404. Right of Parties
Chapter 12.5. Juvenile Offender and Juvenile in Need of Supervision Procedure
12.501. Filing Report to Prosecutor
12.502. Discretion to File Juvenile Complaint
12.503. Juvenile Complaint (Petition)
12.504. Warrant
12.505. Custody
12.506. Law Enforcement Officer s Duties
12.507. Detention and Shelter Care
12.508. Preliminary Hearing
12.509. Transfer to the Adult Division of the Tribal Court
12.510. Diversion Process
12.511. Trial
12.512. Trial Continuances
12.513. Pre-Disposition Report
12.514. Disposition Hearing
12.515. Disposition Alternatives
12.516. Modification of Disposition Order
12.517. Probation Violation
Chapter 12.6. Parental Responsibility
12.601. Parental Responsibility
12.602. Notification of Parent and Tribal Court
12.603. Violation and Penalty
12.604. Recovery of Damages from Parent(s)
Legislative History

TITLE XIII Tribal Sex Offender Registry / Sex Offender Registration Code
Cross Reference Table
Chapter 13.1. Title, Purpose, Need, Creation of Registry and Website
13.101. Title
13.102. Purpose
13.303. Need
13.104. Creation of Registry
13.105. Public Sex Offender Registry Website.
Chapter 13.2. Definitions and Registerable Offenses
13.201. Definitions
13.202. Registerable Offenses
Chapter 13.3. Tiering of Offenses
13.301. Tier I Sex Offenses
13.302. Tier II Sex Offenses
13.303. Tier III Offenses
Chapter 13.4. Registration; Required Information
13.401. Where Registration is Required
13.402. Timing of Registration
13.403. Verification Requirement
13.404. Duties of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Department
13.405. Retroactive Registration
13.406. Information Required for Registration and Verification Purposes
13.407. Keeping Registration Current
13.408. Failure to Appear for Registration and Absconding. . .
Chapter 13.5. Public Sex Offender Registry
13.501. Website
Chapter 13.6. Notification
13.601. Law Enforcement Notification
13.602. Community Notification
Chapter 13.7. Sovereign Immunity; Good Faith
13.701. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
13.702. Good Faith
Chapter 13.8. Sanctions; Severability; Jurisdiction; Effective Date
13.801 Criminal Penalty
13.802 Civil Penalty
13.803 Federal Enforcement
13.804 Banishment
13.805 Hindrance of Sex Offender Registration
13.806 Severability
13.807 Jurisdiction
13.808 Effective Date
Legislative History

TITLE XIV Tribal Elder Protection Code
Chapter 14.1. Title, Policy and Purpose
Chapter 14.2. Definitions
Chapter 14.3. Jurisdiction and Enforcement
Chapter 14.4. Duty to Report Abuse or Neglect of a Tribal Elder
Chapter 14.5. Investigation
Chapter 14.6. Protective Services and Placement
Chapter 14.7. Voluntary Services
Chapter 14.8. Involuntary Services
Chapter 14.9. Petition
Chapter 14.10. Preliminary Hearing
Chapter 14.11. Adjudication Hearing
Chapter 14.12. Review Hearings
Chapter 14.13. Competency Determinations
Chapter 14.14. Violations
Chapter 14.15. Sovereignty
Chapter 14.16. Severability
Legislative History


[Table of Contents created by NILL in December 2014, based on materials available on tribe's website.]