Ninilchik Village - Tribal Code

Dated: 2001

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text document to be made available online at the NILL website. These documents are available at the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents (from the 2001 version of the code)

Ninilchik Traditional Council, mission statement. (1 pg).

Ninilchik Traditional Council, tribal boundaries (territory). Ninilchik tribal territory (map). (2 pgs).

Constitution of the Ninilchik Tribe (10 pgs):


Article I. Name.

Article II. Definition of territory.

Article III. Membership -- 1. Eligibility. 2. Dual enrollment. 3. Enrollment ordinance.

Article IV. Rights of members -- 1. Power. 2. Bill of rights. 3. Access to records.

Article V. Governing body -- 1. Name. 2. Composition. 3. Term. 4. Installation. 5. Organization. 6. Vacancies. 7. Removal.

Article VI. Powers of the Ninilchik Traditional Council -- 1. Enumerated powers. 2. General.

Article VII. Elections -- 1. Voters. 2. Ordinance. 3. Manner of voting. 4. Dates. 5. Qualification of candidates.

Article VIII. Meetings -- 1. Meetings of the general membership. 2. Meetings of the Ninilchik Traditional Council (NTC).

Article IX. Popular participation in government -- 1. Recall. 2. Referendum. 3. Initiative. 4. Limitations on referendum and initiative.

Article X. Duties of officers -- 1. The president. 2. The vice-president. 3. The secretary / treasurer. 4. Administrative ordinance.

Article XI. Severability.

Article XII. Amendment.

Article XIII. Adoption.

Certification of adoption.


Enrollment ordinance of the Ninilchik Tribe -- I. Authority. II. Purpose. III. Definitions. IV. Eligibility criteria (1. Eligibility). V. Tribal enrollment ordinance (A. Establishment of committee. B. Organization of the committee. C. Function of committee. D. Authority of the committee). VI. Filing an application for enrollment (A. Who must file? B. When and where to file an application. C. What the application must contain. D. Documentation to accompany all applications. E. Additional documentation to accompany application of applicant who is adopted). VII. Processing an application for enrollment (A. By enrollment clerk. B. By the Enrollment Committee. C. By the Ninilchik Traditional Council). VIII. Loss of membership (A. Relinquishment. B. Disenrollment). IX. Appeals (A. Eligible appellants. B. Timing of appeal. C. Filing of appeal. D. Handling of appeal). X. Records (A. Contents of individual folders. B. Access to records. C. Updating records). XI. Computing degree of tribal blood (A. Initial computation. B. Changing blood degrees). XII. Adoption into membership. XIII. Amendments. XIV. Certificate of enactment. (13 pgs).

Election ordinance of the Ninilchik Tribe -- I. Authority. II. Purpose. III. Definitions. IV. Types of elections covered. V. Election Committee (A. Establishment of committee. B. Organization of the committee. C. Function of committee. D. Authority of the committee). VI. Voter registraton (A. Eligible voters. B. Initial registration under this ordinance. C. Registration. D. Registration deadline. E. Registration review. F. Registered voters list. G. Protest of voters list. H. Voluntary removal from registration list. I. Involuntary removal from registration list). VII. Procedures common to all elections (A. Notice of election. B. Ballot preparation. C. Voting procedures. D. Post-election procedures). VIII. Procedures for election of Ninilchik Traditional Council members (A. Candidates. B. Ballot preparation. C. Notification of successful candidate(s). D. Installation. E. Oath of office). IX. Procedures for elections on recall, initiative or referendum issues (A. Beginning of election process. B. Ballot preparation on initiative or referendum issues. C. Ballot preparation on recall). X. Procedures for election on constitutional amendments (A. Beginning of election process. B. Ballot preparation for amendment election. C. Numbering proposed amendments. D. Minimum participation required). XI. Petition procedures (A. Forms. B. Format. C. Authentication of signatures. D. Filing of petition. E. Posting of petition. F. Challenges to petition. G. Determining validity. H. Action on petition). XII. Amendments. XIII. Certificate of enactment. Exhibit A. Sequence of events for conducting elections for NTC [Ninilchik Traditional Council] members. Exhibit B. Sequence of events for conducting elections for recall, initiative or referendum. Exhibit C. Sequence of events for conducting elections for amendment of constitution. (15 pgs).

Ninilchik Traditional Council, tribal judicial ordinance -- Ch. 1. General provisions (1. Name. 2. Purpose. 3. Authority). Ch. 2. Informal council action. Ch. 3. Court structure (1. Composition and general authority. 2. Tribal Court jurisdiction. 3. Appeals Court jurisdiction. 4. Tribal Court judges. 5. Appeals Court judges. 6. Disqualification of judges. 7. Removal of judges. 8. Applicable law). Ch. 4. Court procedures (1. Definitions. 2. Sentences and orders. 3. Banishment. 4. Bringing cases to Tribal Court. 5. Hearings. 6. Judgements. 7. Request to change order. 8. Court of Appeals. 9. Forms). Proposed amendment to Ninilchik Traditional Council, tribal judicial ordinance (Chapter 3). (9 pgs).

[Domestic violence ordinance] -- Ninilchik Village, ordinance no. 99-01: a Ninilchik Village ordinance to protect against domestic violence, implement federal law and for related purposes. 1. Findings and purpose. 2. Definition of domestic violence. 3. Jurisdiction. 4. Cooperative enforcement of protective orders. 5. Beginning a case. 6. Contents of the petition to use the Tribal Court. 7. Emergency hearing - temporary protective order. 8. Hearing. 9. Final protective order. 10. Dissolving or modifying a protective order. 11. Violation of a protective order. 12. Rights of victims of domestic violence. [Date information: passed, adopted, attested]. Forms (Temporary protective order. Final protective order. Certification of protective order). (10 pgs).

Consultation ordinance -- Ninilchik Traditional Council, ordinance 01-01, consulation: an ordinance of the Ninilchik Traditional Council implementing tribal consultation procedures and for related purposes. 1. Title and purpose. 2. Authority. 3. Consultation. 4. Documentation. 5. Effective date. Certification. (3 pgs).