The Muscogee (Creek) Nation - Tribal Code

Updated: October 2010 (Second Edition)

The tribe makes their tribal code available online The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website.

***Please see tribe's website for individual titles, amendments and updates to the code***

Table of Contents

Title 1:  Agriculture

Title 2:  Attorneys and Tribal Bar

Title 3:  Corporations and Business Entities

Title 3A: Partnerships

Title 4:  Burial/Cemeteries

Title 5:  Ceremonial Grounds/Churches

Title 6:  Children and Family Relations

Title 7:  Citizenship/Census

Title 8:  Banking

Title 9:  Bureau of Indian Affairs

Title 10:  Definitions and General Provisions

Title 11:  Communities

Title 12:  Garnishment Code

Title 13:  Federal Claims

Title 14:  Crimes and Punishments

Title 15:  Cultural Affairs/History/Museum

Title 16:  Executive Branch

Title 17: Economic Development

Title 18:  Education

Title 19:  Elections

Title 20:  Elderly Services

Title 21:  Gaming

Title 22:  Health and Safety

Title 23:  Hunting and Fishing

Title 24:  Housing

Title 25:  Inter-Government & Inter-Tribal Relations

Title 26:  Judicial Branch/Courts

Title 27:  Judicial Procedures

Title 28: Lands and Minerals

Title 29:  Library

Title 30:  National Council/Legislative Branch

Title 31:  Tribal Officers

Title 32:  Procurement

Title 33:  Uniform Commercial Code

Title 34:  Prisons

Title 35:  Social Services/Public Assistance

Title 36:  Taxation and Revenue

Title 37:  Tribal Government

Title 38:  Tribal Entities

Title 39:  Tribal Towns

Title 40:  Green Government Initiative

Title 41:  Animals

Title 42:  Motor Vehicles

Title 43: Oil and Gas

Title 44:  Railroads [Reserved]

Title 45:  United States [Reserved]

Title 46:  Water Rights

Title 47:  Probate [Reserved]

Title 48:  Worker's Compensation

Title 49:  Mvskoke Media

Code titles enacted and subsequently repealed:

Title 49:  Department of Justice

Title 50:  Lighthorse


***Please see tribe's website for individual titles, amendments and updates to the code***

[Table of Contents created by NILL in March 2016, based on materials available on Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code Annotated , Second Edition, October 2010.]